Angela Mae Meeker, age 13, was last seen on July 7, 1979 in Tacoma, Washington.

She left home to walk to the Tacoma Mall to purchase a card for a friend, who, like Angela, had a birthday two days later.  She never returned home.  Angela also planned to attend a party that evening, and she did not show up there, either.

A couple days later, she planned to attend a concert in Seattle, an event her family does not believe she would have voluntarily missed.

A man who was an acquaintance of Angela’s came forward and said that he had given her a ride that day, and he dropped her off near a Payless store.

Not long after Angela’s disappearance, an anonymous caller contacted a cousin of Angela’s boyfriend.  It was said to be a rambling conversation lasting longer than 2 1/2 hours.  The caller, who sounded like a teenage boy, stated that he had killed Angela and dumped her in the ocean. He also threatened to kill other family members of Angela’s.

Police concluded that the call was a hoax, though Angela’s mother wasn’t so sure.

Angela had a history of running away, but would only stay gone for a couple days.  Her family does not believe she would have stayed away this long of her own volition.  Angela had recently been transferred from Stewart Junior High School to Baker Junior High, after she set fire to another girl’s locker.

Police initially believed she was a runaway and publicly speculated that she was traveling around the country in a semi.   Over time, however, they have come to believe she likely met with foul play, possibly while hitchhiking from the mall to the party.

Guy Rasmussen has been mentioned as a possible suspect in Angela’s disappearance.  He was convicted of the sexual assault of a sixteen year old girl in 1982, and was a suspect in the 1980 homicide of Carla Wright.  In 1996, he was found guilty of murdering Cynthia Allinger, a nine year old girl.  He was sentenced to life without parole.


It’s been said that Rasmussen knew Angela, had written her letters, and lived in the vicinity of where she was last seen.

In 2015, a $20,000 reward was offered for information leading to Angela, and authorities were attempting to locate people who knew Angela around 1979.  As of now, that missing piece of the puzzle continues to be elusive.


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