Kim James, age 20 (or possibly almost 20), went missing from Baltimore Maryland sometime in December 1974.

There is zero information about her disappearance, and she is not in NamUs.  Her profile can only be found on the MarylandMissing website and on DoeNetwork.

Other than the fact that she was born on December 6, 1954, I can’t find anything whatsoever about her.

These are not the sort of cases I typically feature, because there’s really no direction to take it in, but I post these occasionally in the hopes that someone who knew the MP might chime in with some additional details.

Such a pretty girl, and it doesn’t really look like anyone is searching for her.




10 thoughts on “Kim James

  1. Hello, I am Kim James’ sister in-law. I’m married to her brother Ken and her sister Kay is missing her as well. Our sister Kim has been missing for 40 yrs now. We have never had any closure surrounding her disappearance that December day. She got a phone call and left the house never to be seen again. She hadn’t anything with her that would indicate she’d made plans to leave. She had done some Christmas shopping, as we found gifts she had purchased to give during the Holiday. Kim’s mother had passed away the year before and she was attending Coppin State College in Baltimore when she disappeared. She was close to her little sister Kay and to her brother as well/ My father in-law, who is now deceased spent a considerable time trying to find or to get in finding his missing daughter. And there was a flag placed on her SSN in case there was ever any activity. Once we did hear there was activity with her SSN but upon investigation it turned out to be someone else who had inadvertantly treansposed a number in their own SSN. Please don’t ever think Kim’s family has given up hope of ever seeing her again, as we worship an awesome God and she is ever in our prayers. She has 2 nephews and a neice whom she has never seen, but we keep her memory alive with pictures and stories about her as we know she would have loved them so much. Kim was affectionately known as “Smitty” a nickname given to her when she was just a baby. If anyone is actively trying to help with locating her, we are willing to share whatever information we have to help the process along.

    I can be contacted via email… lcjames53@gmail.com

    Her brother Ken can be contacted also by email…

    Peace and Blessings,
    Linda James

    • Thank you so much for posting! It’s amazing how many missing persons cases involve a phone call prior (or even during) and the police couldn’t or didn’t check them. There were no unlisted numbers in 1974 and no flat rate plans – so every number someone called appeared on their phone bill. If you’d like, I can try contacting the Baltimore newspaper to see if they will run a story, since this year is the 40 year mark. Do you know if she left in her own car, or if anyone picked her up, or if she was walking/taking the bus?

    • Hello Linda,

      I am writing to ask a couple question about kim as a concern citizen. Is her height and weight accurate? Did she do anything unusual to her hair before she disappeared? The reason I ask is because we have a Jane Doe in Michigan from that time period that has similar features to your sister. The Jane Doe is 5’9″ and 145 pounds but your sister is described as 5’7″ 125. Could there be a mistake?

      Best Regards,
      Mike DeVore

  2. I think you both may have to send your comments and questions to the e-mail address that her sister left above – unless she checks back here she probably will not see them. I am only mentioning this because I am very curious myself about this case and have the same questions.

    Best wishes,

  3. I went on the Doe Network & they have her case removed for some reason…Have they found her? They don’t say why they took her case down….They did just last week.

    • I found an update listing from Doe Network and it says her case was removed because they needed verification. I think she is still missing, she is still listed on MarylandMissing. I think most likely they didn’t have a current LE contact, it could be that she wasn’t reported missing to LE or that the report was lost – we all know that happens!

  4. Kim’s immediate family now consists of her brother Ken and sister Kay. One neice and two nephews. I am her sister in-law, married to her brother Ken. We have never had closure on her case. I was contacted by a psychic who came across her her case on the doe network and got a vibe and wanted to share what she’d discerned from her gift. The info she shared was pretty point on, as we were able to corroborate some of the info she imparted. She was the only person who stated emphatically that Kim was indeed dead and was probably murdered by a man she knew by the name of Ricky. In her description she even tried to pinpoint the location of where her body my be buried. Which as far as we can discern is just a mile or so from where she lived. If the location she described is indeed a true one, she was deposited at a construction site where either new subway station was built or a courthouse was being built. If this is true her body must be under either of these new building sites. I shared this info with her siblings but with limited resources, we don’t know how to proceed and don’t expect anyone would be tearing up these sites to find her body. We are pretty much resolved that we will never know what we expect to be true considering the info the psychic shared.

    • Hi Linda,

      From what I have seen, it seems that there is no current missing persons report on file with Baltimore police. She is not listed on the government sites at all.

      It appears that Doe Network had their case on their site for awhile, but removed it because they needed verification. To me, this suggests that they contacted Baltimore and they didn’t have her report.

      This can happen for any number of reasons. It could be that she wasn’t reported missing at the time, or the report could have gotten lost over the years.

      If you can get a report filed with them, then other agencies such as NamUs will be able to profile her also. NamUs is a database available to the public, which collects information and DNA samples for missing persons and unidentified remains. If Kim is added to that database and one of her relatives submits a DNA sample, it will help if her remains have already been found and they are unidentified, or if her remains are found in the future.

      I can help with getting her case onto the NamUs database, but they will require that she be reported missing through a law enforcement agency first.

      In some cities, it can be difficult to get the police to take a report on a missing adult. A couple things I would stress (if they are true) are that it was out of character for her to disappear voluntarily, and that she didn’t take anything with her that she would have needed if she planned to stay away.

      You can also search through the unidentified remains on identifyus.org (part of the NamUs site) and see if you see anyone you feel could be her. Most of the images on the site are drawings or computer generated, but occasionally you might see an actual post-mortem photo. I just wanted to alert you ahead of time so you wouldn’t be shocked if you decide to look through them.

  5. I lived on the same block as Kim and her family, her aunt Jackie (her mom’s sister) and her cousins lived directly across from me and Kim who was 11 years older than I am lived in the next block with her parents. I remember it was a huge stir in the community when she went missing but I was too young to really understand. When I got older I’d forgotten about what happened and friends invited me to her dad’s house he started talking about her and how he missed her. He said he kept the Christmas lights up extra long in hopes she’d come home but she didn’t. He passed away waiting

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