Diane Lee Todd, age 18, vanished from Annandale, Virginia on April 10, 1973.

On the morning of her disappearance, Diane was picked up from her home on Okla Drive by some classmates, and they were headed to school.

According to the other teens in the car, Diane exited the car once they reached the highway, and she was seen entering another car.

Since it was 1973, and a very different time, nobody thought anything of it and they did not pay attention to the vehicle or its driver.  Diane was never seen again.

Although Diane did not always excel in academics, she had never missed a day of school, and was looking forward to auditioning for a school play.

Diane’s relatives do not believe she left of her own volition.  According to her mother, her life revolved around school activities, as well as her two cats.  She only had 35 cents on her when she left, and did not take her toothbrush or other personal items.  Her checking account has never been used since she disappeared.

Diane had received a sizeable inheritance from an uncle, and she had used those funds to purchase investment property.  She had been preparing to list a house for sale.

Diane enjoyed listening to records, singing and dancing.

From the way Diane’s mother has described her, it’s hard to imagine that she chose not to attend school that day.  Although hitchhiking was very common in 1973, I don’t think Diane had any reason to accept a ride from a stranger, as she was already in a car with friends. Perhaps there was an argument between Diane and one of the classmates in the car, and she exited the car angrily?

I also think it’s possible that she saw a boy she was interested in, and jumped at an opportunity to ride to school with him.  If that were the case, though, Diane would probably have said something about him before getting out of the car.

In the only photo I’ve been able to find of Diane, she looks much younger than 18, and as I research, I keep forgetting that she was an adult when she vanished.  Diane was born in Arlington, Virginia in 1955, and has at least one sister.

Update: Found a couple high school yearbook photos!




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