Katrina Dawn Sweaney, age 25, was last seen in Grants Pass, Oregon on March 5, 1998.

There are conflicting reports of the exact details surrounding her disappearance, but both reports agree that Katrina left her home, stating that she was traveling northbound, and that she would be back that night or the following morning.   Katrina lived at her parents’ home with her three children, whom she left behind.

NamUs and Charley Project state that Katrina told her parents that she would be traveling to Roseburg, Oregon with her husband and a friend to help her stay awake during the drive.  Roseburg is just over an hour north of Katrina’s home in Grants Pass.

Newspaper articles state that she told her parents she would be traveling somewhere north of Grants Pass, with a couple she had recently met.  They suggested she could have been headed to Roseburg.  Her parents said they did not see the couple or the car she left in, and they were not suspicious at the time.

Katrina’s family told police that Katrina was involved with drugs at the time, and public records indicated that she’d obtained two restraining orders against the same domestic partner in 1995 and 1996.   Her family does not believe she would have left her children behind, and stated that she was good about calling if she was going to be gone longer than anticipated.

There is a Jane Doe that was found, according to NamUs, on McGregor Road, 1.5 miles north of Highway 26 near milepost 29, in Astoria Oregon.   I cannot find this location on a map, although I’m not sure that matters.

Jane Doe: 5’2, 110 lbs.  Age 16-30.  Estimated time of death: 1998-1999.  Clothing: Degraded Levi 501 jeans, size 33 x 34, medium sized “Xileration” brand belt, black leather with a silver “peace” symbol buckle; ribbed socks  Physical: preauricular sulcus observed anterior and inferior to the auricular surface. This may indicate association with childbirth.  Skeletal remains.

Katrina: 5’2, 110 lbs.  Age 25.  Missing: March 5, 1998.  Clothing: Unknown.  Had children.

The location where Jane Doe was found is approximately 5 hours north of Katrina’s home, and is near the Washington state line.

The sketch of the Jane Doe is not very easy to compare to a photo, for me, anyway, but here it is:


To me, the sketch looks Native American or possibly Asian, but the UID profile says race unknown.  There was no hair present and eye color could not be determined.   I also think the sketch looks much older than 16-30 years old.  So it’s hard to say.   All of the missing persons who are ruled out as being this Jane Doe are, at least partly, Asian.


The Charley Project

NamUs (Jane Doe)

The Daily Courier



13 thoughts on “Katrina Sweaney

  1. I found Jane Does Doe Network profile and on there Jane Doe is listed as asian or native. It also says a forensic dentist thinks she’s between 16 and 21 years old. She also has a jaw deformity which would have been noticable her whole life.

  2. If you keep going north from Grant’s Pass, you could easily end up (within 5 hours or so) in Wahkiakum County, Washington. Ten days after March 5th, this woman’s body was found:


    It’s unfortunate that there aren’t any clothing or jewelry descriptions for Katrina, as there are good descriptions of both for the UID. She wore silver or white gold, and there’s the claddagh ring – that would be something someone wears regularly and would be remembered (I’m wearing one myself right now and I never take it off).

    The height and weight are the same, but the age is a bit high. The eyes and hair are both listed as brown, unlike Katrina’s red hair and blue eyes, but usually after a short time eye colour is indecernible and one person’s “red” hair is another’s “auburn” and another’s “brownish”.

    I’m in Canada, by the way, and after reading your blog post, I was originally thinking she may had kept going up to British Columbia, but after turning up nothing, I found this one a bit closer to Oregon in Washington State.

    With no DNA, this is just a shot in the dark though. Unless someone out there remembers Katrina’s jewelry?

  3. I also found the same Jane Doe, Paisley. The surname Sweaney sounds Irish so I thought along with the Claddagh ring it could be Katrina. Jane Doe is listed with brown eyes so I did some research into what happens to your eyes after death thinking maybe the eyes could change from blue to brown. What I found was the opposite. After death pupils dialate and cover with a cloudy, milky substance and then the eyes turn a light grey or bright blue color. So it seems unless the M.E. made a mistake or typo in the eye color if it was Katrina the eyes would have remained blue. Brown eyes eventually turn blue but blue eyes would become a brighter blue or grey.

  4. Interesting – I didn’t know that.

    One other thing I thought of when I read about that particular Jane Doe is that not everyone knows what a Claddagh ring is, or more specifically what it’s called. There could be a family out there who can remember a silver “heart and crown” ring on their missing loved one.

    A few years ago, I thought that it must be possible to make more of these matches. Especially with Namus available (I won’t get into the sad excuse for a database that the Canadian government came up with last year as their solution). Sadly, the more I dig into the world of missing persons and Jane/John Does, the more I realize that there must be an awfully large amount of people who are on their own completely and wouldn’t be missed or noticed missing by anyone – an overwhelming number of people.

    And then there are all the many, many families who ARE missing someone and will never get peace. Very sad. I’ve been following your site for a while now and I believe that it could very well make a difference for someone out there somewhere.

    Best wishes for the New Year.

    • Thank you.

      I can’t help but wonder if way back when, people were misidentified based on similar characteristics, leaving us with missing persons whose remains have already been id’d as someone else, and vice versa… I find that thought troublesome.

  5. I have know Katrina since we were kids .we were bestfriends for many many years.i can honestly say that no matter what or where she went she would have contacted her mother to let her know she was ok and the ONLY thing that would keep her from accomplishing that is her life was taken ..unfortunately i feel in my heart she is no longer with us and i pray everyday that we will find her and bring her home to rest here..Katrina if your out there please come home we miss you and love you …love always Charlie

    • I am friends with two of her children, adults now, and help as much as I can. Are there any updates in the case?

  6. Regarding the location given for the Jane Doe, you said you weren’t able to find it on a map, and weren’t sure it matters. But, on the off-chance it might help somehow, I found the location(I think).

    45.801077, -123.438717

    Paste the coordinates above into the search box in Google Maps or Google Earth(or any map software) and you should be taken right to it: 1.5 miles north of U.S. Hwy 26(Sunset Hwy) on McGregor Road.

    The location given by NamUs says Astoria, Oregon. The coordinates above are not in Astoria, but they are in the same county as that town, and it is the only place where a Highway 26 intersects a McGregor Road in the whole state, as far as I could find.
    It looks like a remote, heavily forested area(if you’re using Google Maps, turn on the Satellite Imagery to see what I mean). I used the measurement tool in Google Earth to track 1.5 miles up McGregor Rd from the highway, and that is the spot given by the coordinates. But you can see, off to the right, a circular maze of unmarked, unnamed roads, some of which dead-end in small clearings or cul-de-sacs. I’d bet the Jane Doe was probably found in there somewhere, rather than actually on McGregor. If this is even the right place, that is.

  7. I’ve wondered about the Jane Doe found on highway 26 for awhile now. I believe her age has been revised by a forensic dentist. Anyway, I grew up in that area and the location her remains were found is East of the rest area on highway 26. And Astoria is actually the county seat but Astoria is also actually about 40-50 miles away. I grew up in Clatsop County. And if its the same detective as it used to be on the case in identifying this Jane Doe, then God bless you for helping as this poor girl will need outside help.

    Thank you for trying to help all of these missing victims. What an important and excellent job you are doing.

  8. No where in this report does it say whatever happened to the womans HUSBAND and FRIEND who came along…..Are they also missing?????

  9. i too am missing a girl i loved deeply and cared about for many years. she used to talk to me on yahoo messenger constantly under the name goodtasteinclothes and said her name is Britni. her bank acct however listed her name as Ruthe Pohl. i believe Rosemary might be her mother, and if so id like to urge her to get in touch. she was always in poor health, had emotional problems like me, and i sent her money all the time which she lost gambling on the net. because of that my life is messed up and id like some closure. i never thought she would disappear i thought she was a true friend and im sick with how i ruined my own life trying to help her.

  10. wow, above comment…..this is not a forum for such whining …these people are looking for the missing ..what on earth are you thinking,,,

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