If you have found your way to my blog, you probably share my passion for trying to locate missing persons.  You’re likely aware of the wide array of websites, social networking sites, and blogs dedicated to missing persons, all of which serve the important purpose of getting the names and faces of the missing out to as many people as possible.  Some go into great detail about one missing person, others feature brief profiles on thousands of cases.  My favorite missing persons site, The Charley Project, is really the best of both worlds, and is a main resource for virtually every case that will be featured on my blog.

The primary goal of this blog, is to focus on cases in which I can see specific actions that can be taken, or specific questions that need to be asked.  In many of these cases, the technology just wasn’t available when the person went missing, and with the tools now available to us, I see ways to potentially further the investigation.   Although I generally am supportive of Law Enforcement, and feel that they really made an effort at the time, you will see a few cases where it appears that they just plain dropped the ball… and never picked it back up.

If my blog will assist, even in a small way, with bringing just one missing person home, I will consider it to be a major success.

Thank you to all who continue searching for their loved ones, and thank you to all who continue to search for complete strangers.

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  1. I’m wondering if there is a list of names or a page of complete photos of the cases you have on your site. I can see more of them on my phone, but it’s awkward. I can only see about a dozen on my iMac. Your site is intriguing because of your intelligent insights regarding the myriad cases where law officials dropped the ball, or there wasn’t enough information recorded to follow through. I’d be interested in your take on the famous case from the sixties of Joan Risch. Since I first heard the details on a YouTube video I’ve been fascinated about what could have gone on there.

  2. Could you add the Kelsie Schelling case in Pueblo, CO?
    This is a great blog. Someone just added the link. We are a non-agency search party for missing persons. Every little thing helps bring them home someday. Thank you ❤

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I will try to get her case added, but it honestly may be awhile. I have a large number of cases I’ve already started and am trying to finish before I start on new ones. I will try my best to get to her. Thank you again!

  3. Hey! What makes you write about them? I feel its a great initiative but what made you create this blog and share details of people?
    Much appreciate.

    • Hi, and thank you! Years back, I was assisting adoptees locate their birth families, but it became oversaturated with people trying to help and there was too much duplication of effort. I was ready to stop when I came across a post about Brenda Crowley, who is an actual missing person. Her family didn’t really think she had been given up for adoption, but they posted on the adoption site out of desperation to find her. From there I ended up on Doe Network and realized how many cases there are that nobody has heard of. That prompted me to start the blog. 🙂

      • Really a great initiative. Some of the cases which I read on your blog were from 80’s.
        How pity it is, someone goes missing and we never find them back.. while we also call this world to be ‘Very small world’.

        Appreciate your time for doing all you do. 😊

  4. I was wondering if you’d be able to add three missing boys to your blog? Edward Deboer, Woodrow Deboer and Richard Denardo, missing from new york/ new jersey since june 1959. Only their boat was ever recovered. This case has hardly any internet presence and theyre only listed as missing in an old fbi bulletin.
    Ps i love your blog, keep up the good work 🙂

  5. I enjoy reading your site and hope you will post new stories soon! If you don’t mind I would suggest joining Reddit and utilizing it for research. It can be helpful! Please also consider doing Amanda DeGuio as a missing person. She was a young mother who went missing from the Drexel Hill area of Philadelphia in 2014. Thank-you for all the work and research you do!

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