Mary Kathryn Greene, age 34, vanished from Dundalk, Maryland on December 10, 1966.

Mary and her four children were living with Mary’s father in a trailer at 3701 Old North Point in Dundalk, Maryland at the time, as she was in the process of finalizing her divorce.

She was last seen at 6:30pm, when she left her children in her father’s care, stating she was going to the store.   She never returned.  Her blue and white Ford station wagon is also missing.

I believe Mary and her husband had lived on Jaydee Avenue in Baltimore in 1959, the nearest city directory I could find to 1966.    The man I believe was her husband, Howard Greene, later moved to Arizona and is now deceased.

Today, I was fiddling around in NamUs checking for updates on some of the cases I’d already profiled, and I came across this Jane Doe.

I knew I’d recently seen a case that involved the city of Dundalk, but I kept trying to figure out which case it was, and couldn’t find it.   It turned out to be the case of Mary Kathryn Greene, who, for some reason, is listed as being missing from “Edgemere” in NamUs.  (No wonder I couldn’t find it.)

I’m confident that she went missing from Dundalk, however, since we have an exact address and it’s definitely in Dundalk.  (Unless they’ve confirmed that she made it to the store, and that the store was in Edgemere.)

Jane Doe only has dentals available, and Mary only has DNA available, so it does not appear that she has been ruled out.

There is really no identifying information on Jane Doe, so I’m really only looking at the proximity to where she went missing and where she may have been headed.  Jane Doe was located on the 3100 block of Dundalk St.

The location where Jane Doe was found is about a 10 minute drive from the trailer where Mary and her children were staying.   Jane Doe’s resting spot is about 8 minutes from where I believe Mary and her husband had lived together previously, which could well have been where her husband still lived in 1966.

It was also very close to where several commercial businesses were (in 1959, which is the latest city directory I could find), including a department store, a grocery store, a shoe store, and a sandwich shop.  It’s possible that this area was her destination, although there’s no details on what store she was headed to.

Whenever it’s mentioned that the missing person was in the process of a divorce, one can’t help but think that the husband may have been involved her disappearance.  In this case, there’s no indication that he was abusive or violent, or that he was ever suspected by law enforcement.

It also occurred to me that she could have come into contact with Marvin C. Lemons, a schizophrenic who confessed to the murder of Debbie Kelly in Baltimore around 1969.   Marvin’s residence in 1969 was about 20 minutes from where these remains were found.    Marvin, according to newspaper articles, worked as a ‘relief man’ in various White Coffee Pot restaurants in the Baltimore area.   He was suspected in at least three other murders of women whose bodies had never been found.   I wonder if Mary was one of them.

It was mentioned in an article pertaining to Marvin Lemons’ trial that he had kept a sketch book that police felt represented his victims, as well as a list of names and dates.  Only the sketch and list entry relating to Debbie was mentioned in the article, I’m curious if there was anything that might relate to Mary.

Although Marvin Lemons, in his confession, stated that he’d placed Debbie Kelly’s remains in a trash bag and handed them to the garbage collector, I don’t think it’s impossible that these remains could belong to Debbie if they don’t belong to Mary.   Debbie had told her boss at some point that she lived on Dundalk and Broadway.

I hope they can get a DNA sample from the remains, since it’s unlikely that dental records from 1966 can be found.


The Charley Project


Baltimore County Police

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