Lori Jane Eblin-Reaves-Richardson was last known to be alive in February 1995, however she has not been heard from by family members since 1992-1993.

Lori Jane Eblin was born in Ohio 1959, and married Gregory Reaves in 1977.  She gave birth to 4 children before separating from her husband.

During the years that followed, Lori was known to be in South Carolina, specifically in the areas of Goose Creek, Charleston, and Columbia.    She was known to stay with a friend named Gary at times, while in the Columbia area.   That is where she was believed to have been staying when her daughter last heard from her in 1992-1993.

Lori’s movements between 1993-1994 are somewhat of a mystery, but they involve a marriage between her and a Nathaniel Richardson in February 1994.   Nathaniel Richardson had a criminal record that involved domestic violence and sexual misconduct.     This marriage is the last confirmed action of Lori’s.

There was a lawsuit filed against Lori by Richland County Hospital in November 1994, but it is not known whether Lori was ever aware of this fact, or whether she was in fact hospitalized, or when.   The case was disposed and a default final judgment entered in March 1995.   The address listed on the judgment was 1712 HAMPTON STREET COLUMBIA SC 29201.


Lori has never been heard from again, and her family is desperately searching for her.   According to a family member, Nathaniel Richardson, her most recent husband, told authorities that he did not know if he and Lori were still legally married.

Please help bring her home.  If you know anything about Lori’s disappearance, please contact Lori’s family through their Facebook page.



Help Find Lori Jane Facebook Page



3 thoughts on “Lori Jane Reaves Richardson

  1. Hello, this article about Lori Jane Reaves Richardson was found by a friend of mine. Lori is my sister and I was wondering, who wrote this article? I am glad that someone took interest in her story and put it out there. I hope to hear from whoever wrote and published the article. Thank you. Debbie Eglin Richardson.

  2. I searched a Lori Reaves, with a year of birth (1959-1960), Family Search, (genealogy).I found a Lori J. Reaves, born 10/4/1959, was living in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a resident date of 7/13/2001. Their was no physical address listed just the zip code 68510.

    Also entry for a Lori J. Reaves, no date of birth, with her being in either Columbia, TN. Also Chareston, SC, in 2/1/1997. Possible relatives of Gregory Reaves and Joanne E. Reaves, according to US Public Records.

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