Anna Therese Ciaccio, age 30, went missing from Papillon, Nebraska on March 5, 1981.

Anna vanished from her brother’s residence, where she had gone to spend the night.

Anna suffered from depression, and had been hospitalized the previous year after having a nervous breakdown. Her relatives said that although Anna had taken off on her own before, she would always contact her parents within a couple days to let them know she was okay.  Sometimes she would ask them to come get her.

Anna was a very religious person, and during prior disappearances, she had spent time in various churches.   She had even contemplated joining a convent.

On March 15, Anna’s mother believes she spotted Anna at the corner of 42nd and Q streets as she was driving through the area.  But, by the time she was able to find a place to park and walk back, the woman was gone.

Although her family had held out hope that Anna would return, they were discouraged by the fact that Anna left her winter coat and her wallet behind.  After a month, they began to fear the worst, convinced that she would have contacted them by then, if she were able.


The Charley Project

Omaha World Herald

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