Michelle Elaine Meiser, age 22, was last seen in St. Paul, MN on March 11, 1977.

There isn’t much information on her disappearance, just that she left one night and never returned.   She was wearing an engagement ring, which leads me to believe that she was engaged at the time of her disappearance.

She appears to have been a member of the White Earth band of the Chippewa tribe.  Her full name appears on tribal newsletters, as part of a list of members whose current addresses they are seeking.

What I found interesting, however, was a UID that was found on July 20, 1977, approximately 4 months after her disappearance, in the same county that Michelle disappeared from.

Both Michelle and the UID are 5’8″, the age range of the UID is 16-30 (Michelle was 22), the eye color of the UID is ‘green or brown’ (MIchelle’s were brown).  The UID was said to have medium hair while Michelle’s was said to be long, but that could be subjective and not enough to dismiss a possible match.

There is also a mention of ‘multiple abdominal STRIA’ in the scars/marks section on the UID –  Google tells me that these are stretch marks associated with the abdominal enlargement during pregnancy.

On July 9, 1977, eleven days before the UID was found, a fetus was located in the same county.   The fetus was found in Hidden Falls Park in St. Paul.  Although there is no address given for where the adult remains were found, I can’t help but think that the fetus belonged to the woman.

This, to me, has all the signs of a botched abortion, but I can find no indication that Michelle was pregnant – though it’s possible that nobody knew.   The fact that the baby was labeled a ‘fetus’ would mean it wasn’t carried to term, right?  And it was found several days prior to the woman being found, so the fetus was outside the womb.

It’s also worth noting that after I looked on NamUs and found this possible match, I found that Carl over at Websleuths had come up with the same suggestion long before I did, so I want to give credit where it’s due.

Here is Michelle’s NamUs profile:


and the 16-30 year old female UID:


and the fetus:


I don’t know if there are any plans to exhume the remains to obtain DNA or if there is any possibility of obtaining Michelle’s dental records.  I think this match is likely though, so many of the physical characteristics add up.  I just wish I knew if she was known to have been pregnant.



White Earth Nation




18 thoughts on “Michelle Meiser

  1. I think your right about the fetus not being full term. The fetus NAMUS profile says it was 9 inches which seems awefully small for a full term baby. So the mother could have hidden the pregnancy.

  2. I just wanted to mention to the admin of this page and the other people that go on here a book I just read. If you are interested in cold cases this is a great read. The name of the book is Someones Daughter by Silvia Pettim. I got it on Amazon. It’s the true story of a woman in Colorado who set out on a mission to give a Jane Doe her name back. The Jane Doe was murdered in 1958 and the woman found out about the case in 1998. There were a lot of twists and turns but it is inspiring to read her story and not want to give up trying to help find missing people and identify the ones without a name.
    I recommend it.

  3. I haven’t read the book, but I was following that case when it was still open. Silvia had a lot of determination to get it solved – as eager as I am to see these cold cases solved, I don’t think I could push through all the brick walls that she did.

  4. I did some more digging and found some strange tidbits.

    It appears there was a Michele E Gordon, b. approx 1954 who married a Meiser in Ramsey County on Dec 31, 1975. This Michele is spelled with one L, while NamUs lists the MP with two L’s.

    There is a Michele Meiser b. 6/14/1954 who d. 3/1976 at age 21. (also with one L). Our MP was 22 when she went missing in 3/1977, so she would also have been 21 in 3/1976.

    The White Earth site that I mentioned in my original post is seeking a current address for Michele E Meiser (with one L). (The MP’s middle name is Elaine).

    What are the chances that there would be two Michele/Michelle Meisers that were the same age, and one died at age 21, and one went missing the same month one year later at age 22?

    The MP Michelle was said to be wearing an engagement ring which would suggest she wasn’t married, but there is a marriage record so for now I have to assume there were two Michele/Michelle’s?

  5. After reading your post about Michelle, I googled her and something rubs me the wrong way. The only info says she left one night and never returned. Left from where? Who reported her missing? Why are there no pleas from her family or fiance if she was engaged for her return? Where was she going? This is a tough one! wow I feel like we need more info

    • I have posted some more info about her family (well, the ‘other’ Michele if there are 2) here:


      If this Michele is the missing Michelle, all of her immediate family members are deceased although she has some half-siblings and aunts & uncles living. But according to NamUs, there is DNA on file for the missing Michelle so someone was searching for her…

      I sent an email to a library that claims to have newspapers from that time to see if maybe something can be found there. It’s possible that pleas were published back then.

      It’s also frustrating that they don’t have a DNA sample from Jane Doe which means she would have to be exhumed. This is something they usually won’t do (due to costs involved) unless there is a very promising match – which is why I am really wanting to find out as much as I can about her and how she disappeared.

  6. I think you are right about the fetus belonging to Jane Doe but I’m not sure that Michelle is Jane Doe. The clothing doesn’t match and Michelle is listed with black hair while Jane Doe has brown hair. Also if they were able to see stretch marks on Jane Does stomach wouldn’t they have been able to see the bites marks that Michelle had? They do have Jane Does clothes and underwear so I wonder if they could get DNA from her clothing, without having to exhume her.

  7. I was just googling your Jane Doe and there is another Jane Doe that was found near Blue Earth Minnesota 5-30-80. Somebody submitted a match to a Scott Adams from the police department to see if Jane Doe is Michelle. The match was submitted 2 days ago and the officer is checking into it. The height is pretty off though for it to be Michelle.

  8. michele has family living and a son , her son is now a father of 2, she was not pregnant . she went out to meet up with friends at a bar but never showed up and never heard from again . we have done dna testing . her estranged husband was a suspect.

    • Thank you for commenting! I’m not sure if you have read the posts about Michele’s case on the Websleuths forum, but someone did post that she was living with Michele and remembers her leaving that day after an argument with her husband.

      I was unsure what to think, as the argument/drinking makes it sound like he was likely involved, except she said Michele left alone, she never said anything about him leaving also. I really hope she can be found soon. And thank you for clarifying that she wasn’t pregnant.

  9. i was baby sitting Erik that day and no one was living with her . i remember it all like it was yesterday . how is Ryan ?
    i am her sister and half is not a word we used in our family. she is my sister ! and Ryan is my nephew .Her ex husband passed away recently along with all information to her where abouts. My family has always believed he was to blame. we shall never know now . I was present when he pulled a gun ,when he beat her and knocked her teeth out and the last time when he bite her on her breast ,her wrist and then her finger . the torture she endured my family endured her child endured . the man/monster he was is in the ground with any and all our answers .

    • And I did not say that I lived with Michelle but with Phyllis your mother and Rodger in the McDonough pot project where Michelle lived right down the street with Ralph when they first came back from California Ryan is doing well we would love to hear from you sometime do you keep in touch with Eric I have just recently heard about him Michelle was my friend and I loved her I had a brain aneurysm so I sometimes get my dates mixed up

  10. missed u at the funerals . sorry about ur health , laurie and i are all thats left , she is now a grand mother of 2 and erik has 2 kids also . life is in session . we can meet up if you like 651-242-8845

    • Move to Florida years ago Ryan has daughter 13 years old and he would love to meet meet you he had only met Rodger a few times but he has met Rhian just recently read about Eric will call you soon God bless you sweetheart and thank you

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