Alicia Bernice Markovich, age 15, was last seen on April 26, 1987 in Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

Alicia’s mother had custody of her in 1987, but she was visiting her father on Dunn Avenue in Blairsville when she vanished.

Alicia reportedly had a heated discussion with her father about child support, though other accounts state that the disagreement was about Alicia’s grades and choice of friends.  According to her father, John Markovich, she stormed out.  He called after her, hollering at her to be back by 8:00pm.

Alicia has never been seen or heard from again.

Police have stated they do not have any suspects, but have not ruled anyone out either.

In 2001, Alicia’s father received a letter postmarked in New Bedford, New Hampshire, which expressed remorse and instructed him to search along Conemaugh River.  Police went to the residence listed on the return address, but the residents knew nothing about the letter and had never heard of Alicia.  A search was conducted in the area specified, but nothing was found.

Personally, I believe the letter was a hoax.  A similar letter, also postmarked in New Hampshire, was received in Deborah Quimby’s case.

Alicia’s father lived very close to a busy highway that was frequently traveled by truckers.  It’s been considered that Alicia may have walked to the highway and hitched a ride.

Alicia’s mother did not believe that Alicia would have been capable of making it on her own and believes she met with foul play.

Although both parents initially suspected the other of hiding her, this has been ruled out as a possibility.

Alicia is an only child.  At the time of her disappearance, she had just begun participating in track at school, and she enjoyed Agatha Christie books.


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