Christine Green, age 16, went missing on April 23, 1985, from Philadelphia, PA.

Christine left her home that morning to take a trolley to school, and never arrived.  She was a student at Bartram High School and did not have a history of running away, or of being absent from school.

Christine had a kidney removed a year prior, and as a result, may have been in need of medication. Christine may have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

In December of that year, another Bartram High School student was reported missing.  Allen Briscoe, also age 16, was last seen by his mother on the night of December 12, 1985.  The following morning, his mother went to work, and as was her usual routine, she called home at 7:30am to be sure Allen and his sister were up and getting ready for school.  On this day, the 13th, nobody answered when she called.  She tried calling again that afternoon, at 3:30pm, when she expected they would be home from school, but she still got no answer.  Due to her working multiple jobs, she was not home until 11:30pm.  She found her daughter there, but Allen was nowhere to be found.  Her daughter said she had been at her grandmother’s house as Allen had the house key and she was therefore locked out.  She had only gotten there a half hour before her mother.


Allen Briscoe

Allen was reportedly at school during some point during the day, according to school officials – however, Allen’s mother does not believe he ever arrived at school that day.  I would guess this is based on the fact that his sister also attended Bartram High and probably stated he was not with her when she went to school.

A friend of Allen’s reported having been with Allen that day, he stated that they rode around the city on the subway that day.  He last saw Allen getting off the bus at Woodland Avenue, in the Briscoe’s neighborhood.  Allen had told him he was going to go visit a female friend.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that these two black teens, both 16, from the same high school mysteriously vanished the same year.  It’s also hard to see that Christine may have been pregnant, and Allen was going to see a female friend, without considering the possibility that the cases may be connected.  I have not seen any evidence that Christine and Allen even knew each other, though.

Allen’s mother suspects that another boy in the neighborhood may have been involved in Allen’s disappearance.  She stated that he had come to the house to see Allen, and that she had warned her son to keep his distance from this individual, who has not been named.

Both teens left all their belongings behind.  Allen had received cash for his birthday, and it was left at home.

Obviously lots of questions here:  Did Allen and Christine know each other?  Did they belong to the same circle of friends?  Is there any possibility that they were involved?

Did Allen’s sister see him in the morning of December 13?  When and where did she last see him?  Did he specify who he was planning to go see when he got off the bus?  It seems odd to me that he would say he was going to go visit a female friend – who says “I’m going to visit a female friend”?

The boy in the neighborhood who Allen’s mother was suspicious of, did Christine know him?

Did anyone see Christine on the trolley that morning?

I hope both of these kids can be found.


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2 thoughts on “Christine Green

  1. A Monica Martin commented on my blog with the following:

    “I knew Christine Green #18 on the list. She was my best friend. If she was going to run away, she would have told me. She was pregnant by a married man that she babysat for. I know he had something to do with her disappearance. I told the police. He denied have any relations with her. But I know she cut school to be with him. She had already told him she was pregnant and keeping the baby. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her”

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