Steven Paul Lamb, age 17, disappeared from Seaside, Oregon on May 11, 1968.

Steven resided in Weston, Oregon, and attended Weston High School. He vanished from Seaside, and accounts vary as to whether he was there on a class trip or during senior skip week.  He was last seen walking on the beach.

Either way, you’d think he would have been with other kids, yet there is no detail on when, where, and under what circumstances he was last seen.

Is this likely an ocean related accident, or was something or someone else known to be involved?  I tend to think an ocean accident is unlikely.  One reason is that as mentioned above, he probably wasn’t walking alone.  Also, I’ve walked on lots of beaches in my life, even wading into the ocean at times, but never found myself in any danger.  Lastly, he was reportedly last seen wearing a shirt, pants and shoes.  I doubt he would have entered the water in those clothes.  Sure, it’s possible, but it just doesn’t ring true to me.

Steven’s parents were living in American Falls, Idaho at the time of his disappearance; it’s unclear what Steven’s living arrangements were at the time.


Note that the photo of Steven is captioned “Paul Lamb”.  This could be a simple misprint (his middle name, as well as his father’s name were Paul), or perhaps he was commonly known as Paul.

It’s hard to narrow down possibilities of what may have happened to Steven, as there is so little information available.  I hope he can be found.


The Charley Project

The Oregonian

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