Mildred Louise Roche, age 38, vanished from Mankato, Minnesota on May 31, 1976.

Mildred and her husband, Ronald, had been visiting her parents farm in Mankato, Minnesota just prior to her disappearance.

The couple left, presumably to head back to their own home in Fargo, North Dakota.  Mildred was never heard from again.

On June 16, Mildred’s parents received a letter from Ronald Roche.  It stated that Mildred had left home on June 2, after he told her he wanted a divorce.  He said that she had taken two suitcases as well as cash and over $3000 in travelers checks.

He claimed that he received series of calls from her, the last being three months after her disappearance, at which time she said she was in Boston, Massachusetts.  According to Ronald, Mildred had told him that she was staying with a group of people in Boston, Massachusetts and was doing fine.

Police did not find this information credible, as they could find nothing to suggest Mildred was alive after her disappearance.  Particularly concerning to her parents was the fact that she required medication for her epilepsy, and her doctor said nobody had contacted him to authorize her prescription.

Ronald Roche downplayed her need for medication, saying she was only taking a small dose and that she was gradually decreasing her dosage.  He also said that he wasn’t really worried because Mildred had been wanting to leave for a long time, and had left for short periods before.

In 1996, police dug in the yard of the Roche’s Fargo property, but did not locate anything useful.

Although this probably doesn’t make a whole lot of difference in finding Mildred, her mother’s obituary states that their farm was in Eagle Lake, Minnesota in 1976.  They did not move to Mankato until 1981.  The two aren’t far apart, Eagle Lake is described as a suburb of Mankato.

Ronald Roche passed away in September 2018.


Minneapolis Star Tribune

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