Kimberlee Sue Turner, age 27, disappeared from Ocean Springs, Mississippi on September 29, 1993.

Kimberlee had walked to Sheila’s Grocery near McClellan and Tucker Roads, which was a short walk from her home on Turner Road, to purchase cigarettes.  She did arrive at the store, and left on foot.  She never arrived home and has never been heard from again.

Kimberlee’s boyfriend, Joe Donogriche, was a suspect in her disappearance, but he denied any involvement and stated that he missed her and wanted her to return.  He claimed he had last seen her at 6:30AM as he was leaving for work.

Police were suspicious, however, because Joe refused to allow police to search the trailer he and Kimberlee shared.  He told officers that Kimberlee’s purse was left behind, and that she appeared to have been in the middle of doing laundry.  Investigators also described Joe’s mannerisms as odd, and Kimberlee’s relatives said that Kimberlee had told them Joe was abusive.

Joe was equally critical of law enforcement, stating that deputies were instructing store owners to take down Kimberlee’s missing person fliers, telling them she had been found alive in Texas.

Kimberlee had a history of leaving for a few days at a time, but it wasn’t typical for her to be gone for a longer period of time.

Kimberlee’s stepmother authored a book, which she dedicated to her missing daughter.  I don’t believe the disappearance is the subject of the book; it looks to be more religion centered.

Kimberlee’s stepmother also shared a poem Kimberlee had once written for her.


Kimberlee would be 56 years old today if still alive somewhere.


The Charley Project



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