Angela Abbrederis, age 28, was last seen in Dallas, Texas on April 2, 1996.

Although Angela’s disappearance didn’t garner much media attention, if you’ve ever browsed an index of missing persons alphabetically, you’ve probably seen her name.

Angela’s mother and sisters lived in Michigan, where Angela had grown up. Her father, who she’d been estranged from, lived in Hong Kong.  Angela joined the military was stationed in Texas, where she married, then divorced after she met someone else while the couple was stationed at Fort Hood.

She was living with her boyfriend in an apartment at 19002 Dallas Parkway, in Dallas when she vanished.

Angela was working as an exotic dancer in various clubs, using the alias names of Mei-Ling and Vanessa.

Angela had expressed to her mother that she wanted to get out of that scene, and move back to Michigan.  Her mother sent her a plane ticket for a Mother’s Day visit, but the ticket was never used, and Angela did not contact her mother on Mother’s Day. (Some media accounts state she intended to come back to Michigan permanently and go back to school.) At this point, her family knew something was wrong.

Angela’s mother feels that law enforcement did not take her disappearance seriously because of her profession – though she stresses that dancing was a job, not a lifestyle.

Following Angela’s disappearance, her personal belongings, including her beloved dog, remained in the apartment. Clothing was left in the washer and dryer, as well as piled on the bed as though she had been interrupted in the midst of doing laundry.

Angela’s boyfriend quickly transferred their joint bank account, as well as her savings account and the title to her car into his own name.  Police stated that doesn’t make him a suspect, because he claimed that they jointly owned everything he took.

A red substance was noticed on the door frame outside Angela’s apartment. It was eventually determined to be paint, but only after months of repeated calls to police asking them to test it.

A search was done near a local pond, where two separate cadaver dogs alerted to remains in the same spot at the pond’s edge. One of the dogs reportedly bit at the water.

To the best of my knowledge, the pond has not been dragged.

A Jane Doe in Conroe, Montgomery County, Texas has been suggested as possibly belonging to Angela.

The unidentified woman was found on June 11, 1998 at 620 Airline Drive by a resident of the property who noticed the top of a skull protruding from the ground in a wooded area of the property.  A blue ball cap imprinted with “Lone Star Feed” was found nearby.

The remains appeared to have belonged to an Asian adult female (Angela is half Asian) and had probably been deceased for at least three years.   There was a hole drilled into the cranium, which led investigators to initially believe the skull was part of a group of war trophies that had been recovered of Asian soldiers, however this theory came into question when they learned the skull was female. According to NamUs, attempts to extract DNA were not successful, and while they have dentals, some of the teeth had been glued in, so that may prevent a match to someone’s natural teeth.

Angela has also been suggested as a match for this one and this one.

All of the above mentioned remains include descriptions of clothing, but we unfortunately don’t know what Angela was wearing when she disappeared.  It doesn’t look as though the police put much effort into questioning person who lived with her.  We really don’t even know when and where she was last seen, as her absence wasn’t reported until she failed to show up in Michigan.  I’m not sure where the listed date of April 2 came from; I’d guess that was the last time anyone in her family spoke to her.

Angela’s family still lives in Michigan and hope to learn what happened to her almost 30 years ago.



The Charley Project

Dallas Morning News


One thought on “Angela Abbrederis

  1. Man sad case, she had everything going for her and then lured into exotic dancing! So many young women fall into this trap. I will look for her when I get home hit up NamUs on some rule outs and contact the person on her case at law enforcement to see if they can reopen her case or have a rookie at least review the data.

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