Terri Ann Mozee, age age 42, went missing from New Orleans, Louisiana on March 3, 2001.

She was last seen getting into a taxi in front of her residence – she had luggage with her, and said she would be back that weekend.  She never returned and has never been heard from again.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a case with a rather odd last known location – Samatha Baremore was also last seen getting into a taxi.  Elizabeth Mondelli was last seen entering a home that wasn’t hers.  Apparently, she wasn’t seen inside the home, or leaving the home… so yeah, she disintegrated into thin air in the doorway?  :/

Sorry, but it irks me.  How hard would it be to check Terri’s phone records and see what cab company she called?  Then talk to the cab driver and find out where he or she took her?  Even the call-takers at cab companies usually ask “Where are you going?”  prior to sending the taxi.  Her phone records would probably hold a clue as to who she was going to see, as well.   Terri had Parkinson’s Disease, so depending on how severe it was, there is a likelihood that the cab driver would have remembered her.

It might not solve the mystery of her disappearance, but I am confident that it would lead to an update of where she was last known to be.  Of course, it has already been twelve years, and memories may well have faded by now…

It was probably another “Don’t worry, she’ll come home in a few days” deals back in 2001… although it appears her family had her declared dead in 2004… seems awfully soon, for someone who was last seen getting in a cab with luggage…  Her family must have suspected something.

Note: NamUs spells her last name Mozze.



Charley Project

Social Security Death Index


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