1916-1917 – Mary Viola Heldt – Unknown Locale

Mary had six older brothers when she disappeared about 1916-1917 from her home in Iowa.  Her two little boys said “she went with that man in the wagon.”

1946 – Easter (or Esther) Smothers – Unknown Locale (Possibly North Dakota)

No one knows what happened to Easter, she disappeared off the face of the Earth in 1946 and no one has seen or heard from her since.  Her parents were Arthur and Goldie Smothers.

1949 – Kathryn Constantine Miller Bateman – Sioux City

Kathryn was born on June 12, 1949 and disappeared on October 20, 1949.  No other details available.

1954 – Betty Jean Ross Sanders – Unknown Locale (Possibly Missouri)

Betty Jean Ross married a Sanders in either Iowa or Missouri, and disappeared in 1954.

1960 – Darlene Fitchett – Des Moines


Though little information is known about the Darlene Fitchett case, the Des Moines police department lists her as an unsolved homicide dated February 8, 1960.  Fitchett resided with her husband and three small children at 608 East Pleasant View Drive in Des Moines and was reported missing in February 1960.  Fitchett’s parents, Bob and Frances Boyd of Dexter, Iowa raised the children after she vanished.

1978 – Delores Sumpter – Spirit Lake

Delores Sumpter was reported missing to the Spirit Lake Police Department on April 1, 1978.


1928 – Jessie Warner – Meosha Rapids

Jessie was born March 9, 1905 in Meosha Rapids.  She disappeared at age 23 and no one knows why she would have disappeared.  She was not married at the time.

1943 – Lillian Vivian Luckenbill – Kansas City (may be Kansas City MO)

Lillian vanished in Kansas City in 1943, leaving behind at least one son.  Her family has never seen her again.

1956 – Nelda Brooks Martin – Unknown Locale

Nelda Fay (Brooks) Martin was born in Louisiana around 1937 and married Kermit Martin around 1954 in Kansas.  In 1956, she disappeared.

1960’s – Mary Jane Alnutt – Kansas City (may be Kansas City MO)

Mary Jane Alnutt was married to Russell Allnutt and moved to Kansas City.  While there she disappeared and left behind ten children.  She has never been seen since.  Her husband Russell died about 1962.


1927 – Alma Burton Hargett – Bracken County

Alma Burton was born in Bracken County, Kentucky around 1904-1906.  She married Albert Hargett in 1921, and they had one child.   Alma disappeared in 1927 and no one saw her again.

1930’s – Lucille Harbold – Lexington


Lucille was a graduate of Transylvania University and was a teacher at Harris High School before disappearing  from Lexington in the 1930’s.

1940’s – Katherine Hegersdorf Hayden – Fancy Farm
Virgil Hayden married a woman named Katherine Ellis Hegersdorf and they had a son in 1939. She disappeared in the 40’s.

1940 – Bertha Alsip – Unknown Locale
A relative of Bertha’s requested a death certificate that she though belonged to Bertha Alsip. The relative states that Bertha disappeared in 1940 and was thought to have possibly been kidnapped. A follow up indicates that the death certificate did not turn out to be of the missing Bertha, the parents names did not match. Bertha is still missing.

1941 – Maudie May Burton – Louisa

In March of 1941, she was in jail on child desertion charges but was released after being found not guilty. That’s when she disappeared.
“March 31 would be the last time we have any physical evidence she was here, or she was even alive,” says Mark Burton, Maudie’s grandson.
Maudie’s grandson Mark promised his father when he died in 1994 that he would keep looking for his grandmother who would now be 95 years old.
“We’ve got to believe that she’s dead because we’ve been told too many times to dig here, dig there, ‘we know where your mother’s at’, ‘she’s buried here’,” says Burton.

1950’s – Beulah Roberts Lawrence – Springfield
Beulah Roberts, from Springfield Kentucky was married to Lawrence Waltz. They lived in downtown Louisville, Ky. He was from somewhere in Indiana. Beulah disappeared in the 1950s; the story told was that she just up and left Lawrence and 5 children, the youngest was only 1. Lawrence Waltz was supposed to have commited suicide by jumping off a bridge into the Ohio River, but this has not been confirmed.

1970’s – Violet Frazier – Unknown Locale
Violet Frazier has 11 siblings. She disappeared and no one knew what happened to her. No one has had contact with Violet since around 1972.

1957 – Michelle Lewellyn – New Orleans
Michelle Lewellyn was born in 1914 in New Orleans. She was living on Long Island in New York in 1957, with her husband and child. She is believed to have run off with a man who was stationed at Westhampton Air Force Base. She is believed to have gone to New Orleans, or possibly Shreveport, LA and has never been heard from again. Michelle’s former husband believes she is French Creole.

1950’s – Margaret Sue Seal Prine – Bossier City
Margaret Sue Seal married James Clyde Prine in November 1954. She disappeared from the family in 1957 without a trace. She lived in Bossier City, LA between 1954 and 1957.

1979 – Ida Basco – East Baton Rouge

Ida Basco, age 23, disappeared on March 15, 1979. Her boyfriend went missing at the same time. She has never been heard from again. She is described as 5’6 – 5’10”, Caucasian, with brown hair and brown eyes.

1986 – Debra Ann Woodson – Pineville
Debra Ann Woodson went out with a friend and was not seen afterwards. Her purse was found under a bridge 3 months later. She was born on January 26, 1955.

1955 – Mary Kushnir – Unknown Locale
Mary Kushnir was living with her sister Annie and brother Michael in Maine after coming from the Czech Republic. She disappeared in 1955.

1976 – Pauline Rourke – Fairfield
Reported missing on December 15, 1976, Pauline Rourke is believed to be a victim of foul play. She was living in a mobile home with Albert P. Cochrane. He is believed to be responsible for her disappearance. Pauline was last seen by her daughter, who overheard Pauline and Cochrane arguing the night before her disappearance.

1945 – Amy Woolbright Fields – Baltimore
Amy Woolbright Fields has been missing since 1945. She was married to Samuel Fields. In 1940, they lived at 1548 Stricker Street. It is not clear if this is the location she disappeared from.

1945 – Della Ecker Knott
Della Ecker and Edward Knott married and had two children. The youngest was born in 1945. While she was still a baby Della and Edward divorced and Della disappeared.

1971 – Annie Mae Taylor – Pocomoke
She didn’t own a car and would walk all around Pocomoke and the surrounding countryside. As I said she was a friendly person who knew no strangers and if someone offered her a ride, she would more than likely take it.

On Tuesday, July 20th 1971, Miss Annie Mae Taylor went missing. She was last seen out on Dividing Creek Road and Cokesbury Road in the evening, where she was talking to Lynn McGee. Miss McGee said Miss Annie said she was going walking in the woods and Miss McGee said she was wearing a brown polka dot dress, black hat and high button shoes.

1914 – Mabel Frances Reed Sullivan Carruth – Cambridge
Mabel was born in 1878 in Boston. She married Charles Carruth in Abington, MA in 1897. In 1914, she disappeared amid what her relative calls a ‘deep dark secret’. She worked at Merrill’s Department Store and had five children when she disappeared. It is a possibility that she went to a mental institution in Rhode Island.

1968-1970 – Marlaine Dedoming Tenney – Unknown Locale
Marlaine disappeared somewhere between 1968-1970. She was the daughter of Marc and Lorraine Dedoming.

1971 – Paula Harvey Govoni – Cambridge
Paula was married to Paul Govoni and had 2 children, a boy and a girl. Paula disappeared in the fall of 1971. She hasn’t been heard from since.

1971 – Charlotte Love (Lovelock) – Pittsfield
Charlotte disappeared in 1971. She left Pittsfield, Mass. on her way back to Florida, where she was living. When she disappeared, she had 1 daughter who she left behind, and she was raised by another relative. Charlotte was born January 1950. The family wants to know if she is OK, as they know of no reason why Charlotte would have disappeared.

1977 – Judith Bleiler – Brockton
Judith Bleiler opened her mother’s car door and walked onto Pleasant Street in Brockton to catch the 7:05 a.m. bus for work at Knapp Shoe. It was the last time the 18-year-old Easton woman’s family saw her.

1978 – Elizabeth Nassar – Locale Unknown (subscription required)
According to Elizabeth’s parents, she died as a baby in her crib, of suffocation. Her father stated that he put her body into a bag and dumped it into a trash bin. Her body has not been recovered.

1937 – Artie Mabie, Margaret Reddon, Thomas Lorimer – Melvindale

Mellis News Photo of missing trio from Melvindale.
On Oct. 15, 1937, three people vanished from the Hollywood Cafe in Melvindale, leaving nothing but a shroud of mystery. The victims in this case were Thomas Lorimer, 24 years old, 17736 Flint, Melvindale; Mrs. Artie Mabie, 42 years old, 17295 Palmer, Melvindale; and Mrs. Margaret Reddon, 35 years old, 723 Lansing, Detroit.

1945 – Grace Green Lumsden – Millington
Grace was born April 8, 1925, and disappeared approximately June, 1945, leaving two young daughters with her parents, Reuben & Flora Mae Green, in Millington (Tuscola County), Michigan. Her husband (Lyle S.) was overseas during WWII at the time.

1950 – Juanita Bradford – Detroit

Juanita disappeared from a Detroit bus stop in 1950. She left behind a young son.

1957 – Reva Mae Mabens Walters – Milford
Reva Mae Mabens Walters married Gordon Walters about 1945-1947. She is from Milford, Michigan. Her mother’s name is Nellie Mabens. Reva disappeared after a divorce was filed by Gordon and was never seen again. A public notice was made in 1957 for her to come forward. It was said she might have died in a car accident in the early 1960’s in Saginaw Michigan, but no records of any such accident have been found.

1928 – Eva Lemmon – St. Paul

Eva Lemmon came to St.Paul ,Minn. with her daughter and her three grandchildren, in 1824. They were born in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eva was reported missing on October 8,1928 and never found. There was some rumor about her being thrown off of the Robert Street Bridge, or being drowned in one of the lakes. Eva may go by the names Eva Shelton, Lottie Ray, or Eva Ridenbaugh.

1940’s – Clara Nelson – Owatonna
Clara Nelson was a daughter of Ole and Anna (Severson) Nelson (Skavang). She was born Nov 22 1902 in Wisconsin. They moved to the Owatonna area in the early 1900’s. According to family stories, she just disappeared one day in the 1940’s.

1950 – Eleanor Wald – Minneapolis

Eleanor Marie Wald was born August 29, 1915 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her parents were Anthony and Dalila Wald. Dalila’s maiden name was La Marche. She disappeared mysteriously around 1950 or so, and her sister, Evelyn has been looking for her for years.

1951 – Clara Willaert Potz – Mankato

Clara Willaert was married to Clement Potz and had a young son named Lawrence Potz. She disappeared during the event of the “Green Gables” tornado in Mankato. However, she was working at a restaurant in Mankato at the time and was not known to have been in the tornado area. Social Security has not turned up any information about her. She left behind her young son & husband. Her son continued living with his grandparents, Allie & Lydia Williaert. Her husband was in the military at the time. She has never been seen or heard from since her disappearance. Her father hired private investigators to search for her over the years, but found no trace of her. Her son and husband are now deceased. Her siblings are still searching for her.

1971 – Mary Chagnon – Minneapolis

Mary Chagnon of 2811 E. Superior St. planned to travel to a friend’s house in Minneapolis on Aug. 31, 1971. She never arrived.

Her car was found abandoned in Minneapolis and no evidence was found. Chagnon, who was 55 at the time of her disappearance, was a freelance commercial artist who was active in political and women’s movements.

Her body was never found.


1974 – Linda Kelly – Harrison County

Linda Kelly went missing from Harrison County, MS in 1974. No further information is available.


1921 – Gertie Birlew Squires – Low Wassie

Gertrude “Gertie” BIRLEW was born 1903-1904 Winona, Shannon Co., MO. Her family lived in Low Wassie, Shannon Co., MO. at the time she disappeared in 1921.

While living in Low Wassie she worked for a family by the name of Albert D. & Lois (COLLINS) SQUIRES. She took care of their children. The SQUIRES family relocated to Springfield, Greene Co., MO. and wanted Gertie to go with them, live with them, and continue working for them.

Gertie did move to Springfield with the SQUIRES family and when she had the time off to do so she would take the train home to Low Wassie to visit her family. On one of these trips, in 1921, she disappeared.

Nothing has ever been discovered about what became of Gertie and I would greatly appreciate any information. She still has two sisters living that very much wish to know what happened to her.

1945 – Elsie Mae Stephens – St Louis

Elsie Mae Stephens disappeared from the St. Louis, MO area in 1945. She was married and had three children when she disappeared.

1946 – Margie Meisenheimer – Unknown Locale

Margie Mae Meisenheimer was born January 4, 1920 to Marion A Meisenheimer and Sallie Martin of Ullin, Illinois, Union County.
She disappeared from their home (at that time in Missouri I think) around 1946, give or take a few years.

Late 1940’s – Evelyn Mace Warburton – Poplar Bluff or Texas


She was married in 1943 in Harviell, MO, divorced in 1947 in Poplar Bluff MO on grounds of desertion. She sent a photo to her sister (now deceased), date unknown, of the 254th Army Ground Forces band that played in Mineral Wells, TX in the late 40s with dots around the face of the gentleman that she had left Poplar Bluff Missouri with. She was never heard from again. It is unknown if there was a missing person report by her family or husband.


1974 – Linda Karen Johnson – Unknown Locale

Linda has been missing since 1974. She is approximately 5’6-5’8 with light brown/dark blonde hair and grey/green/blue eyes. She was born on 9/9/57. Her parents reportedly never took her disappearance very seriously, and her brother claims to have only found out recently that she didn’t just run away.


7 thoughts on “Missing Missing Females Iowa through Missouri

  1. The Hollywood Cafe disappearance is very puzzling. Why would the three leave the cafe at 1.00 am, return at 3.00 am, and then drive away again? I think where they went between 1.00 am and 3.00 am is the key to the disappearance. Were they finalising their getaway plan? I don’t think that they were murdered.

  2. Anna Merle Sizer disappeared Nov 5, 1926. A teacher in Maquoketa IA, she was last seen getting off a train in Marion IA. A fellow teacher who was also on that train reported that Merle, as she was known, was heading into Cedar Rapids to get some dental work done. Merle was from the Mt Vernon area and had attended Cornell College. Two Cornell College students investigated her disappearance until receiving threatening letters and phone calls. The family hired detectives and there was a nation-wide search, but Merle was never found. There is apossibility she was the young woman with amnesia, who was found south of Chicago, raped and beaten around the same time. This woman was sent to a mental hospital in Kankakee and spent the rest of her life in the care of the State of IL, known as Mary DoeFour. There is a series of articles by an investigative journalist, Rick Baker, about this case, and he wrote a book about it as well. Really tragic. There were many unidentified persons who ended up in mental institutions, unfortunately!

  3. Marlaine DeDoming Tenney…

    1965 Massachusetts Marriage: September 12. In Kingston, William Michael Tenney of Medway and Marlaine DeDoming of Duxbury, by George W. Cushman, Justice of the Peace.

    She had or was attending SouthEastern University of Louisiana at the time.

    And then, this, in 1994:

    The News Journal, Wilmington DE, Friday March 25th 1994, page 5.

    PAUL F. SMITH, 62, of 48 Ocean View Ave., Half Moon Bay, Calif., formerly of Caroline County, Md., died March 12 of heart failure at home. Mr. Smith, a native of Dedham, Mass., graduated from the University of Massachusetts. He lived in Westminster, Md., and Hobbs, Md., before moving to California in 1991. He retired in 1982 as a quality assurance manager for Canteen Corp., Landover, Md. Mr. Smith was a former member of Caroline Country Club and American Legion Post 29, both in Denton, Md. He is survived by his wife of 22 years, Marlaine DeDoming Smith. A memorial service will be at 1 p.m. Monday at Williamson Funeral Home, 311 S. Main St., Fed-eralsburg, Md. A service and burial will be private. Instead of flowers, the family suggests contributions to American Legion Post 29, Box 518, Denton.

  4. Juanita Bradford of Detroit was my grandmother’s sister. She did disappear in 1950, but she didn’t leave behind a baby son. He also disappeared with her. Neither were ever found. Her husband was investigated but cleared.

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