Christine Lee Boggio, 26, disappeared from Vallejo, CA in 1993.  She was last heard from by family on May 30 of that year.

According to family, Christine was working for the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire at the time, and was crashing with a man named Conn MacLir, also affiliated with the Faire.

Conn MacLir contacted Christine’s mother, saying only that she had left to go to the store and never returned.  He requested that her mother pick up her belongings that were left behind.

When Christine’s mother arrived, there was a sewing machine, a poem book, and a box of knick knacks that belonged to Christine.   There was no clothing, purse, or identification.

The Renaissance Faire is an event that is held for four consecutive weekends each year, the Northern California one is held in the fall months, and took place in Novato, California during that time.   People who work for the Renaissance Faire can be shop owners, craftpersons, performers, or concession workers, to name a few examples.   It is unclear what type of work she was doing with the Faire, or if she actually did work at any of the Faires, being that reports state that she went missing in May, and the Faire was not until September and October.   It is possible that she had planned to work at the Faire, or that she actually did, but just had not spoken with her family since awhile before that.

While trying to find a program for the 1992 or 1993 Faire to see if she was listed as part of the staff, I came across this 1998 article.  It tells of an unnamed woman who was working as a performer at the 1993 Faire, when she had become the victim of a stalker.  The stalker had persisted over the years, causing her to fear for her life.  He apparently carried a concealed pistol and made multiple threats.  Initially, I thought this could have been Christine.  Further research indicated that it was a different woman, but it still doesn’t completely rule out the possibility that Christine could have come into contact with this man also.

Christine’s family does not believe she would have gone this long without contact.

I did come across this unidentified woman, with an age range of 24-35, who was found off a freeway exit in Winters, which is in Solano County (Same as Vallejo).  There is no DNA sample currently on this unidentified woman, and there is not much identifying information available for her.  The race and weight of the woman were unable to be determined.   She was found on January 3, 1994 and was believed to have been deceased for approximately 3 months.

Hoping for some 1990’s Renaissance Faire people to come across this, and maybe it will lead to someone who remembers Christine.  There is very little information as to what may have happened to her, and her family is searching for answers.



Facebook Page for Christine Boggio

Missing Persons of America


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