So many unidentifieds, and nobody to match them to.  Maybe they weren’t reported missing?

For the past several months, I have been working on a collection of the ‘Missing Missing’, meaning those who are missing but are also missing from the MP sites/police reports/DNA respositories.   Most of these are older cases where the person’s families have posted queries on genealogical sites.

Of course, it’s possible that some of these people disappeared voluntarily, but one doesn’t have to be a crime victim to be missing.   Their families are missing them regardless.

With that said, I have tried to exclude adoption related searches and have tried to verify that these people are not in the SSDI prior to including them.

Each is followed by a link – well, most of them, anyway.  One site I found some of these people’s stories on was cyberpages.com and I can no longer access it.  Attempts through the wayback machine only succeeded in freezing up my browser.  😦    In some of the links, it will be necessary to scroll down to the replies to find the mention of the MP.

This entry covers states from Alabama to Indiana, alphabetically and then sorted by year missing.


1954Louise Hallman Thornton – Goodwater
Louise Hallman was married to James “Harvey” Thornton possibly on June 20, 1943, in Hackneyville, Tallapoosa County AL. The couple resided in Goodwater, AL. Louise disappeared around 1954.
Louise was born in about 1923. Harvey was 25 years older than she was, and he died in Florida in 1980.

Mid 1950’sAvis Marie Hardman – Ragland
Avis Marie Hardman was from Ragland, AL. She went missing at the age of 16, and her family never seen her again. She liked to put peanuts in her cola. She has ties to Central California, and may use the last name Duval. She was born on 9/21/1939.


Mid 1960’sCarol Jeanett Elmore – Choctaw County
Carol was born 1/11/1947 and disappeared in the mid 1960’s from Choctaw County, AL. Neither her son nor her sister have heard from her since about 1965-1966.


1960Marjorie Anne Allen Byrd – Geneva
Marjorie Byrd was born on 10/18/1941 in North Carolina, and may go by the nickname “Toni”. She married Billy Byrd (now deceased) in Enterprise, AL on 2/22/1958. They may have divorced at some time afterwards. She was last seen by family in May 1960, in Geneva, AL.


1977Dora Ruth Smith – Florence

Dora was last seen at home, at 425 N Weakly St, Florence Alabama. She disappeared in April 1977. She left behind her clothing, purse, and dentures. Dora’s husband told the children that he had seen her enter a lime green LTD in the middle of the night. Her family never saw her again.
In 2003, residents of Dora’s former home found a note and $200.00 hidden beneath the wallpaper, as if she was planning to send it to someone. The note said “They are trying to take my food away and kill me. Please help me.”
A search was conducted in the backyard of the residence, and cadaver dogs hit on an area, but nothing was found. Dora’s family believes they did not dig deep enough.
Dora’s husband remarried and remained in the home until his death in 1995. He did not frequently discuss Dora’s disappearance.
Dora had a new grandchild and was active in the church at the time of her disappearance.


1982Christina Zane – Mobile County

Christina Zane went missing on April 28, 1982 from Mobile County, Alabama. Robert Gilchrist was convicted of her murder, but her body has never been found. It is believed that Gilchrist killed her after she threatened to tell of a group sex session to people in ‘high places’. Gilchrist claims that his former girlfriend killed her in a jealous rage after seeing her with Gilchrist. Christina Zane is believed to be buried in the vicinity of Todd Acres Road and Kooiman Road, but her body has not been found.



Late 1950’sRuby Nadine Bolin – Harrison County
Ruby disappeared in the late 1950’s. She was married to Calvin Bolin in Northern Arkansas (Harrison) Family has looked for her off and on since she disappeared. Family does not believe she left on her own and desperately want to get in contact with her or get any information available. Her maiden name is Eddings.



1940’sMary Oswald – Clifton
Mary Oswald was reported missing to the Long Beach, CA police department in the 1940’s. She lived in Long Beach, but was last seen in Clifton AZ, where her sister was married to the manager of the Phelps-Dodge merchantile. Her sister & family lived in Clifton, AZ in the 1940s. She was about 20 at the time of the report, and her family is still searching for her.


1984Sheila Green Garrison – Phoenix
Sheila Marie Green (daughter of Ralph Green Jr and Susan Lynn McMullen, has been missing since 1984. She was born March 26, 1964 in Phoenix, Arizona. She was married to an unknown Garrison.



1895Stella Hughes – San Francisco

Stella Hughes lived at 1914 Stevenson St, San Francisco, and was the daughter of Captain William Hughes. Stella suffered from melancholia, which caused nervousness and insomnia. She walked away from her house in early May 1895. Her family believed she was going to walk to Baker Beach. She was never seen again. It was speculated that she committed suicide, eloped with a George Robertson who also went missing the same day, or that her disappearance was connected to the homicides of Minnie Williams and a Miss Lamont of San Francisco. Her cape and purse were found on a rock near the beach, but her hat was not found. Numerous people claimed to have seen Stella in the days after her disappearance, but none of the sightings have been confirmed.


1918Edith Yeager – Fresno

Edith Frances Yeager was last seen in 1918 in Fresno, California. She had a daughter with Earl Brown Anderson (b. 1886) of Louisiana in 1914. It is unclear if Edith and Earl ever married, or if a marriage would have taken place in Louisiana or California. Edith disappeared when her daughter was four years old.  Earl remarried in 1929. No one has heard from Edith again.


1941Lula Mae Glascoe Nelson – Wilmington

Lula Mae Glascoe disappeared at age 19 or 20 in Wilmington, Los Angeles County, CA.. She had taken the bus from Long Beach where she lived to Wilmington where she worked to pickup her pay check in 1941. She was never seen by her family again. Lula was going through a divorce at the time from an M. Nelson.


Early 1940’sElizabeth Bouslog Davis – San Francisco


Last seen with a man, a romantic partner, by the name of John Spooner leaving Colorado for San Francisco. She wrote one letter home saying that she was working at a military hospital (the Presidio) and that it may be awhile before she could write as she might be going to sea (WWII) and no one has heard from her since.

This was in approximately 1942 or 1943.


1946Edna Donalda Howerton Harris – Los Angeles
Edna disappeared from Los Angeles, California in 1946, after having her fourth child. It appears that in 1940, she was living at the Good Shepherd Convent, listed as an ‘inmate’ on the census. She was listed as single, and Howerton is indeed her maiden name. It appears that the Good Shepherd Convent was a shelter for mothers who were victims of domestic violence. She married Jack Harris sometime after 1940. Two of the children were born in 1942 and 1943. Her birthdate is 2/12/1924.


1947Bonnie Bess Jones Myers – Southgate
Bonnie Bess was last known to be living with her husband, Ray Myers, in Los Angeles, CA. She was last seen in Southgate, CA in 1947.


1948Lorraine Lee Chance – Santa Cruz

Lorraine “Lee” Chance lost touch with her family in 1948 after her husband, a serviceman stationed in VA, passed away unexpectedly.
Lorraine Chance left her daughter with a child sitter in Santa Cruz, California on January 3, 1948 and never returned.
Lorraine applied for death benefits for her husband on March 28, 1948. She was awarded death benefits in August of 1948, but had moved from her address without leaving a forwarding address.
She never collected benefits and all checks were returned to the Veterans Admin, Welfare and Dependants Division.
The Santa Cruz, California Sheriffs Department/Coroners office records for 1948 have been destroyed.
The Red Cross and the Department of the Navy (Welfare) Department attempted some type of search without results.
There was a warrant for her arrest at the time.


1948Marion Isabella Brown – Oakland
Marion Isabella Brown went missing on October 21, 1948. She is believed to have jumped off of the Bay Bridge in Oakland, California. Her body has never been found.


1950’s Eileen Virginia Brown – San Francisco Area
Eileen went missing from the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1950’s. She was unmarried at the time.


1955Patricia Steele Hollingsworth – Long Beach
Patricia was living with her brother in a 2 bedroom bungalow in Long Beach, CA in 1955. She worked as a bartender for the VFW in Santa Ana. Brother states that everything was going fine until their mother appeared from Nevada with her former boyfriend, at which point Patricia disappeared. I am assuming the reference to ‘her erstwhile boyfriend’ means their mother’s boyfriend, and not Patricia’s.


1955Betty Ruth Marshall Baker – Los Angeles
Betty was last seen in Los Angeles in 1955, leaving behind nine children. She was born in Los Angeles on January 12, 1926, and had been married in Yuma, Arizona in 1946. At the time of her disappearance, she was married to Clarence Taton. This was her second marriage.
(Note: it appears that one of the nine children was born in 1956, so she likely went missing in 1956 and not 1955)


1956Elizabeth Rathjen – Stockton

Elizabeth Rathjen, then a patient at the Stockton Mental Hospital, wandered off the grounds and was never heard from again. But her daughter has never stopped searching. Recently, a number of unmarked graves were discovered on the Mental Hospital grounds. Elizabeth’s daughter was told that the graves are from the early part of the 20th century, although she was not given any proof of this. She is attempting to convince authorities to examine the DNA to be sure.

Daughter’s Youtube Video

1957Shirley Jacobsen – Eureka
Shirley would have been 21 when last seen in 1957, just before giving her one year old son up for adoption.

1958Bess Litchfield – Unknown Locale
Bess Litchfield married John (last name unknown) and moved to California. Sometime in 1958, she disappeared and was assumed to be murdered by her husband and son. She had been wearing a nightgown and there was a piece of the mattress cut out and missing. She had 2 grown sons by this time. The family says that there was lots of publicity about it at the time. She has never been found.


1960’sSharon Kay Lamar Matchett – Unknown Locale
Sharon lived in Nebraska and then ran off to California with another man in the 60’s and left behind her baby boy. Shortly after she went to California, and she vanished! The man she left with came back without her and she has not been heard from since. The man isn’t talking even today. Her family is still looking for her. Her mother has now died and the last thing she said was that she wished she knew what had happened to her daughter Sharon. She always said if Sharon were alive she would have been back a long time ago. Sharon was 5’6″ and had light brown shoulder length hair and Green/Blue eyes. Her social security number has not been used since she left Nebraska in the 60’s


1960’sBetty Sue Beddingfield – Redondo Beach
Betty Sue Beddingfield went missing or ran away in the 1960’s from Redondo Beach, California. She has never been seen again.


1961 – Anita Margot Thormahlen – Locale Unknown

Anita was last seen on May 5, 1961 just after divorcing her husband, Thomas Thormahlen. She was awarded alimony and custody of the children, but disappeared before the divorce was final. Thomas, who was previously a mortician, told police that he’d received a postcard from her, stating that she was in Reno and would be divorcing him again there so she could remarry. Police believed that he had killed her but she has never been found.

1961Dolores Mae Siddal – Long Beach


Dolores Siddal disappeared on August 23, 1961, after seeing Hugh M. Pfeaster to have an illegal abortion performed. Pfeaster confessed to her ‘accidental death’ due to a botched abortion, and claims to placed the remains in a ravine near Big Bear Lake. Searches have been unsuccessful and her remains have never been found.


Mid 1960’sStephanie Bennett – San Diego

Stephanie Agnes Bennett (May use last name Medina) was last seen in San Diego by her daughter in 1963 or 1964. Stephanie was born in New York in 1939.


1965Christine McCarter Gill Scott – Greater Los Angeles


Christine Scott was presumably killed in March 1965 by her husband, Albert Raymond Scott. He was convicted of her death, but her body has not been found. Christine’s son claimed that he was forced to help Albert Scott bury the box which contained his mother’s remains, and states that they were buried about about 30 feet from Piru Creek, which is about 50 miles from Los Angeles. It was stated that a 4 foot hole was dug, into which the 3x3x3 1/2 box was placed, then covered with brush and leaves.


1965Olympia Gonzales – Long Beach

Mrs. Fidelia Gonzales, an elderly Mexican-American woman from Lima, N.M., has looked for her daughter, Olympia Rose, since she disappeared in 1949. She traced the daughter to Long Beach in 1965, but despite an extensive search, Olympia Rose, then 41, and who had used many aliases, was never found.


1967Deah (or Deeh) Stover – Unknown Locale

Deah Jean Stover was born about 1949 in Ohio to Rymer and Gladys Beatty Stover, then moved to California. She disappeared at age 18 and has never been heard from since.


1968Wanda Loe – South Lake Tahoe or Truckee


Wanda Loe of Truckee has been missing since 1968. The case remained dormant until 1991, until authorities received a tip that her boyfriend Dennis Finn, while drunk, confessed the murder to a friend. Finn has since committed suicide. She worked at Sunnyside Resort in Tahoe City and is believed to have disappeared somewhere between her workplace and home. Wanda was born in Alabama on 5/13/1942.


1968Mary Jo Zinger Tate – Redwood City

Mary Jo Zinger Tate went missing from Redwood City, California. She was born in Quanah, Texas on 4/13/1931. She left four children behind, and her relatives believe that foul play was involved. A missing persons report was said to have been filed. She has never been found.


1974Barbara Braley – Long Beach

Barbara Ann (Foster-Crow-Schaf-Braley) disappeared in Long Beach, CA in September 1974. She left behind 4 sons. She has had no contact with any relatives after her disappearance. Her family believes she is either in hiding or dead. Barbara (Babs) was born 9/24/1933 in Shep, Texas. She was married 3 times.

1977-1978Donna Lee Elam Smith – San Diego?

Donna went missing in 1977-1978, and has never been heard from again. She was born on 1/3/1932. She was from San Diego, although I am not sure if that is where she was last seen.


1980Diana Lynn Ramel – Manton

Gerald Stanley, a man on death row, has given law enforcement information on the location of Diana Ramel’s remains. The two had been living together in 1980, and Stanley claims that Diana put a sedative in her wine, which caused her death. He does admit to disposing of the remains. The information he gave did not lead to the discovery of her remains, and it is unclear where exactly he stated the remains would be found.


1981Linda Rollins – Long Beach

L.A. County and Long Beach officials dug up the yard behind a Long Beach home on Wednesday in search of the body of Linda Rollins, missing since 1981. A cadaver dog focused on this section of the backyard during the search, but nothing was found.
She had just returned from a family reunion in Kansas where she learned from another relative that Linda was allegedly killed all those years ago by her boyfriend, Ben Griffin, and buried in the backyard of a home owned by Griffin’s and Rollins’ grandmother, said Homicide Detective Malcolm Evans. Griffin and Rollins not only dated but were cousins, the detective explained.


1981Stacy Arras – Yosemite National Park


Stacy, age 14, of Saratoga, California, disappeared in July 1981 while on a horseback trip with her father at Yosemite National Park.


Mid 1980’sElizabeth Shaw – Locale Unknown

Elizabeth disappeared from California in 1985/86. She had two daughters. Her parents had died in New Jersey in the 1970’s.



1954Eva Mitchell – Denver

Pfc Mike Petro was in mountain combat training with the 1st Division, 5th Cavalry at Camp Carson, Colorado Springs in July and August of 1950. He was severely wounded in Korea and most likely returned to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Aurora in January 1952. As soon as Fitzsimmons released him to outpatient status, he would have been assigned duty at what had become Fort Carson. His enlistment expired April 1, 1954…..the date that Eva Mitchell rented an apartment in Denver as his wife. Eva disappeared on April 4, 1954, and was reported missing. The Denver police found something in her personal possessions which led them to believe they were not married. Mike Petro died in 1978. Eva was born in 1932 or 1933.


1965Mercy Gauer Trowbridge – Denver


Mercy Ann Gauer Trowbridge has been missing since 1953. She was born 5/26/1916 in Morristown, NJ. She married David Henry Trowbridge and had five children. Rumor had it she up and left NJ due to an abusive marriage and went off to Tennessee for a few years and then to Denver, Colorado. Her mother’s obituary notice in 1963 lists Mercy Trowbridge as a surviving relative. She may have known a man named Charles Vanderhoof in Colorado, but he is now deceased.
It was rumored that she was working in a mental hospital in Denver Colorado. She left all five children behind.


1977Elida Jean Santiago Chandler – Broomfield

Elida has been missing since 1977. She was born 10/08/1930 in Puerto Rico and was raised in an orphanage in New York. She married and divorced: Kenneth McGraw and Carl Chandler. She was last seen with a VFW member named Bill Jackson, in Broomfield, Colorado.


1927Lucille Strileckis – Prospect

Lucille mysteriously disappeared at the age of 17 from Prospect, CT in 1927. She was the daughter of Antanas and Petronella, and had four siblings. She has never been heard from again.


1940Gertrude Noone Hampton – Unknown Locale

Gertrude was born about 1920, and in 1940, she is believed to have run off with a man her parents did not approve of due to religion. The man’s last name may have been Hicks. She has never been heard from again. Gertrude’s mother conducted a vigorous search for her prior to passing away and never found any answers.


1960Emma Parks Somma – Norwalk

Emma disappeared mysteriously in 1960, leaving behind a 17 year old daughter. At the time of her disappearance, she was working for Edwards Company, and had worked there for two years. Emma was born in Connecticut on 3/14/1923. She had brown hair, and brown eyes. She was 5’1” and weight about 110 pounds. She had a scar on her stomach from C-sections, and her favorite color is red. She wore glasses and dentures. She has never been heard from again.



1943Altie Coe Hayes – Holmes County

Altie was born on April 11, 1925, and married a man named Travis Hayes. She has been missing since 1943.


Early 1950’sLula Uhrig Russo Knickerbocker – Hollywood

Lula disappeared in the early 1950s. Her maiden name was Lulu Ethel Uhrig. She married and divorced Hiram Knickerbocker in upstate New York. She moved to Hollywood FL around 1950 where she lived with (and possible married) a man named Nicolas Russo. Russo and Lula lived on the grounds of a home belonging to Russo’s 2 maiden sisters.


1953Bessie Gaylor – Unknown Locale
Bessie went missing in 1953. She left Washington, DC with a man she met and another couple who had a small baby. They were all moving to Florida, Bessie was going to be the nanny to the baby while the parents worked. Her sister got two letters from her and that was the last she ever heard. Bessie was close to her sister and no one in the family ever believed she would just go away and never contact anyone. Bessie was about 35 years old, with dark hair and a thin build. Her family does not believe she is alive, her sister suspected that the man she left with murdered her.

Early 1970’sEdith Glasel – Unknown Locale
Edith Glasel ( maiden name) was born in Bavaria Germany about 1925-1935, but moved to Florida about 1965-1969 and disappeared a few years later. Letters were returned and her family has looked for her for years but got nothing. She was married to another German man with the first name Otto.


1974Doris Helen Wurst – Plantation
Doris, age 35, disappeared from Plantation, FL on January 12, 1974. She has strawberry blonde hair, and green eyes. She is 5’1” tall and weighed 105 pounds at the time of her disappearance. She may use the last name Moylan. She is for some reason listed as a ruleout on a NamUs UID, only this ruleout indicates Doris is from Pennsylvania.


1976Pamela Jane Penotte – Daytona Beach
Pamela Jane Penotte was last seen in Daytona Beach, Florida. She disappeared in 1976 and may have traveled to Arizona. She was single at the time of her disappearance.

1978Diana Rohbeck – Miami Dade County
Diane Rohbeck has been missing from Miami Dade County FL since March 9, 1978. She was born on March 6, 1956. She is described as Caucasian, with brown hair and brown eyes, 5’6” tall.


1981Mennie Vineyard – Deland
Mennie Vineyard has not been seen nor heard from since 1981. Her maiden name is Faucette. She is 5’2 to 5’3 with red hair, blue eyes, and a space between her 2 front teeth.


1982Sherri Lynette Savage – Jacksonville
Sherri was last seen in Jacksonville, Florida on January 1 1982. She is described has Caucasian, with a height of 5’5” and weight of 110.


1982Mary Dussich – Lighthouse Point
Mrs. Dussich disappeared on April 28, 1982, about a year after her husband had filed for divorce. Thereafter, Mr. Dussich moved for and received an order abating his temporary alimony obligation and staying all proceedings for six months. In February of 1983, the trial court granted the husband’s motion to abate the dissolution proceeding because the wife had not reappeared. At the same time, the trial court denied the wife’s attorney’s motion for temporary attorney’s fees and costs. Mary was born on 7/21/1918 and is described as Caucasian, with partially gray hair. She was 5’4” tall and 130 pounds at the time of her disappearance.


1984Theresa Morris – Levy County
Theresa has been missing since August 27, 1984. Although she was 29 years old at the time of her disappearance, she is described as only 4’0” tall and 125 pounds. She was born on 6/12/1955.


1985Patti Volansky – Scottsmoor
Patti is believed to be a victim of John Brennan Crutchley, dubbed the vampire rapist for a prior crime which involved drinking a victim’s blood. Crutchley may be a serial killer. Crutchley is thought to have been the last person to see Patti Volansky of Scottsmoor, who vanished after he picked her up hitchhiking on March 15, 1985. Although her body has never been found, her identification and photos of her son were found in Crutchley’s office desk after his arrest.


1985Catherine DeCesare – Tampa
Catherine was last seen on July 15, 1985 in Tampa FL. She is described as Caucasian, and was born on 3/29/1957.



1955Mary Mattie Prickett – Atlanta

Mary Prickett has been missing since Atlanta, Georgia since 1955. Prickett is her maiden name. She has never been seen again.


1957Annie Rebecca Ellis Spann – Unknown Locale

Annie lived in Georgia at the time of her disappearance. She was born on January 17, 1922.


Late 1950’sLittle Mearl “Mary” McClure – Unknown Locale
Mary McClure, born Little Mearl McClure born in March 1933 in Talking Rock, Georgia, has been missing since 1958 or 1959. She was the daughter of Lawrence McClure and Ramey Hensley.


1960Carolyn Elizabeth Roberson Goddard – Clarkston
Carolyn, who may have used the name Betty, mysteriously disappeared from Clarkston, GA in 1960. Her parents and siblings never heard from her again. Her husband lived in the area after her disappearance, and Carolyn was not with him.


1985Laura Kelton – Dunwoody
Laura graduated from high school in Dunwoody, GA in 1985. She disappeared shortly afterward.


1985Donna Faye Ham – Powder Springs
Donna was last seen in June 1985. Her last known address was 3187 Guss Robinson Road, Powder Springs, GA. She had a boyfriend named Robert Byrd. She was born August 3, 1945 and has never been seen again.


1982Patricia Jacobs Dial – Rupert (Possibly Southern California)
Patricia has been missing since 1982. She was born in Anaheim or Fullerton, Ca. on March 22, 1959. Her parents names are Don and Norma Jacobs. I cannot tell if Rupert, ID is where Patricia went missing from, or if it is the residence of the relative who posted the query.


1930’sBernice Bernhardt – Chicago
Bernice was born to Frank J Bernhardt Jr. (1863 – 1906) and Johnanna (Anna) Yeager (1867 – 1906)
of Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana. She seems to have moved to Chicago when she was about 20, then she disappears. None of her family members are sure of what happened after Bernice left. One relative believed that she married in Chicago, another said she did not. One relative reportedly stated that Bernice must have been abducted by aliens. It is believed that she was last seen in the 1930’s or 1940’s.


1930Ruth Kimball – Chicago
Ruth Kimball was born 1912-1913 in Oregon. Her parents Owen and Mary (Clements)Kimball divorced after 1920 and Ruth and her mother moved to the Los Angeles, California area. Last known info for Ruth Kimball is that she went to Chicago and worked at the Blackhawk Restaurant-Hotel in 1930.Then
she vanished.


1947Laverne O’Brien Ward – Chicago
Laverne was born on 9/8/1926. She was married to Roy Ward and had a son at the time of her disappearance in February 1947.


1950’sNina Ann Steward Wilson – Chicago
Nina disappeared in the 1950’s in Chicago Il. She hung out with a “rough” crowd there. She was born in 1918.


1952Barbara Haddix – Chicago
Barbara was born in 1933 in Indiana. She traveled to Chicago in 1951, and disappeared in 1952.


1952Georgia Louise Lindsey Samuels – Unknown Locale
Georgia was born in Kentucky, either in 1926, or 1930. She was adopted. In 1948, she married Willie Lee Samuels, and they had two sons. She was living in Illinois when she vanished in 1952, just after giving birth to her second son. Georgia’s family has heard rumors that Georgia was killed in a car wreck, but those rumors may have originated with Georgia’s husband. There was also a rumor that she was living with a man of Mexican descent. She left her children behind.


1953Rosalie Tetrault – Zini – Chicago
This is not exactly a missing persons case, and I am not sure if Rosalie Tetrault Zini even exists. But if she does, she might be missing. To be honest, I can’t quite figure out what happened here. Seems to be a strange situation, but it appears that someone came across a potential kidnap victim, who gave her name as Rosalie Tetra-Zini or Tetrault-Zini. This happened in Chicago in 1953.


1954Marie Mittlestaedt – Chicago
August Mittlestaedt was born in 1880 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and married Mary (Krenn) Gehl in 1903 there. They had 2 children: Emma and Marie. Emma died in 1914 and Marie was last heard of in 1954 in Chicago, but then she disappeared.


1954Judy Stallworth – Chicago
Judy Stallworth was three years old when she disappeared in Chicago. Her babysitter’s last name was Wren. It is unknown if her babysitter is believed to have been involved in her disappearance, but it’s possible since the babysitter was mentioned in the family’s query.


1963Margaret Marquardt – Forest Park
Margaret was born approximately 1929 in Forest Park, and went missing in 1963. Her daughter has not heard from her since. Her parents were named Elizabeth and Edward.


1976 – Betty Leitzen – Chicago
Betty was last seen on August 9, 1976 with accused murderer Fred Davis. Foul play is suspected, and her body has not been found.


1980Karen Koppel – Chicago
Ben Stein was romantically linked to Karen Koppel who mysteriously vanished the night of April 26, 1980.

The relationship between the (then) 34-year-old Koppel and the 67-year-old janitorial czar went sour after the troubled young woman realized that she had been deceived into believing that her wealthy boyfriend was estranged from his wife. Shortly before her disappearance Koppel penned a note describing her mental anguish and some very real concerns about her own safety. Reportedly, she told her friends that she wanted $50,000 in return for her promise to get out of Stein’s life. If anything were to happen, she added, it could be blamed on one Rick Simon, a moonlighting cop then assigned to the East Chicago Avenue Station. Simon worked for Stein as a chauffeur and was positioned as a vice-president of one of the janitorial companies. Stein took Ricky Simon under his wing at a youthful age and the relationship that developed over the years was like that of a father to a son. The tough and street-wise Simon prospered through his acquaintance with Stein. He also was the last person known to have seen Karen Lee Koppel alive.

In a final attempt to mediate matters of the heart, Simon met with Koppel at Flapjaw’s saloon, 810 N. Wabash Avenue, the night she disappeared. According to published reports Simon offered Koppel $10,000 of Stein’s money and the free use of a Lake Shore Drive apartment in return for her agreement to exit quietly.

Koppel has never been seen again.



1913Catherine Winters – Newcastle

Nine-year-old Catherine Winters was last seen around noon on March 20, 1913. A family friend named Dan Monroe spoke to her as she walked along the town square toward her Newcastle, Indiana home. On that day, the schools had closed due to an outbreak of measles and Catherine had spent the morning playing with her pal Helen Stretch. As she skipped toward home, she wore a “red sweater coat,” a white straw hat, and a black and white checked gingham dress. She had brown eyes and light brown hair.

When the child didn’t return home that afternoon, her mother, Byrd Winters, called her husband at his dental office. Dr. W. A. Winters rushed home and began searching for Catherine. He immediately concluded that “gypsies” had snatched his little girl. “That night was the first night of the great floods of 1913,” he later wrote.


1943Iva Goodson Cox – Terre Haute
Iva disappeared in 1943, causing her children to become wards of the state and placed in foster care. The father of Iva’s children, Leonard Cox, lived in hospitals and nursing homes for most of his life. Iva’s children do not know what happened to Iva. Iva was born in Indiana and married Leonard Cox in 1933.


1945Rowena Elaine Thompson – Locale Unknown
Rowena was the daughter of Albert Thompson and Meda Milam. She disappeared in 1945. Her family was from Indiana.


1946Helen Mae Lawrence
Helen Mae Lawrence was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, May 9, 1922. She disappeared from home in the spring of 1946.


1962Margaret Lois Phillips Harrison – Indianapolis / Cincinatti OH
She disappeared around Indianapolis Indiana sometime in the fall of 1962. We know that she worked at a Supper Club in Indianapolis called the LaRouge Supper Club and that she also worked at Pasqualis Pizza in Columbus Indiana for a short time. The last person to hear from her was her youngest sister who received a phone call from her. She was in Cincinatti, Ohio asking her to send her money. She said that she was very distressed.


1973-1974Monica Jean Jewell – Kokomo
Monica was last seen walking to work at Ray’s drive in Kokomo Ind. in 1973-1974 and was never heard from again. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She is believed to have been born in the 1940’s.

29 thoughts on “The “Missing Missing” Females Part I

  1. Nice to see that you are back updating your site. It’s tragic to see so many missing women. In my opinion, there are three main causes:
    1. Spousal abuse ending in a homicide followed by disposal of the body
    2. Pre-Roe vs Wade, death due to complications from illegal abortions followed by disposal of the body
    3. Voluntary disappearances, not staying in touch etc
    Of course there are other causes such as other crimes, accidents etc.

    Christine Scott was presumably killed in March 1965 and the disposal of her body is rather unusual. There is case in California that matches (Namus case 2994 and Doe Network case UFCA1205). This is a body of a female with a gunshot to the head found in a box buried in the desert in Lancaster, California, in December 1968. There are no rule-outs on Namus.
    The obvious similarities are that both victims are female, both had at least one child, both are apparent homicide victims and both were buried in a box. There is however a 90 minute drive between Piru Creek and where the UID was found and the timing is also off (a piece of an LA Times dated 7/1/1967 was in the box). In my opinion these discrepancies are no definite rule-outs (bodies can be moved and memories fade).
    Maybe this still is a possible match worth submitting to the LA County Sheriff’s Department?

  2. If you ever do a list that includes boys/men, you could include the Klein brothers. Kenneth Jr, Daniel and David went missing on November 10, 1951.

    Their mother’s obituary says she believed her sons were kidnapped she passed away in 2008.

  3. Awesome-it amazes me how little attention some of these missing people get, especially from LE. I contacted someone a few years ago about Sylvia Lwowski, requesting help to get her listed on the NYPD’s and NYState Police lists of missing persons, and was told he couldn’t help. He is in charge of her case, and did not explain why it couldn’t be done.

  4. If you have a family member who is missing, please file a missing persons report and also enter the missing person at the website NAMUS.gov. (North American Missing and Unidentified Subjects). There is no charge for entering a person.-it is FREE. You will need to know the missing person’s height ,weight, tattoos, hair, eye color, among other things. At least one clear photo of the person’s face is helpful and can be uploaded. NAMUS is used by law enforcement and medical offices nationwide.
    Sylvia Lwowski has been listed in NAMUS since 2010.

  5. I do not know if the ‘Mennie Vineyard’ listed as missing from Florida in 1981 is still being sought. If so I suggest she is probably now Minnie Lee Rapp of Las Vegas. I am pretty sure that the missing person should be listed as ‘Minnie Lee Vinyard’ as this person is listed on Ancestry as born ‘Minnie Lee Faucette’ on 29/4/1960 and marrying Garry Wayne Vinyard in Pinellas County in 1976. Mr Vinyard had further marriages starting in 1982 so the disappearance may coincide with marriage breakdown. I have not found a divorce record but numerous sites show a Minnie Lee Vinyard now living in Las Vegas as Minnie Lee Rapp, who is the right age (55) and has a previous address in Wesley Chapel, Florida – which is Tampa and next to Pinellas County.

    • You have the correct one…her name was misspelled on the initial post (It’s “Minnie”…not “Mennie”) She was located about a year or so ago, but she has no interest in reconnecting with her family.

  6. Missing since 1963. Last seen 4066 Melton way north Highlands California. Maiden name. Margaret Louise marquardt. Married name “Jones”. Born May 2, 1926. Last employed Farmers market on Watt Ave. north Highlands ca.
    Husband name. Thomas price Jones (dead).

      • Thank you Jessica, although I am glad to have an “ending” .i just have so many questions now! According to her obituary, she has another daughter. I found her (at least I think it is her,super small town,same name) messaged her in Facebook, and she never responded

        • It may not be intentional. Facebook has an “other” inbox and if you aren’t friends with the person on Facebook, that’s where the message will go. Most people don’t even know it exists so they don’t know to check it.

        • Johna, As stated below – it might not be intentional. FB screens messages that aren’t directly from “Friends” Have you tried to look them up any other way? If not I may be of assistance. Its sort of a side hobby of mine to locate long lost relatives through varies paid sights I subscribe to. If you would like some help, just reply and let me know. There is no fee.

          • Oh wow, that would be awesome, all I have to go on is..
            Mother-Mary jo Salley 04/13/31-03/07/99 (maiden name was Tate) she married Raymond Salley in 1974( he had children with previous marriage, I had contacted one of his daughters, but she said she was not close to him at,and couldn’t give me any info)
            According to her obituary, she left behind 1 daughter Charlene Hauf of Nevada Missouri . Charlene could have been born in California,Texas,Oklahoma or Missouri ( those were some of the places Mary lived)
            My email address is rznhale1@yahoo
            Thank you so very much!!!

  7. I am Barbara A Braley’s daughter In Law.I believe there was foul play in this case. She and her husband were fighting and seeing other people. I had just had a baby ,her first grandchild They sold their house out in Cerritos and bought a condo in Long Beach ,her youngest son Keith Crow was only 16 still living at home. She had a job and was the director of the business, she was an educated woman …….She dissapears with in a few weeks of buying a new home.close to her mother and others. I think her husband Ed Braley had a guilty look on his face

  8. How can I get a missing person cold case added. My aunt disappeared from Indianapolis in 1940, the FBI searched for her, I have the typed and signed correspondence from J. Edgar Hoover and all photos and newspaper clippings. She took the bus to downtown Indianapolis to IPL to pay her electric bill and that was the last place she was seen. My family searched for her for years, she had an infant daughter so they felt that she would not have left on her own. Her name Eliza Elizabeth Lockhart.

  9. I searched the Chicago Tribune archives and did not find anything on Judy Stallworth being kidnapped in Chicago, in 1954. There were other cases of missing boys in the time frame such as the Peterson-Schuessler boys, who were found murdered in Cook County Forest Preserve. Also the was the Grimes sisters, which is Unsolved Cold Case.

  10. Also, I searched Bernice Bernhardt from Lafayette, Indiana. She was born on October 9, 1900, and died on September 2, 1961 at the age of 60. She was single and worked as a s secretary. She is buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, most likely in Evergreen Park. Not to far from where I live.

  11. I think that Pam Penotte missing from FL in 1976 could be Beth Doe found on DEC 20th 1976. I think I just located her picture in a 1974 yearbook and I believe they have some of the same facial characteristics.

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