Denise Marie Sheehy, age 16, disappeared from Woodside, New York on July 7, 1970.

Denise stormed out of her family’s apartment in The Mets complex, at 4815 46th St. in Woodside, Queens. She was helping her mother prepare for her older sister’s birthday dinner when her mother smelled alcohol on her.  She scolded Denise and said she was going to tell Denise’s father. That’s when Denise stormed out the door.

Just prior to this, she had been on the phone with her boyfriend, who was visiting a sick relative in Pennsylvania.

She was last seen hopping a fence and exiting through an adjoining apartment complex.

Meanwhile, her sister Lorraine, who turned nineteen that day was on her way home from work in Manhattan.

Instead of the birthday festivities she expected, she found chaos. Their mother left the table set for a week.

Denise’s boyfriend came back from Pennsylvania upon hearing the news of her disappearance, and helped search the neighborhood. He was cleared of any involvement, and her family never believed he had anything to do with it.


There has been no sign of Denise, as far as I know, since the day she vanished.  I’ve found no indication that there were any leads or tips, but someone has to know something. I’m very hopeful that with the passage of time, someone will come forward.


The Charley Project

New York Daily News


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