Wanda Gail Loe, age 24, went missing from Tahoe City, California on July 26,1968.

Wanda was employed at Sunnyside Resort at 1850 West Lake Blvd, on the shore of Lake Tahoe, and she was a reliable employee who would not just take off, according to those who knew her.  She had attended Pepperdyne University, and had traveled to Germany prior to coming to the Lake Tahoe region.  She was originally from Alabama.

Her car was found in the parking lot of her workplace and she was never seen again. She never picked up her last paycheck, and had not picked up her mail in about three weeks

Wanda was living at a campsite at nearby Blackwood Canton at the time of her disappearance  Shortly after her disappearance, her campsite was dismantled, and her belongings stolen  A Volkswagen Bug was seen near the campsite around this time

Wanda was often listed as a possible victim of the Zodiac Killer, in part due to the proximity to Donna Lass, who is a suspected victim of the Zodiac.

However, her boyfriend, Dennis Finn, reportedly confessed to murdering Wanda to a cousin, while heavily intoxicated.  Dennis died in 1982, and was never charged with her disappearance.

It is believed that her remains may be in the Carpenter Valley area, near Truckee, CA, which sits along Donner Pass.


Official Cold Case Investigations

Zodiac Killer Forum





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  1. Will contact the California Department of Justice to confirm if she is listed as a missing person with law enforcement in California.

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