Christine Marie Eastin, age 19, disappeared from Hayward, California on January 18, 1971.

Christine borrowed her ex-boyfriend’s ’69 Ford Maverick, in order to do some shopping with a female friend.  Christine apparently went to a local Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, and then the two girls went to a mall in nearby San Lorenzo, where Christine purchased a pair of boots.

Christine then dropped her friend off, and went home.  When it was approaching time to return the car to her ex-boyfriend, who was at work and needed it to get home, she headed out.  She had told her ex-boyfriend that she would have the car washed prior to returning it.  She stopped at Charlie’s Car Wash, a self-service wash on Mission Boulevard in Hayward.   She was never seen again.

When Christine did not arrive at her ex-boyfriend’s workplace, he called her home to ask where she was.  At that point, her family began searching for her, and located the car at the car wash.   The doors were locked, and her purse was inside.   Christine’s scarf, along with some papers that had been inside the vehicle, were strewn on the ground near the car.  There was no sign of Christine.

According to friends of Christine, it would be very unlikely that she would vanish voluntarily.  She was taking college courses, and was to start a new job as a bank teller the following day.

Christine’s ex-boyfriend was killed in a car accident soon after Christine’s disappearance.  Her mother has died, but she has family and friends that continue to search for her.

Law enforcement has continually put out pleas for information relating to Christine’s case, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger offered a $50,000 reward leading to information that leads to a conviction.

Some have speculated that she could have been a victim of Richard Allen Davis, who is best known for the kidnap and murder of Polly Klaas.  He apparently kidnapped and raped a teenage girl in Hayward in 1971.   Phillip Garrido has also been suggested as a possible perpetrator.  I am not sure how likely either of these theories are, as both seemed to prefer younger girls.  The zodiac killer has been mentioned as well.

Unfortunately, at the time of Christine’s disappearance, adult missing persons cases were not taken seriously at all, and as a result, the car was immediately released to its owner, and was not processed for evidence.   It is unknown where the car was located, specifically, within the car wash.   It was stated that she had apparently finished washing the exterior.  I’d be curious to know if the car was found in the hose-down area, or if there was a separate vacuum area.   Was the area visible from the street?

I hope that answers will come soon.


The Charley Project

Archived Geocities Page for Christine



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