Nancy Lynn Kirkpatrick, age 16, went missing from Columbia Falls, Montana on April 21, 1976.

There is very little information available about her case; in fact, nothing even states where in Columbia Falls she was last seen, or by whom.   Looks like this is another one to add to my list of record requests.

What is known, is that she was a good student, and into the ‘hippie’ thing – and that she had a boyfriend, whom she may have recently broken up with around the time of her disappearance.

Her family does not believe she left on her own.

I wish we knew a bit more about what happened.  Did she leave for school one morning and just never come back?    Did she tend to hitchhike?   Did her boyfriend cooperate with authorities?  Did the authorities even search for her, or did they tell her family not to worry, she’d show up in a couple days, as has been the case so many times?

Come home soon, Nancy.


Charley Project

Myspace Page for Nancy Kirkpatrick (Text on Porchlight Forum)






3 thoughts on “Nancy Kirkpatrick

  1. h my gosh, Melodi. This brings back shocking memories, as I was the last person to see her alive. She babysat for me that day. I paid her, and she left the house. Your mom called me a couple of hours later to see if she was still babysitting. I offered to take her home,but she said she wanted to walk. I’m just sick that she was never found. At the time, I heard that she was talking about going to Alaska.
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  2. I am doing a news story about the disappearance of Nancy Kirkpatrick and another girl, Robyn Pettinato, who both disappeared about the same time from the same area. Carol Anderson Porter, can you please email me with your contact info; I would love to visit with you about Nancy. Thanks. My email is: lhintze@dailyinterlake.com; I am the features editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell, Montana.

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