Henry Louis Baltimore, Jr., age 21, went missing from East Lansing, MI on May 30, 1973.

Henry was a student at Michigan State University at the time, and was living in an off-campus apartment with three roommates.   By all accounts I’ve seen, Henry was a very talented musician, and was a drum major for the college’s marching band.  He was also a happy, personable guy that got along with everyone.

His happiness was marred somewhat in March of 1973, two months before he went missing.  A man named Roy L. Davis, along with another male, entered Henry’s apartment while he was there alone, and robbed him at gunpoint.  $110 in cash was stolen, along with several personal items.  He was also reportedly pistol-whipped.

There have been comments which indicate that Henry knew his attackers, which would make sense, as they were apprehended shortly afterwards.   His attackers are known to have come back to his apartment multiple times following the attack.  On one such occasion, they threatened Henry’s life and warned him not to testify against them.   There is an unconfirmed statement by someone claiming to be familiar with the case, that the stolen items were returned to Henry as part of a deal that he wouldn’t testify.  The two men were also seen knocking on Baltimore’s door on the day of his disappearance.

Apparently, after Henry had been threatened, he did not show up in court to testify at the preliminary hearing.  While it would seemingly be due to the threats and/or possible agreement that he did not appear, it’s been said that one of his family members had a medical emergency that he needed to tend to on the same date as the court appearance.

A bench warrant was issued for Henry, and he was consequently arrested, and fined for his failure to appear.  A new date was scheduled, and Henry did appear and testified.  Soon after that, he vanished, leaving behind his car and all of his personal items.  The arraignment hearing was scheduled for two days after his disappearance.

It’s possible that Henry fled the area because he feared for his life after testifying, but his family does not believe he would have done this without contacting anyone, and without taking his car.

More likely, the men who robbed him were responsible for his disappearance.   I do not know if either of them have been questioned recently.

Interestingly, a longtime member of the online MP community, who posts with the username Richard, knew Henry from college.  Richard has been actively pursuing missing persons cases for more than a decade, and has contributed a great deal to the cause.  He also recalls Henry as having a great personality and being very talented.

Recently, on a website for Parkside High School’s 40 year reunion, a posting about the event brought the curious reply of  “I used to be Henry Baltimore.”   It is most likely a hoax, but I do hope that law enforcement checks into it just to be sure.  It appears the family has no idea who sent it, or if it even actually existed.

Henry’s parents are both deceased, but his siblings continue to search for him.  I hope he can be found soon.


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2 thoughts on “Henry Baltimore

  1. My daughter was a classmate and friend of Henry’s in high school. Everyone liked Henry. His smile would light up the room. When he disappeared we believed he would return home soon and perhaps he was just scared. Cases are solved all the time and there is hope Henry’s disappearance will be also.

    • By any chance did your daughter have any involvement or possibly attend the 40 year reunion? I’m asking because there is a claim in the newspapers that someone responded to a reunion posting with “I used to be Henry Baltimore” but it was unclear who provided this information and what name the person was using. If you have any idea what site the reunion was organized through, that would be very helpful. I have searched Facebook and classmates.com but couldn’t find anything for class of 70.

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