Raymond Dale Harris, age 20, was last seen in Omaha, Nebraska on November 26, 1971.

Raymond Harris married Mary Sudac in Douglas County, Nebraska on October 2, 1971, nearly two months prior to Raymond’s disappearance.  The couple lived with Raymonds’ father in Omaha, NE.  The living arrangements were reportedly not going well, and they decided to move out of his father’s home.

Raymond told his sister that they would be going to her home in Des Moines, Iowa.   The couple was driving a 1970’s model green four door Chevrolet.

Raymond has never been heard from again.

There was heavy snow in the area on the night they left, but searches of the area turned up no evidence of an accident.

It was initially believed that both Raymond and Mary were missing, but over time, some occurrences have brought that theory into question.

In 1993, 22 years after the couple was last seen, Raymond’s sister was contacted by a member of Mary’s family.  The caller inquired about Raymond’s whereabouts, but not about Mary’s, which caused her to wonder if Mary’s whereabouts were known to her family.

Additionally, Raymond’s family later learned that Mary Theresa (Sudac) Harris applied for a social security card in January 1972.

It’s been said that Raymond may have suffered from anxiety and/or depression.  He had been discharged from the military on medical grounds.

The investigation into Raymond’s disappearance has resulted in some unfortunate circumstances.  The case changed hands several times due to retirements from the police department.   The file on Raymond’s disappearance has been lost, and he was mistakenly reported as found in 2005.  Raymond’s sister has submitted DNA but has been unable to find out what, if anything, was done with it.  Raymond Harris is not in NamUs.

It is unknown whether law enforcement has attempted to contact Mary or her family to see what they know about Raymond’s fate, but it does not appear that any contact has ever been made.   Since he reportedly left Omaha with Mary in November 1971, and Mary applied for a social security card in January 1972, I think this would be an obvious, and critical lead.

What location did she use as an address when applying for social security?

Since Mary’s family did not contact Raymond’s sister inquiring about his (but not Mary’s) whereabouts until 1993, would this imply that they knew where Raymond was until shortly before they contacted her?  When was Mary’s social security number last used?  Has Raymond’s been used since 1971?

Did Raymond and Mary ever divorce?  Did they have any children?  Have vital records been checked for these things?

Why was Raymond mistakenly reported as found in 2005?  According to Raymond’s sister, law enforcement stated that he had turned himself in, although they later stated that was not true and it was an error.

Could it be that Raymond did turn himself in, but requested that this information not be made public and someone initially let the cat out of the bag?  It is worth noting that Raymond is still listed as missing on the Omaha Crimestoppers website.

I think this case has a very good chance of being solved, if someone who is privy to the necessary records would make the effort to solve it.

Raymond has been missing for 42 years, and his family would really like to know that he is ok.


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Omaha Crimestoppers






4 thoughts on “Raymond Dale Harris

  1. Did contact Omaha police about where the social security was sent said he would check into but considering that they sent officer to my house to copy my files again because they had lost them again lol don’t know that it will be checked

  2. It seems safe to assume that Kay is Raymonds sister. So I just have a couple of questions. What was actually said on the 1993 phone call from Marys family? Did it seem like they were hiding something or looking for info? Has the car ever been found? This seems like a solvable case if we could get a little more info. Maybe Kay could post some info that would give us something more to look into. I would definitely like to help!

  3. Years ago I did a search on a geneology website and found that Raymond took out a masriage license in Las Vegas years after he was repirted missing.

    I forwarded that info the Crimestoppers in Omaha.

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