Kay Cee Anglin Lemire, age 22-23, went missing from Tampa, Florida on September 5, 1983 (or 1984).

There is no information available on the circumstances of her disappearance, but here is what little I could find about her.

Kay Cee (sometimes referred to as Kaycee) was 5’0″, according to the State of Florida site.  Of course, we all know that 5’0″ often means “I don’t know” just as January 1st often does.  Her weight is listed as 105 pounds, with strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes.

Anglin was her maiden name.  She married on 4/23/1983.

The State of Florida site gives her missing date as 9/5/1983, however her sister’s social networking site says she disappeared in September 1984.

She is not listed on NamUs or any of the other major missing persons sites.

I found this UID that I thought could be a match and have submitted it to the Medical Examiner associated with the UID.   The height is off, but again, I think 5’0″ could very well be an ‘I don’t know’.    The hair color also looks off in the photos, as the UID recon looks to have dark brown hair, but the hair color for the UID is listed as strawberry blonde.

Whether she went missing in 1983 or 1984, it could still work.

The medical examiner responded, saying he’ll look into it.

Here is a side by side comparison of the two:


It’s hard sometimes to comb through UID’s with no information at all about the circumstances of one’s disappearance.   There’s always the possibility that she left of her own accord, and that her family knows this but just doesn’t know where she is.

I hope that is the case, and that she is alive and well somewhere.   From her sister’s social networking page, it looks as though she is truly missed.


Florida State Missing Persons Clearinghouse

Google Plus



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