Leslie Ann Porter, age 19, went missing from West Covina, California on January 19, 1984.

Leslie was last seen by her husband, Michael, in their Sentous Street apartment on the morning of her disappearance. She had planned to take her vehicle to a mechanic that morning at 10:00 and she was scheduled to work at Robinson’s in the Puente Hills Mall at 1:00pm.  She never arrived at either location, nor did she call her mother for a ride from the auto shop, as had been arranged.

When her husband returned home from work that evening, he found the apartment unlocked, and Leslie’s truck still parked in the parking lot. Inside, he found her purse, and nothing in the apartment was missing, despite there being thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment inside.

Although the door was unlocked and lights were on, there was no sign of forced entry or of a struggle, except a pair of earrings that were on the living room floor.  It appeared as though Leslie had stepped out momentarily, with the intention of coming right back.

Leslie’s husband was active in the search for her; he distributed fliers as far away as San Diego, contacted psychics, and sought out media coverage. He participated in searches as well.

A $15,000 reward was offered for her return, but police received only vague leads of women who resembled Leslie.

According to all who knew Leslie, she was a responsible woman who never missed work or left without warning.  She had recently been promoted at her job, and was in the middle of planning a bridal shower for one of her friends.  There were no known marital problems; everyone described her as happy, and not the type of person to hide her problems.


Above: Leslie’s parents, following her disappearance

Although it appears that her husband, Michael, was ruled out as a suspect once it was proven that he was at work, I can’t help but be curious about who, other than her husband, saw or heard from her last.  Is it possible something happened the night before, or earlier that morning before he went to work?

Based on his behavior in the wake of het disappearance, my gut tells me he wasn’t involved.  However, a Websleuths thread includes a few posts from one of Michael’s relatives, who has heard that some family members of his suspected that he may have been involved.  I have no idea why, or if these relatives knew of problems in the marriage that weren’t reported at the time.

Michael has since moved to Colorado and started a family, though this occurred long after Leslie vanished.

Leslie’s parents are both deceased.  She has a brother still living.


The Charley Project

Los Angeles Times

The Desert Sun

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2 thoughts on “Leslie Porter

  1. I believe that some of the information provided about her husband actively looking for Leslie to be not true. His mother Judy was looking. Why did this investigation die so quickly? What happened to Leslie?

  2. Did they ever do a cold case file. I lived in West Covina at that time. This case has always bothered me. Don’t think the police did a good job on this one.

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