Jaisle Elizabeth Thomas, age 17, vanished from Richmond, Virginia on April 12, 1998.

Jaisle left her home, stating she was going to drive to the University of Richmond library to do some research for her schoolwork.

Her car was located on the Willey Bridge between Richmond and Henrico County at about 3:20pm.  Her keys were missing, but several of her personal belongings remained in the vehicle. Items found in her car included her wallet, drivers license, cash, a paycheck, a bible, a work uniform and a pair of shoes.

According to The Doe Network, witnesses saw Jaisle walking away from her vehicle – but where?  At the library? At the bridge?  Who was she seen by?

Her father was critical of law enforcement; he felt that Jaisle was being treated as a runaway, while he was adamant that she had no reason to run away.  Additionally, she had nothing with her other than the clothes on her back, and possibly her keys.

Jaisle had a part time job at Ukrop’s Market, and was scheduled to work on the evening of her disappearance, but did not show up.  As a result, her absence wasn’t noticed by her family until about 10:00pm, when she was expected home from work.

Jaisle planned to travel to New York with her family over Easter break, which was the following week.  She also was scheduled to deliver a speech in church that weekend.

Jaisle’s father has expressed a belief that some teens known to Jaisle may have been involved in her disappearance, and that they may have been jealous of her.  It’s not known whether there were prior incidents which led him to this conclusion.

Questions have been raised about the date of her disappearance, as April 12, 1998 was Easter Sunday and locals claim that Ukrop’s Market was closed on Sundays.


Additionally, it’s unlikely that a library would be open on Easter Sunday.


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CSI Church of Christ

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