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Whereabouts Still Unknown

Kimberly Arrington


Kimberly Nicole Arrington, age 16, vanished from Montgomery, Alabama on October 30, 1998.

She left her home at 5:00pm to walk to a nearby CVS store at Third Street and Forest Avenue for some candy and soda, and never returned.  It is unknown whether she made it to the store, as the store did not have surveillance cameras and nobody could specifically recall seeing her.

When she failed to return home, Kimberly’s family retraced her route to the drug store, looking for any signs of a struggle or any of her belongings that she might have dropped, but found nothing.

Her father described her as a well behaved teen who enjoyed learning computers at school. She was friendly to everybody, a trait which he believes may have contributed to her disappearance.

He surmised that someone may have asked her for directions, and abducted her as she approached their vehicle.

Kimberly’s father last saw her earlier that morning when he left for work.  He recalls her asking about Christmas presents, and said nothing seemed unusual about her demeanor.

Kimberly’s mother, who was home when she left the house, is now deceased.  Her father and sister continue to seek answers in her case, which has never received any credible clues.

Kimberly was in tenth grade at Jefferson Davis High School, and she had severe allergies which kept her from going outside often.

It always seems so unlikely to me that anyone could be forcibly abducted from a busy street, especially during daylight.  Yet, there are a few cases, including Kimberly’s, where this seems to be what happened.   The only other scenario that seems plausible to me, is that she accepted a ride from someone she knew.  Her severe allergies, coupled with her friendly and trusting nature, could increase the likelihood of her accepting a ride from an acquaintance or neighbor.

Her father and siblings continue to seek answers.  I hope the answers they need come soon.

Note: There have been conflicting media accounts, one stating she was last seen at the CVS store, and another reporting that she never made it to the store   Based on the research I have done, it is my belief that it is not known whether she arrived at the store.


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