Anna Marie Anderson, age 19, disappeared from Cypress, California on December 5, 1983.

There is very little information available about her disappearance, just that she was last seen at her home in Cypress, CA.

Sometimes when I come across a case where there is virtually no information available, I will dig around to see if I can at least find out more about the person, even if it doesn’t lead to any clues about what may have happened to him or her.

In my search, I was able to find another photograph of her from a John Kennedy High School (La Palma, CA) yearbook.


Anna stems from Hungarian ancestry, and had likely lived in Southern California her entire life.  She has an older sister.

At the time of Anna’s disappearance, she had a curious tattoo on her ankle:  the initials H.D.V.O.    I went to bed last night pondering these initials, trying to think of any way they could possibly hold a clue.   Google searches revealed a company called HDVO Life Empowerment, in nearby Anaheim, CA.   For a moment, my mind was racing with thoughts of her joining a cult or religious group, only to quickly find that HDVO Life Empowerment has only existed since 2012, and is in no way a cult-like organization.

HDVO doesn’t seem to stand for any place or thing, so I am guessing it would have to be people’s initials?  It doesn’t seem to match up in any way to her parents, sister, or possible husband.

In searching through unidentifieds, it seems that Orange County in particular has been thorough in ruling Anna out as their Jane Does.  The only ones I saw that looked like promising matches had already been ruled out.

I am grateful that the Orange County Coroner is making every effort to solve her case.    California, in general, does not seem to be up to speed on their Missing Persons profiles.   It often seems that they want to spend 30 seconds and be done with it.

Already featured on my blog are Wendy Abrams-Nishikai and Johanna Brighton, whose profiles merely mention what city they were last seen in.  Nothing whatsoever that might trigger a memory in someone who might have seen something unusual.   It’s such a disservice to the missing.

I hope Anna left voluntarily and is enjoying life somewhere – and that someday she will come home.


UPDATED to add a couple photos I found.   The first is her senior picture, along with the quote about Victor that the commenter below mentioned.  The second photo is from 7th grade.

anderson_anna2 img_3278anderson_anna3


Also, her mother has died in the last year.  Here is her obituary.  Her father died several years ago, so there aren’t many people left to be Anna’s voice.

Lastly, the quote from Anna found in her yearbook is hard to read, but the last part of it reads “Victor & Anna Por Vida”  Por Vida means For Life in Spanish, which makes me think that Victor was likely Hispanic.  Although there is no evidence that the two cases are connected in any way, I did want to note that Benancio Martinez Beltran, a 24 year old Hispanic male, went missing from Orange County on the same day that Anna did.  There are no details about his disappearance either, but I wanted to mention it in case there could be some relation.


Updating again:

Just came across these photos in a collection that was seized from serial killer William Bradford, who was active in Southern California from 1975-1984 and lured his victims by claiming to be a photographer, and offering nonexistent modeling sessions.   Does anyone think these photos could be of Anna?  I’m not 100% sure that both these photos are of the same person but I believe they are.  There is nothing to prove it, though.  The one on the right appears to have lighter hair, but it may just be the lighting making it look that way.



I didn’t really notice the similarity until after I saw and posted Anna’s senior picture above.

Here is a link to all the photos, if interested.  There are about 3 posts which have lots of photos, so be sure to scroll down until you don’t see any more pictures.  Note that while some of the people in the photos have come forward to identify themselves, and are alive, some were also confirmed to be victims of homicide.


Charley Project




23 thoughts on “Anna Anderson

  1. I found Annas NAMUS profile and it says DNA is available. DNA wasn’t around in 1983 so somebody in her family must have submitted it since DNA came about. Her NAMUS profile also says fingerprints are available so I wonder if she has an arrest record. I went through every google page with HDVO and the best I could come up with was a statute called HDVO which stands for habitual domestic violence offender which seems unlikely that a 19 year old girl would tattoo that. That tattoo is puzzling!!

    • I didn’t even come up with the habitual domestic violence offender when I searched… though I agree, not something you’d think a 19 year old girl would want tattooed on her… I was thinking of completely ridiculous things for HD, though… hot dogs, Happy Days… I’m thinking it could either be someone’s initials with a hyphenated last name, or possibly 2 people… I just can’t think of anything else it could be… Thanks for looking, I appreciate it!

  2. I wish there was a pic of her showing the tattoo or whoever told about the tattoo said what the meaning was. It’s driving me nuts to know what the meaning is. Sometimes when there are pics of Jane or John Doe tattoos it says a bunch of different possibilities of what it says because they are hard to read. (I’m not saying Annas a Jane Doe) but I’m thinking could the tattoo have said love and it came out looking weird or someone just thought it said hdvo?

  3. She was my favorite babysitter in the late 70s. When I learned that she disappeared, I was frightened and surprised. From time to time I think about her. Glad there’s something here to help with the search, which I hope will bring her home. Sending love to her and her family.

  4. Thank you for posting, Luna’sMom. Do you by chance know anything about the circumstances of her disappearance? It’s frustrating that there’s no information, do you know if they thought she ran away or was in a troubled relationship? I just feel like there’s no clue of where to look at this point…

  5. I remember Anna, she was with a man named victor for some time, sure that’s what the tattoo is, can’t remember last name. Am sure police know all about this, she got involved with people and things that a young pretty girl shouldn’t. It was a shame. I hope she did in fact get away from victor and made a better life for herself.

      • Thank you! I only looked at her photo, I will have to go back and see if I can find any quote. It’s bothered me that so little information is available on her case. Do you remember her as an independent person, someone who might just walk away from everything and not contact her family? I do hope that it is what happened!

        • I wasn’t a personal friend, we went to school together and both worked at knotts in high school, but it was well known in the neighborhood that her boyfriend was a drug user and she got into prostitution. She was always walking Lincoln in cypress. My hope is she walked away and changed her life. Could never understand why she was with that guy and then to start doing that, was very sad to watch a young girl destroying her life.

  6. Regarding the tattoo, and given what some of the commenters above have said, it may have been a pimp brand. A “prostitute mark”.

    Quoth Wikipedia:
    “Many pimps tattoo prostitutes as a mark of “ownership”. The tattoo will often be the pimp’s street or even his likeness. The mark might be as discreet as [an] ankle tattoo, or blatant as a neck tattoo, or large scale font across the prostitute’s lower back, thigh, chest, or buttocks.”

  7. In regards to the tattoo. .. her and I both had put the HD initial on our ankles at the same time in high school. It stood for Harley Davidson. The vo
    came later standing for her boyfriend victors name.

    • Anna, I’m really sorry for your loss. I know nothing about her except what has been posted here. It looks to me like the police didn’t take her disappearance very seriously – nothing in the newspaper archives at all… 😦 Do you think she would have decided to walk away from her life, or do you feel that something happened to her?

      • I feel something happened to her. She was my best estimate friend in the world. We were together constantly until we met very different men. She got mixed up with that Victor guy and she got hooked on drugs. From what I understand she was put on the streets to support their drug addiction as terrible as it sounds. She also had some issues in her home life. No disrespect to her parents, but she was always so sad about her parents being so over protective. She couldn’t go anywhere without her parents having the license plate number and drivers license of who she left with, although looking ahead in life it makes all the sense in the world. Back then not so much. I felt sorry for her, but I loved her like a sister. I still miss her terribly.

  8. I read on another post somewhere the letters are for the boyfriends full name victor being the 3rd name he went by . One of her friends posted about it if I reamber last name was olivares .

  9. Her family life wasnt the best but i do believe something happened to her. She was kind and friendly feom what I remember . what i had heard was she was on Lincoln Avenue in Cypress and got in a car.
    Not first hand knowledge ot was rumor going around at rhe time

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