Charlotte Jean Loomis, age 14, went missing from Eatontown, New Jersey on September 1, 1972.

Charlotte was having problems at her family home in Detroit, Michigan.  She went to stay for the summer with her older sister Carole and her husband, who lived on an army base in New Jersey.

On September 1, 1972, Charlotte was scheduled to depart from the Newark International Airport in New Jersey, and arrive back home at Saginaw Airport in Michigan.   Charlotte’s luggage arrived in Michigan, but Charlotte was not on the plane.

Carole and her husband are both deceased, but she has many other siblings who are still living.

Of course, I had several questions on this case – were Carole and her husband ever questioned?  Whose fingerprints were on the handle of her suitcase?  Did the flight crew remember seeing her on the plane?  I was also going to point out a couple mishaps on the part of the Michigan government, which made me uneasy about this case – with regard to Rose Lena Cole, and that of Ida Dean Richardson-Anderson.

But as I was getting my data together to prepare for this post, I stumbled across a plea from one of her family members, who believes she was last seen in Virginia, in 1974 – on an army base.

So now my questions have changed somewhat – were Carole and her husband living in Virginia in 1974?  Did Charlotte ever attend high school in Virginia?  Maybe they were hiding her because she didn’t want to go home.  It gives me hope that she may be alive and well somewhere.

I’d really like to hope that’s the case.


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7 thoughts on “Charlotte Loomis

  1. OK-This is a very strange sick case. Charlotte was 14 years old and who ever her mother was married to at the time was molesting the child. I feel the mother was aware of the problem and was jealous of her own daughter. Charlotte I feel did not go missing in NJ. She arrrived home and was picked up by a man at the airport. She was taken into a wooded area not far from where they lived. It had a long dirt road. I can see a shed and a well that had something to do with the rapes. He raped, killed and buried her in this wooded area. She said she was going to tell on him. It cost her her life. Charlotte’s sister and husband had nothing to do with her disappearance. In my opinion her mother had a lot to lose if this was discovered. This man, her step father I am guessing, was a piece of work. He had a very bad temper as was her 2nd husband who was NO BETTER. I do not like mother’s that do not protect their children.Rose hated both of the men, but she needed them for support. They should search in the surrounding areas for her remains. It has been a long time but they might get lucky.

    I do not know what goes on in Michigan, but I will tell you this. It had more serial killers, pedophiles and sick people than I care to talk about. One seemed to be hiding under every rock in the 60’s and 70’s. Who knows what it is like today.

    You have two other girls missing from Michigan. Pamela Hobley and Patricai Spencer. Plus, the Oakland County Child Killers and the other pedophiles in the surrounding areas that were operating for years. No one would turn them in because they were upper class people. What do you call that???? I have information about the girls and the people responsible for the killing of the four children. I sent it off to the Police Chief of Oscoda. I hope he looks into the case NOW. I will also send my information to the father of Timothy King. Check out that story it will make you sick. Glad to help and happy to get justice for the ones that no longer have a voice.

  2. Yep, Michigan is also, in my experience, not very eager to investigate these cases. Sometimes I’ll be reading about a missing person on one of the national databases, and I’ll see something about evidence being thrown away or suspects that were never questioned, police refused to take a report, etc. and my first reaction is “Is this case in Michigan?” It’s frustrating to say the least.

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