Amy Danielle Gibson, age 15, went missing from Greensboro, North Carolina on December 7, 1990.

On the day of her disappearance, Amy walked out the door, telling her parents that she was going to walk up the road.  It’s not known specifically where her destination was.

When Amy didn’t return, her parents reported her missing, but because she had run away on previous occasions, her disappearance wasn’t taken seriously by authorities.

Amy had a 20 year old boyfriend in 1990, and her family initially believed she was with him.  Her parents dropped by his home unexpectedly at all hours of the night, hoping to find her there.  Ultimately, they were convinced that she was not hiding out as his place.

According to someone who identifies herself as a family member, Amy had been involved in an ongoing feud with one of the girls in her neighborhood.  According to the family member, Amy had snuck into the other girl’s bedroom while she was sleeping the night before, and cut off all her hair.  Amy’s family has considered the possibility that retaliation for this incident could have led to her disappearance.  The girl and her family have reportedly never been questioned.

Amy’s mother has received multiple anonymous calls indicating that Amy’s remains are in the lake behind their home, and various sightings have been reported over the years, but none of the leads have led to finding Amy.

Amy’s mother has requested another search of the lake, but the police have been unable or unwilling to expend the resources, according to her family member.

Although it’s possible that Amy left of her own accord, her family does not believe this was the case.  Amy was described as being “stuck like glue” to her boyfriend, and it’s believed that she would have been with him if she’d run away. He had his own apartment.  She also left all her clothing, make-up and other personal belongings behind, and hasn’t used her social security number or obtained an ID card.

Amy enjoyed going to the mall and hanging out with friends.  She was a student at Dudley Open School at the time of her disappearance.

Her family continues to seek resolution in Amy’s case.


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  1. I was friends with Amy she also went to south east she always came to see us Shane Davis Michelle Robbins Aaron Duncan used to walk in the rock quarry

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