Julianne Cecilia Jaillet, age 36, went missing from Bellevue, Washington on June 1, 1985.

Julianne’s husband of only six months, Ian Jaillet, claims that she left home due to an argument about her alcoholism.  Julianne’s mother reported her missing on June 18th since Ian had not done so.

Ian stated that Julianne took a suitcase and other personal items when she left.

According to Julianne’s daughter, who was only eleven at the time and lived with her grandparents, Ian went out of town in the days following his wife’s disappearance.

Julianne’s purse, containing some of her belongings, including her wallet, was found in a 26th floor lobby at the MGM Grand (now Grand Sierra) hotel in Reno, Nevada.  It was mailed to the home where Julianne’s daughter was staying, by a hotel employee who assumed she had forgotten it.

There was no record of Julianne checking in or out of the hotel, and surveillance cameras did not capture any footage of her.  I’m confused as to how the cameras failed to show who placed the purse in the lobby; it’s possible they only had cameras on the ground floor where the casino was located.

Ian and Julianne had lived in the community of Lake Hills in Bellevue, Washington in 1985.  Julianne’s sister had spoken with her about a week before she vanished, and she was in good spirits.  Julianne was in the process of buying furniture and decor for their home, which they had just rented.  Ian also owned several acres of land in nearby Falls City, which he has since sold.

Julianne’s daughter does not believe she left of her own volition, and suspects that Ian knows more than what he has said.  Although her daughter was not living with Julianne at the time, she saw her regularly and remembers having pizza with her not long before she vanished.

Since Julianne’s disappearance, Ian has married four additional times and has moved more than ten times.

Julianne’s daughter confronted Ian in recent years, telling him that her mother is gone because of him.  He responded with “I know”, though there is the possibility that he was referring to the argument which he says caused her to leave.


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2 thoughts on “Julianne Jaillet

  1. This is my beautiful mother! We need justice! Please help our family. We know who is responsible for her death. He covered up what he did. He is walking free. We know their are people alive with information.

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