Sharon McCully, age 25, was last seen in Austin, Texas, on December 11, 1984.  The last verified sighting of her was around lunchtime when she had met her husband for lunch.  After leaving her lunch date, she was seen driving eastbound on Howard Lane toward Interstate 35.  She was driving a white Volkswagen Bug with an orange hood.

There were bits and pieces of information that surfaced that could have somewhat tracked her movements in the time after she left her lunch date.  Someone saw her car near Barton Creek Square in Austin.  Descriptions on some sites state that she was seen in the area that is now Baron Creek Square, however Wikipedia states that Barton Creek Square existed at the time, it had opened in 1980.  It is a shopping mall, so it would make sense that she would have gone there on her own accord, since she was known to have been Christmas shopping that day.  I do not know if her car was seen parked or moving, or if she was in it at the time.

There was also a sighting of her car on Bee Cave Road – again, no idea if the car was parked or moving.  There weren’t any shopping malls in that vicinity as far as I can tell.  It’s also unclear whether this sighting was before or after the Barton Creek Square sighting.

Someone stated they had seen Sharon get out of her car with a man.  There is no further detail about where, when, or which of them was getting out of the driver’s side.   It’s stated that police did find fingerprints in the car after it was found parked in an apartment complex on Research Blvd, but that there was not enough physical evidence to implicate anyone in a crime.

Does this mean they couldn’t identify whose prints they were?  Or does it mean there is a person of interest, but no evidence that a crime occurred?   Was there any evidence that she had been Christmas shopping in her vehicle?  Perhaps receipts from stores that would indicate whether she actually had been at Barton Creek Square?  Any shopping bags?  Was Sharon thought to have known anyone who lived in the apartment complex where her car was found?  How long after her disappearance was it found?

Sharon was an employee of the IRS in Austin at the time of her disappearance, and aspired to go to medical school.  She never picked up her paycheck, and was never seen or heard from again.

I wish there was a clearer timeline to follow.  The Bee Cave Road area is somewhat remote, and probably was more so in the 1980’s.  The other areas where she was known to be are, at least now, populated business areas and busy streets.


I hope Sharon can be found soon.



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One thought on “Sharon “Sarah” McCully

  1. I believe Bee Cave Road is one way to get to Barton Creek. Research BLVD is kind of far from there, but the IRS building is also off Research. She may have lived near there.

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