Barbara Ann Sellars, age 30, was last seen in Spartanburg, South Carolina on March 16, 1987.

Very little information is available about her disappearance, but it’s believed that she traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida with a white female. They may have attended a motorcycle swap meet there, according to reports, though the West Palm Beach newspaper from 1987 is archived online, and I wasn’t able to find any advertising or articles related to any similar events.

Barbara never returned, and it’s unclear whether her companion was ever heard from. I’m not sure if her identity is even known.

There is also no indication of how she would have gotten to Florida – was a vehicle missing with her?

Interestingly, a Heather Rena Sellars would also disappear from Spartanburg in 2002, leading me to wonder if they might be related. Sellars isn’t all that common for a surname, so it’s certainly possible. Heather’s boyfriend is a suspect in her disappearance and has a violent history.

Additionally, in 1977, ten years prior to Barbara’s disappearance, 15 year old Libby Sellars was the victim of a still unsolved homicide in Spartanburg. Libby was a Sellars through marriage. She had a troubled home life and at age 14, she married an 18 year old with the surname Sellars, in order to be able to escape her foster home. Reports suggest that the two didn’t live together following the marriage, and that he had only agreed to marry her as a favor to free her from abuse, as the marriage would render her a legal adult. He was not considered a suspect in her murder, and he is now deceased.

Spartanburg currently has a population of approximately 38,000. I’m not sure if Barbara was a Sellars by birth or by marriage, but I find it odd that so many people with a fairly uncommon name, from a relatively small city, have gone missing or were killed. I don’t think the cases are connected due to the length of time between them, but I still think it’s unusual.

Of the three Sellars cases, Barbara’s has the least information. This is the only media reference I have been able to find.




3 thoughts on “Barbara Sellars

  1. This is so odd the photos don’t appear to match even the noses are different as well as hair color and just overall face? Lmk!!!

  2. I live about 30 minutes from the Greenville- Spartanburg metro area, albeit in NC which is just across the state line, I live 6 miles from he SC border. Spartanburg is part of a larger area known as the Greenville Spartanburg metro area and its compromised of over 900k people altogether. Back then it would have been much smaller though still considered large for the area. I remember Heather Sellars disappearance well, her boyfriend / fiancé was Jonathan Vick, who killed Dana Satterfield. I feel Vick was most likely responsible for her disappearance. Although I don’t think it’s related to Heather’s disappearance, it’s also notable that Todd Kohlhepp, the serial killer, arrived in the Greenville Spartanburg area in 2001 and also liked females in the age group of Heather.

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