Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook, age 15, are two fraternal twins who went missing from Augusta, GA on March 18, 1990.

They were apparently heading home to their apartment on foot when they disappeared.  It has been stated that both girls had stopped at a Pump N Shop gas station/convenience store where they purchased chips and a drink.  According to some sources, this was the last sighting of them.

What their actual plans were that day might help to determine what may have actually transpired, but the reports are confusing.   One article states that they went to a relative’s house and got money to take the bus to and from school, then stopped at a friend’s house, and then walked to the convenience store and disappeared.  A store clerk recalled the twins leaving the store at about 4:30pm, and said they looked fine.  The clerk had apparently been busy at the cash register, but vaguely noticed a vehicle parked outside.  The clerk did not see whether the girls had gotten into the car, or which way they might have headed.

Other reports suggest that the twins may have gone to their friend’s house AFTER going to the convenience store, and further imply that law enforcement was unaware that they had actually made it to their friend’s house until later in the investigation.

Shortly after the twins disappeared, there had been an unconfirmed sighting of them in a white truck, and a curious statement made by the lead investigator on the case.   He said that one of the twins had gotten pregnant, and that both twins had run away as a result.   The investigator never provided any evidence of this, and never indicated that he’d actually made contact with the twins.  It sounded like a rumor.

Just over a year after their disappearance, someone in the police department closed their missing persons case and removed them from the national database.  The twins’ family was never told about this, and no trail was left as to who had taken this action, or why.  Over the next several years, the Millbrook’s attempts to check on the status of their case were ignored and it wasn’t until their younger sister started badgering them incessantly that a sheriff finally agreed to look into it, and discovered that the case had been closed since 1991.

Jeannette and Dannette were described as homebodies by a cousin.  They rarely went out anywhere and were not in any sort of trouble or living a high risk lifestyle.  The twins’ younger sister recalls begging to go with them that day and being told no.  She has stated that she wishes she had gone with them that day, in spite of the idea that she might have been taken too.

How do two 15 year old girls just disappear at the same time?   From the convenience store to their home was a little less than a mile.  Most of that route would have been on MLK Blvd, which was a busy thoroughfare.  It would still have been light out at the time they disappeared.

I can’t see a random abductor being able to control 2 teenage girls.  It seems to me that they had to have gotten into a vehicle with someone they know, or someone in authority.   This was the second half of March, so it shouldn’t have been particularly cold.  Being that it was less than a mile home, it seems unlikely that they would have needed, or wanted a ride.   In the 1970’s, hitchhiking was common, but by 1990 it was very rare, and most people were well aware of the dangers involved with it.  I think it’s unlikely that they hitchhiked or accepted a ride from a stranger.

I hope these girls are found soon, and hopefully, alive and well.



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  1. If you’re interested, check out the upcoming podcast on this case–we have been working closely with the family and will release the first episode on Monday 6/12.

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