Barbara Annette McClure, age 24, went missing from Seattle, Washington on November 2,  1978.

Barbara had spent the evening with her boyfriend, her roommate and another couple at the Fandango Disco inside the Sir Loin Inn.

Barbara left on foot following an argument with her boyfriend.

It would have been about a five mile walk from Lake Forest Park Shopping Center, where Sir Loin Inn was located, to her home on NW 89th Street.  The couple stated that they saw her walking on Bothell Street, near Northeast 165th Street, about half a mile from the disco. They drove past her, and stopped to offer a ride, but she declined.  It’s not known whether her boyfriend was in the vehicle as well.

Barbara’s roommate realized she was missing the next morning when she woke up and Barbara had not made it home.

Six days later, Barbara’s drivers license was found by surveyors during construction of the interchange of highways 5 and 405, about ten miles from where she was last seen.

Barbara had a daughter who was about to turn two when she vanished, and her loved ones do not believe she would have abandoned her child.  Although Barbara’s daughter doesn’t remember her, she has said that her earliest memories are of asking people when she can see her mom.  She believes Barbara was abducted by someone she knew, but it’s not clear whether she has someone specific in mind.

Barbara did not have any credit cards, and had less than one dollar in her purse.  Police stated that they believed she was abducted near Sheridan Beach.

Someone has to know something, and I hope they will come forward soon.


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Q13 News

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