Lillian Culbert Williams, who was approximately 42 years old, disappeared from Lincoln Parish, Louisiana sometime in 1967.  (Some agencies report her disappearance as having been anywhere between 1967-1968.)

Lillian had returned to college, and was attending Grambling University and living on campus.  She had two young sons at the time.   She was supposed to return home one weekend, and never showed up.  She has never been heard from again.

Her family lived in Alexandria, Louisiana, and she had several siblings.  There is very little information on Lillian’s case.   It might be helpful to know how she normally got home from college – if she drove her own vehicle, was the car ever found?  Did she have a tendency to hitchhike, which was commonplace at the time?  Might she have sought a ride home with a classmate?

Did she have any roommates on campus?  I am hopeful that someone who attended school with, or was friends with Lillian around that time, might be able to provide some additional clues as to what may have happened to her.


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2 thoughts on “Lillian Culbert Williams

  1. A lot of questions, but where do we get the answers. We don’t if she has any family besides the two boys. We don’t know how old they were at the time. So would they be able to fill in some blanks. Also what records would Grambling University have these many years later.

  2. As usual not a lot of details. I wonder if there were any other disappearances around this general area. Also it would be interesting what information law enforcement might have on this case.

    As a former detective with the Veterans Administration Police, I am frustrated with the lack of details. I would love someone to fill in the blanks. I loved to dig through property records to determine why the different departments could not find some piece of equipment they could not find during their annual inventory.

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