Patricia Ann Adkins, age 29, went missing from Marysville, Ohio on June 29, 2001.

Patricia, commonly known as Patti, was last seen when she left the Honda plant where she worked an evening shift, seconds after midnight.   The plant would be closed for the following week in observance of the Fourth of July holiday.

Patti told her family and friends that she would be going on a trip to an unknown location, though likely a remote part of Canada, with a married male co-worker that she was romantically involved with.   Prior to leaving for work that afternoon, she made arrangements for the care of her daughter and pets.  She packed a duffel bag.  She got a ride to work from a friend, as she and her co-worker were to leave for their trip directly from work.

When Patti did not return from her trip as scheduled, and her family began searching for her, a string of convoluted inconsistencies began to develop.

The first thing Patti’s family did was contact the co-worker.   Patti’s sister began to panic when the co-worker acted confused as to who exactly Patti was, and claimed he knew nothing about a trip.

Now at a heightened level of concern, they contacted Patti’s friend who had driven her to work on the afternoon of June 29.   She revealed additional details that Patti had told her about her plans.   Patti had said that the co-worker had told her that there would be no phone service where they were going, so her family should not expect to hear from her.  He’d also told her that she should not bring anything, because they could buy everything they needed when they got there.  Patti had confessed to her friend, however, that she didn’t completely follow those instructions.  She did, indeed, pack a small duffel bag with, among other things, something blue (his favorite color) from Victoria’s Secret.

It also came to light that Patti had been told that she’d need to hide in the bed of his pick-up truck until he dropped his co-worker off at home.

Hearing these bizarre accounts, of course, sent red flags flying everywhere.  The police were contacted.

Upon further investigation, it was found that Patti had loaned this co-worker tens of thousands of dollars, wiping out savings accounts, and dipping into her 401k.  She was led to believe that this co-worker planned to leave his wife, and that he and Patti would then become a couple – but that he would need funds to buy out her share of the family business before he could leave her.   The 401k loans Patti took out were due, and Patti had told her co-worker that he would need to start paying back the loans soon.  This conversation took place only weeks before he mentioned the idea of going on a trip.

Upon confrontation by police, he claimed that he worked with Patti, barely knew her, and added that he’d floated her money for lunch a couple times.  He and his wife both adamantly denied that there was any affair going on.

While police were at the residence speaking to him, they noticed a freshly poured area of concrete.  It was dug up, but nothing was found.

They also discovered a new looking bed cover for his truck.  It was found that he’d purchased this cover only days prior to the supposed trip.  He explained to police that he purchased it to cover fishing equipment.   Inspection of this cover revealed cat hair, and a tiny speck of blood.  The cat hair was positively matched to Patti’s cat by her veterinarian.  The speck of blood is still pending testing.

When asked about his whereabouts on the night in question, he explained that he and his male co-worker had left the plant, driven approximately 30 miles toward their home, and decided to stop at Burger King.  He said they waited in line for 45 minutes, got their food, and then he dropped his buddy off and went home.

His wife stated that he had arrived home at approximately 2:30am, which is the usual time he would arrive home from work.

His commuting buddy backed up his statement, that they had gone to Burger King and waited 45 minutes.

The manager of Burger King told police that there was no way they waited 45 minutes, as they are never busy in the wee hours of the morning.

The married co-worker, whose name has not been officially released, has been named a person of interest by law enforcement.

I think the “waited 45 minutes at Burger King” statement is the most useful.  If he did indeed harm her, I don’t think 45 minutes was a random number, but rather, the amount of time he needed to account for.

There are several possible scenarios, considering that we know the was in the truck, based on her cat’s hairs found on the newly purchased bed cover:

a) The co-worker left the Honda plant alone, with Patti waiting in the truck bed, and his buddy was asked to cover for him while they ‘hooked up’ by saying they’d been at Burger King.

b) His buddy was dropped off at home, with Patti still in the truck bed and covered for his friend by saying they went to Burger King.

c) The co-worker left the plant with his buddy, and with Patti hiding in the back, and both the co-worker and his buddy had a part in harming her.

d) She somehow suffocated while hiding in the covered bed, and he felt he couldn’t report it without admitting to the affair.

I don’t think c) is particularly plausible, as his buddy had no motive or reason to get involved in something like this, even though his statement that they waited at Burger King for 45 minutes was not considered to be truthful.

b) makes the most sense to me.

If scenario B were what actually happened, the timeline would have gone something like this:

12:00am: Patti clocks out and goes to his truck, and hides in the bed.

12:15am: Co-worker comes out with his buddy, they get in the truck and start driving.

1:00am: Buddy is dropped off and truck pulls away.

1:05am: Truck pulls over so Patti can get into the cab.

1:05am-2am: ???? (drives to someplace, act is committed)

2:30am: Co-worker arrives at his own home.

Based on this hypothetical scenario, I don’t think Patti would be more than 30 minutes away from his buddy’s home.

In all fairness, Patti’s co-worker has not been convicted of a crime, and he is innocent until proven guilty.   So I’d like to explore a couple possible scenarios in which he is innocent.

It is worth noting, however, that every scenario I can think of that meet this criteria would be one in which he lied when he said there was no affair, and that no trip was planned.  The theory of “I don’t know anything about a trip, I hardly know the girl” does not pan out, due to the loans, the cat hair in the truck, the fact that Patti herself had told multiple people about the relationship, the newly purchased bed cover being discovered after Patti had told others that she would be hiding in the bed…

It could be possible that a trip was planned, and that Patti hid in the bed while he took his buddy home, and somehow ended up suffocating.   He could have discovered her after dropping off his friend, panicked, and buried her somewhere.   I do not know exactly what type of cover it was, or if there would have been sufficient ventilation.

It could be possible that a trip was planned, and after Patti got into the cab, an argument ensued and Patti got out of the car.

I’m looking forward to the day when they can test the speck of blood found on the bed cover.   It is apparently a speck similar to one that would be found with a squished mosquito, and therefore there is only one opportunity to test it without the dna being destroyed.   So, they are waiting for further technology advances.

Patti’s duffel bag has not been found.


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81 thoughts on “Patricia Ann Adkins

  1. 45 minutes at a Burger King at 12:30am? Really? That would be an all time high wait time for “fast food.” Her cat hair found in the back of his pick up truck? Really? $100,000 loaned? I think its time to try the case on the evidence they have.

    • I absolutely agree!!!! They have convicted on much less. I am beginning to wonder what is wrog with this police dept?!?! Can’t the FBI step in? She is dead not missing and he killed her because he didn’t want to be caught by his wife and he didn’t want to pay her back. Enough is enough already convict this murderer before he kills someone else!!!!

      • As much as it pisses me off that he hasn’t been convicted, I have to respectfully disagree about the evidence. There really is no evidence that he killed her. There is a cat hair found in his truck but I don’t think a jury would think that is evidence of murder. They have a tiny speck of blood that has not yet been identified. They have a series of wonky behaviors like him purchasing a truck cover just before that day, and driving that truck to work on the day she went missing, which was out of the ordinary. And saying they waited 45 minutes at Burger King. I don’t think it would be enough to convince a jury.

        I don’t necessarily think they need a body, but at least someone he might have told, or his co-worker who can testify that he lied about them being at Burger King for 45 minutes.

        I’m sure there is evidence of the money she loaned him though, I am not sure why they aren’t at least filing a civil suit so he still has to repay it to Patti’s daughter. My belief is he killed her so he wouldn’t have to repay her. Why should he ‘win’ financially because of it? That, I believe is a case Patti’s family would win.

        I think that ’45 minutes at Burger King’ statement is an often overlooked clue though, I would guess that was supposed to account for the time that whatever it was happened. I think they should be looking for areas that he could have gotten to, had time to commit the act, and gotten back from in about 45 minutes.

        • Yes! Good point! I never even thought about it until you brought it up. The money should absolutely be paid back to her daughter. Regardless of if he killed her or not, he did still borrow all her money and it still needs paid back.

      • He isn’t going to kill again , He hasn’t any reason too… And I don’t see anything wrong with the police department all the evidence is circumstantial. It adds up and yes it’s obvious that he killed her , but that drop of blood is what confirms it . It could be spun that she lent him this money and spun things into an obsession and created a story herself and stalked him which is why Her cats hair shown up and he had no idea the whole time . ( unlikely) ! They just need the technology to sample the blood without blowing the case .

  2. How can the local police be so unbelievably incompetent? Barney Fife would have that guy behind bars in 5 minutes with all the evidence against him. They’re obviously extremely corrupt as well as really stupid…

  3. I think there’s a chance he could be acquitted (as it stands right now), look what happened with Casey Anthony… and once he’s found not guilty, they can’t try him again for the same thing. I do wish her family would file a civil suit for the money he owed Patti though, that way at least he won’t be gaining something by her being missing. There have to be records of all the money from Patti to this guy who said he barely knew her.

  4. I think Patti hounded him so much about paying him back that he felt he needed to murder her, but that’s not the only motive. Not trying to vilify the victim here.

    I’m just stating that obviously this man never intended on leaving his wife and kept Patti a secret and he abused her financially. Perhaps she threatened to whistleblow to his wife about the affair unless he paid up and he murdered Patti in hopes of keeping the adultery he committed secret and ALSO get the debt off his back. Two very plausible motives.

    • It’s extremely obvious to anyone with a triple digit IQ that he killed her. The local and state police there have got to be extremely corrupt as well as lazy and stupid. Just because Casey Anthony and OJ were acquitted when they were obviously guilty is no reason not to proceed with this case. Those worthless clowns in Ohio who call themselves police officers should be ashamed of themselves for failing to arrest an obviously guilty murderer….

      • Dude, I lived 2 doors down from Patti and miss her terribly. It is very easy to come to your conclusion when you hear the very large amount of circumstantial evidence they have against the “boyfriend”. But it is still just that, circumstantial. If the prosecutor loses the case, “boyfriend” can’t be tried for it again, obviously. Patti’s body has never been found. She clocked out of work on her own and by all accounts left with the boyfriend on her own. Therefore, they can’t even prove yet, that there was a crime committed. Sad, but true. The police haven’t lost hope, and still bring it up publicly. I’m not saying they didn’t miss anything that would help, it’s always possible, but the case is (although considered cold, because it haven’t been solved) still active. I also suspect they are still keeping an eye on the boyfriend in hopes that something breaks. Lastly, there is one spot….very small spot of blood that they found in the bed of the truck, that they can test for DNA. But it’s so small that it can break down during testing. If they don’t get a viable result on it, that’s it. There is no more. So, according to the Sheriff’s office and BCI, Bureau of Criminal Investigations, they are waiting for DNA testing abilities to get better and “catch up”.

        Lastly, Dude, it really is obvious to everyone that he killed her. We also think the “friend” that he took home that night knows more than he’ll admit to. It’s likely even the wife knows something now. Even if he didn’t kill her, he was a very shady business owner who took advantage of Patti for her money, at the very least. Thanks for your comments, any opinion about Patti’s case. At least it keeps people talking about it. PS, it will be 13 years since her disappearance, she is not forgotten and we won’t give up on finding answers. Patti’s disappearance leaves a daughter without a mother and numerous family members and friends without as well. Not to mention a community with a killer out there. Keep talking about it!

        • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And I hope one day there is justice for patti her daughter family and friends. I have lived in Marysville all my life (36) and remember when she first went missing. I will never forget the color flyer hanging on the door of pro nails of patti. She may be lost but never forgotten.

        • how many cases have been prosecuted on circumstances only?
          there’s something wrong, they won’t even announce that guy’s name so that everyone knows, and how long does it takes to analyse the or, are they really doing it? what’s wrong with this case? and who is that guy? he’s getting away with murder.

          • “The speck of blood is still pending testing.”

            I didn’t read all the comments but was wondering what the results were, if any. What were the names of the “police” investigating Patti’s disappearance-Andy, Barney, Goober and Gomer? They’re either incredibly incompetent, dishonest, or hiding something. How much would a private detective cost? Can someone start a Gofundme account on her behalf? I’ll donate a few bucks. This coworker needs to be put behind bars ASAP….

        • They have touch dna, and have you scene all the blood that comes out of a mosquito?????? It’s definitely enough for AT LEAST 10 DNA profiles

    • Annie, absolutely without a doubt possible motives. She was also one to really put her trust in someone. It may have been less about the money and more about that trust. Like you said, that he would eventually leave his wife. Patti had loyalty to her friends and family and would have never left her little girl without a mom, at her own will. We hope she will be found and the killer will be brought to justice.

  5. Am I the only person completely confused by law enforcement’s claim that the DNA sample is too small to test? We’ve had polymerase DNA replication for years—it can amplify even a single cell.

    Pretty much anybody with a subscription to the ID channel knows that “too small to test” is no longer a reality (though it certainly is possible that the sample lacks sufficient alleles for a match). Could a major police department really be so forensically backward?

    • The Marysville PD and Sheriff’s office aren’t the only ones one the case. Federal Agency BCI is/was involved. The blood spot is supposedly so minuscule ( I think the term spot depicts more than there is) according to the above mentioned agencies is not enough to be tested without being destroyed! Jodie, in order to find out if there are sufficient alleles for a match, they have to take a chance of destruction and test it. I suspect whatever the reason they don’t want to lose a chance like that to get a viable match and will wait. Thank you for talking about it.

    • I was thinking the same thing, i looked up the testing they can do to replicate the small sample of blood they can then use to check for patti’s blood type. Is the family aware of this? I dont understand how the police who should know this havent done it as yet. I tried finding the police site to remind them of this and i cant find it online here. Someone out there if your reading this and know the police department in send them this info. that some of us have express about this testing. Thanks

    • Mily, psychics were involved years ago, since then I don’t know. They gave the family some information but nothing was discovered from it. Thanks for your comment. Again, I am just a former neighbor and friend of Patti’s. She was the second neighbor I met after we moved into the neighborhood.She had an infant/girl and was walking past my house with her. I was pregnant and miserable at the time. We talked a bit and bonded instantly. She’s a sweet girl and is missed! I hope for a conclusion to this case for her family and friends! Please all, keep talking about this! The world is smaller than we think. We all make connections with people everyday. With the internet,those connections can spread cities, states and back! I have hope and truly feel she will be found and there will be justice. God Bless and be safe!

  6. It is very sad that people forget that LIFE IS A JOURNEY OF THE SOUL… sooner or later truth always comes out…. and even if they can fool the system here karma will make him pay for it here first before his evil soul has to pay there… i dont know if i trust his wife i think she had a hand in it too …my thoughts after seeing it on ID Dissapearance…. I pray for the fam keep faith in God He will do justice in His time….

    • I’m not sure if there’s any hard proof, but they found items in his home that were either hers or that were gifts from him, and she also told a friend who gave her a ride to work that day that she was leaving town with him. She had a Victorias Secret bag with her.

  7. What a waste. Very beautiful out going woman with a full life ahead and all the posibilities that life has to offer. I wish that the low life scum bag who took her gets a life of pain from his cell mate bubba. I am very sorry that this angel was taken from this loving family. My prayers are with you.

  8. I think it is so sad that a life was taken and the killer is out there enjoying Patti’s hard earned money that should have gone to her child. This co- worker of Patti’s that she was dating will be caught eventually and his wife and children will have to live with the stigma of a husband & father who not only was a cheater but a disgusting murder who will get his punishment in this life or the next! God bless Patti and her family, may they find justice.

    • Well said Mary! Thank you for commenting. Keep talking about Patti to friends, family, even strangers. I know that justice will come for Patti her friends and family!

  9. This was sooo sad!!! I am so very sorry for her n her family!!! I just do not understand people! I will pray n pray that her family gets answer’s!!

  10. I have seen a woman who looks so identical to Patti, to the point where next time I see her I will ask if that’s her name. I’m in Alberta Canada. Is there a missing persons line I can call?

  11. I apologize if this posts twice. whereaboutsstillunknown, Jamie Patton is now the Sheriff of the Union County Sheriff’s Dept. I don’t believe the number mentioned is current for him. But the info you have for Stiers (Jeff) is correct.

    Amy, Patti would be 42 this year. Please get ahold of the Union County Sheriff’s office asap,Jeff Stiers 937 645 4101 Ext 4442. I would do this before you approach the woman. Thank you so much for posting!

    Whereabouts….thank you for the site!

  12. Saddened to watch the show again today and realize there are no updates on this being solved :(. Evidence and ‘gut’ say its the ‘secret lover’. Been too long for freedom for a ‘murder’ I hope the time is coming for the results of the blood testing. In my head I just have to think that this person can’t be enjoying life knowing that any day technology could end their lifes existence as they know it. Pray for closure for the friends/family <3.

  13. hi.. a few questions.. if patti was in a relationship with this man wouldnt he have met her daughter????? i wonder if the police asked her daughter about him or showed her a picture.I know she was only young at the time but atleast she could say whether she knew him or not as he was saying he hardly knew patti.
    Also what about phone calls and emails and texts to this brian flowers and patti. If they were having a secret affair surely all these means of communication would be a constant thing. what about finger prints in her apartment/house? were his there? so many unanswered questions?? rennae- sydney australia

  14. i’d be interested in knowing more about the co-worker’s commuting buddy (who i’m going to call john for this comment because otherwise it’s too confusing), like whether he and the married coworker (the suspect; i’m going to call him jim) were good friends or just carpooled, how trustworthy john was considered, and so forth.

    even if john and jim had been friends for years, i could see john lying to jim’s wife to cover up jim’s affair, but lying to the police when being questioned about a woman who has gone missing (and whom, presumably, john also knew) is a completely different matter. one is morally ambiguous; the other can get you charged with obstruction (or something; i’m not a lawyer).

    so i think either john knows exactly what happened, or they really did wait what seemed like 45 minutes at burger king, in which case… well, in which case that’s one less clue.

  15. I can say this. I worked at Honda during this time. Didn’t really know Patti only saw her in passing. But the day before shutdown we ALMOST ALWAYS get off early and even when we got off on time the normal work hours were 330-1200 on Fridays and the day before shutdown. His story and his friends story must be BS.

  16. I agree you can get DNA from a finger print too through grease n perspiration. I live in England and just saw the program about patti’s case shocking, naive, mysterious all come to mind i but feel for the uncertainty for her family and friends. God willing with pressure and technology this can come to fruitage.

    • Thanks Neil, for commenting from England. June 29th will be the 13th year since her disappearance. Answers cannot happen soon enough. Her daughter, family and friends need closure. Keep talking about it, even over in Cleveland. God Bless.

  17. I think the police dropped the ball ! I personally think that there are 2 more suspects invoved in this case . The wife and co wotker both said 45 min wait in fast food drive through that is NEVER busy @that time of night . They also said they got home @ their regular time ! So they stop there everynight and there is ALWAYS a 45 minute wait …right ? Although I never worked directly with her I did meet her and her daughter a few times and she didn’t deserve what THEY did to her !

    • My thoughts exactly. You work 30 miles away and have to drop off a friend in the wee hours of the night. You should be home by 1am at the latest. The wife stating that 2:30 was the normal time, which is clearly ludicrous unless these guys are going to a bar or strip club every night, makes me believe she was involved in the entire plot.

      The TV show intimated that Patti told someone they’d only gotten together a few times, though the relationship lasted over a year, and that she thought they were soulmates because he really understood her. Perhaps it was more emotional than sexual, if it was sexual at all. Is it possible he was just leading her on the whole time, with the consent of his wife, for $100k?

      Where the police really dropped the ball, IMO, is in not bearing down harder on Flowers, his wife, and especially the buddy he drove home. Get them in a room individually and pound some information out of them. That’s how most cases are solved. Terrible job, IMO.

      In fact, though he was named a person of interest (or so I read), presumably great lengths were taken to protect his identity. He wasn’t ever named in the show, nor in the information above. I thought persons of interest were named by name, no? Just another bizarre fact leading me to believe the police really tread lightly for some reason. Corruption? Bribery? Wouldn’t be the first time.

    • Friday nights at honda always let out an hour early bc they go into work an hr early. The normal hours for 2nd shift are 4p to 1:30a. So him getting home at 2:30a really would be normal hrs. Just not on fridays. So his wife was either mistaken or lying to the police.

  18. At the time this happened I use to walk around Raymond walking path, (down the road from Honda) and there were 3 older ladies walking this one morning and we smelt something HORRIBLE, I have never smelt anything that bad, and I grew up on a farm. There were lots of buzzards flying in the woods, I’ve never seen that many buzzards, rumor had it that this couple use to go back there and park. I started to walk in the woods to see if I could see anything (like a body) and the woods were soooo thick , about that time I saw a pair of ladies fancy panties laying, I got scared and called the police department. I told them what I had heard,(about the couple parking back there) seen and found, but as far as I know the police department never did go in the woods to check it out, but I felt my mind is clear I did what I could. I pray they find Patti so the family can have closure.

    • Brenda, thank you for coming forward at the time. I recommend, and quite frankly beg you to call the Union County Sheriff’s office and ask for the lead detective, and tell them again. If they have not checked the area, they can check it now and use cadaver dogs. Every tip, no matter how old, is important. Thanks for your comments!

      • Brenda, if you are not comfortable calling law enforcement for any reason, would you maybe be able to use Google Earth to get the coordinates of where you saw this? That way someone else could pass it on to police and you can remain anonymous?

  19. I just stumbled upon this article today when Facebook friends shared it. I was born and lived in Marysville for practically my entire life (20 years.) My aunt lived on the same street as Patti and I went to school with her daughter and remember her talking about her mom missing/disappearing but I never put two and two together that this was her. We were pretty young when this happened, her daughter would have just turned 7. Honda is well known for its affairs between co-workers so the story sounds highly plausible. I have heard other theories though that when she got in the truck he told her that he wasn’t leaving his wife and she got mad and got out and was picked up by a hitchhiker. I don’t believe the other stories though. I honestly think he did it because he didn’t want to pay back the money on the 401k loans and he was probably afraid if he didn’t she would come out to more people including his wife about the affair. I also wonder if there were any credit card receipts or records of burger King or if they spoke with an employee that was there the night they supposedly waited 45 minutes to see if that actually happened or to verify if they came through or not (which I doubt happened). If they could bust the alibi then the truth would start coming out. I’m curious to what he did with all of that money that she gave him. If it was put into his account wouldn’t his wife notice and question where the large amount of money came from? I know the police searched and drained the ponds around Marysville but there are so many areas surrounding Marysville that have heavily wooded areas. I just hope and pray that they can test the DNA soon because her family and friends deserve justice.

  20. I don’t think it’s so much the police dept dragging their feet as it is the prosecuting attorney. He seems to be the one resisting moving forward. He’s the one who would call the shots as far as approving the testing of the DNA. I know he’s said he’s waiting for technology to catch up. My humble opinion, do the testing. The sample has been sitting there 13 yrs just waiting to be tested, take your chances and get moving on it. The PD & family should contact #ColdJustice. They put a bulldog team together into investigating cold case murders and do everything in their power to get to the truth & then hand what they have over to the prosecutor. They’ve got more time & money to spend getting to the bottom of things too. They need the PD and family though to mutually give them permission to do their investigation before they can start. Get all the help you can Mr. Prosecutor & then try this case to the best of your abilities!

  21. And btw, I’m a childhood friend of Patti’s. She had THE most infectious laugh. I have nothing but fond memories of her. We lost touch in high school after I moved to another city. Years later, when I lived in Marysville & before she went missing, I thought I saw her at a local gas station as I was driving by. She was in the parking lot in a Honda uniform & I remember thinking ‘Nah, that can’t be her’ and kept driving. Now, I wish I would have turned that damn car back around to go see her.

  22. I have a theory about what might have happened to Patti. I just watched a show about this on I.D channel and came online to see if the case was ever concluded. It’s saddening to see it hasn’t been.

    I wonder if anyone has searched the possibility that Patti died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning whilst traveling under the tonneau cover. It may have been accidental, however, with other circumstantial evidence i would say this is a well designed calculated murder. This would explain her cat hairs from her clothing being on the tonneau – she was in the back of the vehicle.

    The suction effect applies when persons ride in the back of a pick-up truck under a topper. The suction produced as the truck is driven and the lack of ventilation in the topper combine to produce a potentially deadly combination. This would mean there would be no blood or marks on the body. Many deaths in the U.S have been recorded of children dying in when riding in the back of a pick-up due to riding under a cover.

    If the tonneau is one that cannot be undone easily from the inside she wouldn’t have been able to get out on her own. The effects of CO are such that a person can be unaware they are dying, it is odorless, and many people surviving CO have reported they didn’t think that their symptoms were odd at the time due to the confusion caused. (It could be possible he attached a pipe from the exhaust and tucked it under the tonneau, much like when people commit suicide in their vehicle, to ensure a fatal dose.) I don’t think evidence for this was found though could have easily been removed and stashed. The police weren’t looking for a piece of piping.

    If her lover got to the van with his friend and drove to a nearby fast food restaurant, perhaps they spent some time in the vehicle with the engine on eating before driving home. Which means the friend of the lover wouldn’t have to lie or cover up things, what he experienced was true – by all accounts he had no reason to give the lover an alibi and there is nothing to suggest he was bribed or payed off, it seems unusual that he would put his neck out just for a friend when a colleague is missing and presumed dead. I feel that that the lover must have organised this a while in advance, planning out every detail. He calculated the murder such that this friend would be able to account for his actions.

    Drives home in the truck and acts completely normal. The wife of the chap could be aware and be ‘in on it’ but I believe, and the far more likely is that he managed to keep her completely oblivious, the whole idea being that he wouldn’t have to admit to an affair. Telling her he won money on scratch cards or not telling her of the money at all. It was kept in cash and either spent or stashed leaving no trace.

    He checks she is dead, perhaps goes to clock in with his wife, she is busy showering or in bed what have you. He tells her he’s left something in the truck he needs to go grab it what have youu.. goes out and places Patti’s body on a blind spot in the garden. It’s past 2.30 in the morning he isn’t going to be seen. He realizes she has a bag of with her, takes her personal belongings from her possibly even removing her hair or clothes to try and make sure she is as unidentifiable as possible. He puts her in a large case/trunk or bin liners and stashes her in the back of the pick up, along with some smelly fishing gear and covered by a tonneau it goes unnoticed. He acts completely normal around the house doing some ‘odd jobs’ including burning her duffel bag/belongings/clothes phone whatever she had on her, or cutting it all up small, Mixing it in with some cement and pouring it randomly in the garden where she lay to try and cover up and traces of hairs or nails that police would otherwise find. As she had been dead and lain in that spot cadaver dogs may still have picked up residual scents locked under the concrete. I know that is a bit of a long shot.

    He goes fishing – arrives early – dumps the body in a remote location, takes his gear out, wipes down the van – comes home – removes the tonneau shoves it in the attic and continues his family life. Having removed a threat to his finance and marriage.

    It’s a bit shakey of a theory – there is a massive time gap, and only going on shakey evidence and stories told.

    Woah I wrote loads of old tosh! and it’s probably all crap, but it’s a theory.

    I hope her family is happy and well and that one day justice will come for this coward.

  23. Did anyone ever check out the friend of the boyfriend? Had he always rode with that guy to work or was this something new? I think whatever happened to Patti, it happened in that 45 mins and the friend was a part of it. They need to follow the money trail. Did he have any extra money or assets during that year. What about the friend? Did the boyfriend pay him to help? I think the left over concrete is from wherever they buried Patti. Maybe whatever tool they used in the concrete touched Patti and that’s why the dog “hit” there. I believe she’s buried in concrete somewhere.

  24. Just saw this story on T.V while channel surfing. I tend to shy away from these sort of stories, however Patti resembles my sister who passed away in 2006 so I felt compelled to watch the program. I can only imagine what a toll this has certainly taken on her family and friends.

    My sisters death was sudden and unexpected and it shook my family to its very foundation; however we were able to give her the proper burial and memorial she deserved and I am so sorry that Patti’s family can not do that yet. Those days that are extremely hard just being able to go to the burial site and pouring your heart out provides some comfort. And to not be able to do that is absolutely horrible!

    To Patti’s family and friends keep the faith and believe. The day will come when justice will be dispensed and Patti too will have the proper memorial she deserves!

  25. Have the police said that they’ve checked with a DNA lab to see if their technology is sophisticated enough to check that minuscule blood sample? It’s 13 years later. I hope by they time they decide to have it tested that it’s not degraded. I pray for her daughter and family. This boyfriend did it. I’d put all my money on it.

    • I pray for the day when they can test that blood. But if they rush it and use the whole sample, they will never be able to put Brian Flowers in prison.

  26. Can’t they trace all the suspect’s fiances over the past decade. That money has gone somewhere… did she have a cell phone they could try to trace her? someone mentioned earlier that they smelled something foul around that time in the woods…find a scientist who can analyze soil samples…i have a bad feeling that she may have been cremated there…or just buried there. ( I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE, I am speculating!) based on the info the police have…this man did not go far…This case has bothered me for a long long time…this guy should have been locked up already. there are other ways to determine a guilty suspect. Re-interivew people. Set up a sting… get some new eyes to review the case… there are so many things we could do now…and why haven’t we done the DNA profile yet? Something is there, we have to spot what doesn’t fit… nothing this guy says adds up…idk if they interrogated him but i bet if you get him talking he would mess up. review his phone records…who did he call? Did he really talk to the sister for a long time on the phone at 3am? …Marcia is right, I sure would have hung up a long time ago…. I mean no disrespect towards the police, I know they did all they could… there just has to be something else we can do!

  27. After seeing this story on “Disappeared” and it being late in the year of 2014 now, and knowing how far forensics has come am wondering why that blood has still not been tested. Thankfully our forensic scientists have advanced so far that that they can take a spec of blood amplify it using (WGA) and obtaining a genetic profile.

  28. If the spec of blood is large enough to be seen and collected, it is large enough to be tested.
    Their alibi should have been destroyed right away, because BK has security cameras which would have recorded who showed up and when. The fact that those cameras were not checked speaks to the total laziness of the PD. 45 minute wait at a fast food restaurant is just laughable, I cannot believe that they thought it was going to be taken seriously, but apparently, the police “bought” it. I have never waited 45 minutes in any line at any place, restaurant, store, or whatever else. The co-worker is obviously in on it. Such a shame, a wonderful woman lost her life.

  29. His story is asinine and the wife is in on it. I bet the buddy got some money too, any possibly someone in the PD.

    You work 30 miles away and have to drop off a friend in the wee hours of the night. You should be home by 1am at the latest. The wife stating that 2:30 was the normal time, which is clearly ludicrous unless these guys are going to a bar or strip club every night, makes me believe she was involved in the entire plot.

    The TV show intimated that Patti told someone they’d only gotten together a few times, though the relationship lasted over a year, and that she thought they were soulmates because he really understood her. Perhaps it was more emotional than sexual, if it was sexual at all. Is it possible he was just leading her on the whole time, with the consent of his wife, for $100k?

    Where the police really dropped the ball, IMO, is in not bearing down harder on Flowers, his wife, and especially the buddy he drove home. Get them in a room individually and pound some information out of them. That’s how most cases are solved. Terrible job, IMO.

    In fact, though he was named a person of interest (or so I read), presumably great lengths were taken to protect his identity. He wasn’t ever named in the show, nor in the information above. I thought persons of interest were named by name, no? Just another bizarre fact leading me to believe the police really tread lightly for some reason. Corruption? Bribery? Wouldn’t be the first time.

  30. The TV show also stated that when a sister called the suspect at 3:30am shortly after this happened, he and his wife talked to the sister for something like 45 minutes. Very bizarre. No way that the wife wouldn’t have pursued getting more information if she wasn’t in on it.

  31. Saw tonight the documentary on tv in Holland. Unbelievable. What was the reply of the suspect about the Hard Rock Tshirt?
    I wish the family all the strength and best.

  32. This is so sad. I’ve never seen a person of interests identity so carefully omitted. No interviews were shown on the Discovery ID episode I watched. I hope something new is learned sooner rather than later for the sake of Patty’s family. The not knowing has to be torture.

  33. People criticizing the prosecutor for his failure to test the blood are mistaken. As an assistant DA in another jurisdiction, I’d like to point out an evidentiary rule which is not commonly known to the general public. The defense has the right to independently test all forensic evidence. Should the prosecutor use the entire sample and the defense is precluded from testing, virtually every judge will refuse to admit the original results. That means you can show a picture of the blood spot, but can’t reveal any DNA results. You also do not get to explain to the jury why there are no DNA results. What you end up with is a jury suspicious of one of your few pieces of physical evidence. The authorities have absolutely done the right thing; there is no statute of limitations, and no reason to waste your one shot at prosecuting this when a more refined test is not that far away.

  34. The minute my sister told me that her so called “soul-mate” was telling her not to pack any clothes for a trip to remote Canada and that she had to hide in his pick-up truck like some animal…would have been the moment I said….I’ll be there with your child to pick you up from work!
    Patti had such a big heart, she deserves justice.

    On that note.
    There is no way in hell there wasn’t a money trail. This scumbag with a family and debts all the sudden comes into $90,000 in less than a year!?

    And the dragging of feet on DNA testing after finding Patti’s cats hair in his truck, presents and items from Patti in his house, cadaver dog hit and not being named .

    Who does this scumbag know!?

    It is 2014 DNA technology has more than moved on.
    However,DNA technology was already pretty advanced back then (read about the identification of 9/11 victims VIA miniscule remains).

  35. How can the police overlook one very obvious fact. How could Patty possibly know about tonto cover to tell her family and friends about climbing under prior to the day she disappeared, if she had no significant relationship with Brian Flowers, as he stated. As he ordered it 1 week before and installed it the morning she disappeared, as he stated to police. Was she a clairvoyant woman with a crush imagining a fantastical getaway? And there is also the disturbing fact that the police cannot account for how she possibly spent the 90 or so thousand dollars that she had removed from her accounts the year prior to her disappearance. It is just not credible to believe that she would have somehow known about the cover, that was purchased by him for his Co. Truck just one week prior to her disappearance and installed on that day. Again, as stated by him to police. And he only kept it on the vehicle for that 1 week, then put it in storage at business. And the fact her cats hair was on cover. The fact that she knew about cover and was telling family and friends about it (plan to hide from co worker) before he had even received it proves he was lying to police when he stated that he had no relationship with her other than a professional one. He is probably charming, likable, good looking ect. I think you could add manipulative, deceitful, controlling, self absorbed ect. I bet he’s the type of guy that people feel they want him to like them, want to be on his side. Master manipulator.

    • Excellent point, Walter, about the tonneau cover. I never looked at it from that perspective before. You have to wonder if LE haven’t either.

  36. At present they can test and with that amount of blood and even if it can work very small microscopic amount to clone and multiply the amount of DNA and to make solid proof. I have seen many cases like this in CRIMES imperfect. For patti adking it has me very sosobra believe the fact that someone has gotten away with it and that a family does not have answers. Anxiously I desire to see a video of this case conclusively.

  37. 18/10/2015. Fourteen years ago Paddi would be 43 now. Saddest story ever. No good analysing, like so many blogs do, the facts are so well known.Doubt that she ever got to Canada. as the guy had promised. I really hope that her family have found some peace, the guilty will come to light somewhere along the line.

  38. I find odd they never check he’s phone records to see if the text or call each other more than usual, after they found the “Hard Rock” shirt the magically appear in he’s possession and the wife didn’t know about it, the fact they found the cat hair in the truck bed liner, everything indicate they were together, at least that’s the way I see it.

  39. I just have one question for the families that live in Marysville that has posted on here. In all the time that I have lived in Marysville Burger King has never been open that late. My significant other has been a manager there for about 5 years in the past since this has happened and I have never known the 2 Burger King’s to be open that late. Just an FYI.

  40. Police should have posted bf pic and coworker. Soon after she went missing and maybe someone might of seen them or the vehicle..

  41. This case would have been solved long ago if the case was given to one detective in one (any) African country. With in a couples of days, the body would have been found. Do not ask me how they would do it; but they certainly do it.

  42. I just read on another story that he lived in Kenton Ohio and that was the Burger King he went too. And that he failed his polygragh

  43. Have they done any ground sweep say 45mins from the co-works house around or the friends house or did they ever give a address to the burgerking they were at that nigh? There has to be a spot say 45/mins from his house or buddy’s house..

  44. The wife had to be in on it. She benefitted from the 401k money. It could have even been her idea. These people need to be LAID INTO repeatedly by big-time interrogators. EVERY inconsistency in their stories need to be magnified and questioned. RIP Patti.

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