Anita Kim Tilden, age 32, was last seen in Raytown, Missouri on July 9, 1987.

Anita, who was also known by her middle name, Kim, had spoken to her mother on the phone on the evening of her disappearance. She said she was suffering from an asthma attack, and was just going to go to bed.

According to a neighbor who spoke to Anita that same evening, however, she had mentioned plans to go to the Westport area.

It was the following day, when Anita did not report for work at a hair salon, that her family and friends became alarmed.

They went to her apartment, and everything appeared in order.  Her glasses were sitting on the table, and there were a few dishes in the sink.

Police located her car parked awkwardly and facing the wrong direction in front of a residence in the 9200 block of East 54th Street.  This location was less than a mile from her home.  The car was locked, and the keys were not with the vehicle.

Anita was divorced and had a young son at the time of her disappearance.  Her son was with his father.  Anita did not go places alone, and was very responsible; she had always called if she was not going to make it to work.

Her family believes she was the victim of a homicide.


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Kansas City Star

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