Linda Rose Grimm, age 25, went missing from Perris, California on March 31, 1986.

She had left her residence to purchase a pack of cigarettes, and never returned.

Linda’s mother heard from her periodically over the next 18 months – she said she was living on a farm in Wichita, Kansas, was doing well and getting her life back together.   Linda’s mother stated that Linda sounded fearful, and would not disclose exactly where she was.

The last call from Linda was in October 1987.  Her whereabouts at that time are unknown.

Linda’s family suspects that Linda may have traveled with a truck driver by the name of Robert Masters, and may have even gone by the alias “Linda Masters”.

It is also believed that Linda had friends in Huntington Beach, California, and that she was with them at some point after her disappearance.   Linda’s car, a yellow Ford Pinto, was found in a supermarket parking lot on Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach in April 1989.

Linda was married at the time of her disappearance.

This is another case that just doesn’t seem all that difficult to make progress on.  I mean, how many Robert Masters with commercial drivers licenses could there have been in 1986?   And if she is believed to have traveled to Kansas with him, it could be narrowed down to ones who had ties to Wichita, Kansas.   Have they spoken to Robert Masters to see when he last saw her, or is this another “She’s free to disappear as she pleases” cases in spite of her sounding fearful, and her car being found 3 years later?

I also find it strange that her car was found 3 years later, not terribly far from her home.  It obviously hadn’t been sitting there for 3 years, so somebody had to be driving it.  Hopefully, it was her, given that she is believed to have friends in Huntington Beach.  It still wouldn’t make sense for her to abandon it in a supermarket parking lot, but it could at least establish that she was alive and well up until April of 1989 – and that she’d more than likely be found in California as opposed to Kansas.

I’d hope that there were surveillance cameras nearby that could determine whether she parked the car there, and if not, who did.

I get the impression that Linda’s family struggled with trying to get attention directed at Linda’s disappearance – the only newspaper item I could find was an ad that was taken out in the Orange County Register by Linda’s mother.

No unidentifieds are jumping out at me, either in California or Kansas.  There are only a total of 6 female unidentifieds listed on NamUs for Kansas, which either means they have amazing medical examiners, or that there are many remains that aren’t listed.

I hope Linda finds her way home soon.


Charley Project

Orange County Register Archives

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