Georgia Nell Blevins, age 23, went missing from Austin, Texas on or around July 4, 1962.

Known mostly as Nell, she was only recently reported missing, by her youngest daughter, who was just an infant when she disappeared.

By this daughter’s account, Georgia, along with her husband and children went to the park, and everything appeared to be fine.  They went back to Georgia’s parents house on W. 8th Street, and planned to go back to the park later that evening for the fireworks show.

Apparently, for unknown reasons, Georgia stayed behind as the rest of the family proceeded to the park, and Georgia was to meet them there.  She never arrived, and was never seen again.

At the time, Georgia’s parents went searching for her with the help of a family friend who happened to be a police officer, but either no report was filed, or it was lost over the years.

Another daughter of Georgia’s, who has posted on Websleuths, has a somewhat different perspective.  According to this daughter, Georgia didn’t actually go missing on July 4th; it was a few weeks later.  Georgia was reportedly seen by one of her sisters and a cousin after July 4th, and was known to be associated with a man named Charles Maynard.

This daughter also stated that Georgia frequented the local bars, and there had been several nights when Georgia didn’t come home.  She also vaguely theorized that one of Georgia’s brothers could possibly be responsible for her disappearance.  She didn’t want to elaborate.

Georgia was born Georgia Nell Scott, daughter of Fount Scott and Mattie Hale. She resided with her husband, Donald Blevins, and their children at 1615 West 8th Street in Austin, an easy walk from her parents house.

In addition to her husband, she left behind four children.

If she did vanish on July 4th, as the news article portrays, I think it’s safe to say that her husband was not involved in her disappearance, as he had gone to the park with his in-laws and children.

I’ve seen no indication from either account of whether anything went missing with her.  Were her clothes, hairbrush, toothbrush, purse, etc left behind at home?

The circumstances of Georgia’s disappearance are confusing, which is understandable given the fact that both daughters were very young, and were ultimately raised by different relatives, so they’re both relying on the 60+ year old memories and perspectives of others.

Georgia’s parents are both deceased.  Her mother died in 1966, and strangely, her obituary lists Georgia as surviving, in Ohio.

I can see so many possibilities in this case.  My interpretation of the association with this Charles guy, and her history of not coming home is that she was having an affair.  This alone could lead to many theories, especially if she found herself pregnant.  She could have been sent away, sought an illegal abortion, or fallen prey to a married lover who didn’t want his secret getting out.

She would be in her 80s now, if still alive.


The Charley Project



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