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Pamela Hobley, age 17 (left) and Patricia Spencer, age 16 (right) were last seen in Oscoda, Michigan on October 31, 1969.

At approximately 2:00pm, amidst a bomb threat at Oscoda High School on River Road, Pamela and Patricia walked off the school’s grounds, down River Road toward downtown.   They planned on attending the homecoming game that evening, but did not show up.

For decades, it had been consistently reported that the two girls were last seen walking down River Road, away from the school.   Recently, however, a man went to police and explained that he had given the girls a ride to a gas station at River Road and Interstate 23 on that day.    Investigators were puzzled as there was nothing in the file regarding this statement.   The man claimed that he had been questioned extensively at the time, and that he didn’t understand why news reports kept insisting they were last seen walking from the school.

Over the years, many rumors have circulated about the fate of Pamela and Patricia.   Among them was a persistent account of them being buried under a barn belonging to a Jack Searle, but investigators found no indication that this lead was ever checked out.    In 2011, a search was done at the property with cadaver dogs and backhoes, but nothing was found.

Jack Searle, then owner of the barn, is now deceased.  His property had a reputation as a popular party spot for teens in 1969.   It is unknown whether the rumors pertaining to the barn also implicated Mr. Searle as a suspect.

There is also chatter about the girls having been experimenting with alcohol and drugs at the time of their disappearance – a rumor which Pamela’s younger sister subtly confirmed by saying “She did a lot of things my mom didn’t like.”

I’ve also seen unsubstantiated blurbs about a peace sign charm having been found, which could be related to this case.  Patricia Spencer was last known to be wearing one.

Lastly, a reporter named a Ron Collins as someone police would like to question regarding this case.  Ron Collins was reportedly a resident of Flint, Michigan, and was a member of a band who would perform in Oscoda.    It is unknown what connection he had to either of the girls.



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