Billie Jean Hall, age 24, disappeared after leaving her Maryland home en route to Florida.  She was last seen on March 3, 1985.

Billie Jean and a friend left their home town in Jessup, Maryland on February 28, 1985.  They were traveling in a camper – some sites state it was a Nissan/Datsun, while others state it was a 1984 Marago camper.  They were headed to ‘Bike Week’ in Daytona Beach, FL.

According to a friend of the Hall family, Billie Jean and her companion met a man named Aubrey in Virginia, and they traveled to Brunswick Georgia.    Billie Jean’s companion had a disagreement with Aubrey, and returned to Maryland on March 3.

Although it is not known whether Billie made it to Daytona Beach, it is worth noting that her credit cards were used extensively in Florida – although not by her, but by a male.

Billie’s camper was later found in Aubrey’s possession in Cameron, OK.  He was questioned, and stated that he and Billie had gone to Daytona Beach, where Billie had gone off with someone else.  He stated that when Billie never returned, he took the camper.   Aubrey was charged with stealing the vehicle.

I do not know if Billie Jean’s companion was male or female, but can only imagine that he or she was not too pleased about the idea of this man they’d just met traveling with them to Florida.   I assume that traveling with them to Florida was his intent, based on the fact that he (with or without Billie) did end up in Florida, with Billie’s credit cards.  Aubrey claimed he’d been with her in Florida as well.

It’s worth noting that Billie Jean had suffered some brain damage, along with other major injuries, as a result of a prior traffic accident.   I’ve seen no mention of symptoms, however, it’s possible that her judgment was impaired.

Did Billie Jean ever leave Georgia?  Were there ANY credit card transactions in Florida that were confirmed to be Billie herself?  Was the male that was using her credit cards ever identified?

Where in Brunswick, GA was Billie last seen?  In her camper?  In a house?  A park?  A gas station?

When the camper was found, were any of Billie’s personal belongings found inside?  Anything notable on the bed?   Any sign of a struggle?  Was there any indication of how long the camper had been in Cameron, Oklahoma, a town of 300 people?

Due to the extensive injuries Billie had sustained in her auto accident, I’m confident that her remains have not been recovered.  A metal plate in her skull, for instance, would stand out.

I’m looking at requesting a copy of the court records for the auto theft charge, to see if it provides any additional clues.  It will be a challenge, though – Cameron, OK is a tiny little town of 300 people, their public offices don’t even have websites.


Charley Project


Orlando Sentinel (PPV)

16 thoughts on “Billie Jean Hall

  1. Billie Jean left with a male friend and picked up Aubrey Gonzales and another friend (male) in her Datsun Margo Camper. The one that left with her stated he over heard the 2 of them planning to kill him so he returned to Maryland. (Billie must not have believed him) That was the last time anyone seen her and it was in Georgia. Her credit cards were used in Fl but not by her, signatures don’t match. Men’s things were bought shoes and other things. Her camper was stopped in Cameron La. the guy didn’t give a turn signal so he was stopped. He told the police that Billie gave him the camper. Since no one would verify it and he gave them a fake name they turned him loose. (Cameron La was wiped out when the storm came threw there so no records can be check with them now). I understand that the one guy has since died in Ca. and Albury now lives in Kansas City, Kansas. If you would like pictures of her and the camper I have them. The camper was returned to the family and is still there.

    • annie

      Could you please send me any pics and other info i have been researching this case it has always made me wonder, i agree that her body has probably never been found cause most me would notice major scarring and investigate.


      • I have been searching for information on this case also. I did manage to find a Jane Doe in Georgia that the similarities are striking to Billy Jean the date is off a little but I do think that is a error by someone. I have sent both cases in for comparison and haven’t heard anything at all. The Georgia Jane Doe also has a right orbital plate and age is consistent with Billy Jean my gut instinct is that this Jane Doe is in fact Billy Jean Hall. If someone would only check it out.

  2. I read where a Jane Doe was found in Georgia she has injuries similar to Billy Jean including a orbital plate. The date was off by a few months so I thought maybe it was a error made by someone because the similarities are striking. I sent for comparison to Doe network a few months back and have heard nothing. My gut tells me this is Billy Jean.

  3. If you’d like to look up the Doe that Tammy is referring to on NamUs, the reference number there is UP # 10724.

    While the dates are off and the unidentified lady was found over five hours from where Billie was last seen, the extensive facial surgery is certainly unusual. Tammy, please update us should you hear anything back from the investigators. I’m just a stranger but I care sincerely about Billie and her loved ones.

    Annie, thank you for sharing the information you have. If there are any other details you can think of, please share them. I hope that something – anything – trips a memory for somebody or gives someone investigating Billie’s situation a nudge in the right direction.

    • Tammy , DZ, and Christina,

      The person who has posted here that knew Billie Jean and/or her family has replied and provided a phone number if you would like to contact her for more information.

      I have not approved the post because I am not comfortable with her phone number being published on a public site. If you wish to cobtact her, please comment letting me know and I will email you the contact information. You don’t need to post your email address, as I can see it without you having to post it.

      I will only give this info to those who have previously posted on this case.

  4. Thank you. I want sure how to go about talking to them other then posting my number which I was a little worried about lying it out there. Would love a one on one talk.

  5. update I still have not gotten an answer on this case. Doe Network just keeps telling me that they are looking into it. It’s been several months now with no reply I don’t understand unless they think the date is correct. I personally feel that it is an error but I could be wrong. It’s a big coincidence if this is not Billy Jean. If anyone else has any advice I’d love to hear it thank you

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