Deborah Ann Quimby, age 13, was last seen in Townsend, Massachusetts on May 3, 1977.

Deborah was last seen riding her bike along Route 119.  She had left a note for her parents, indicating that she was going to her grandfather’s camp site by Vinton Pond, and that she had some “issues to deal with”, and would call home later.

She never arrived at the camp site and never called.  The bike ride would have been approximately four miles from her home on Smith Street to the campsite.  A friend accompanied her about halfway before turning back at Route 118 and Turnpike Road.  This is the last known sighting of her.

Another note was discovered that she had left for a friend. This note, which was found in a school locker, included a map to the camp site, and Deborah wrote that she was upset and wanted to talk to this friend.  It is unknown whether the friend had received it prior to her disappearance.

Police have followed tips that led them to search Walker Pond. Remnants of a bicycle were found, along with some pieces of clothing, but they were determined not to belong to Deborah.  The main tips that led to the search of the pond came in the form of repeated anonymous letters, urging them to look there.  The letters were postmarked from New Hampshire.  Although the letters were considered credible at the time due to the specific information contained in them, the letters are now believed to be a hoax.  It was since discovered that several cold cases from around the country involved similar letters originating in New Hampshire.

An article from January 2014 states that recent interviews have revealed some inconsistencies, and they felt like the case was moving forward. There have been no updates since then.

There was some speculation that Deborah was pregnant, but that is not confirmed.  Both Deborah and her brown boy’s bicycle remain missing.

One article states that she was last seen by two boys, and that she told them she was running away, but I’ve found no other source for this detail.


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