Angelica Maria Longoria, age 15, went missing from El Monte, California on November 23, 1985.

This will be a short entry, as there isn’t much available about the circumstances of her disappearance.  She was initially thought to be a runaway, but was later reclassified as endangered missing.

What is interesting, however, is this:

1) A 2009 blog response on Charley Project, where law enforcement is quoted as saying they came close to locating her in Illinois, but that she had quickly left her home there before police were able to make contact with her.  Law Enforcement suggested that she does not want to be found.

2) A 2012 video posted on Youtube by a family member of Angelica’s.  I can’t hear the darn thing because my speakers decided to take a dump a few days ago and I haven’t gotten around to replacing them yet – but I was able to read the description, which includes a plea to any dentists who worked in El Monte, that might have had Angelica as a patient – explaining that police are in need of her dental records.   This, to me, implies that her family (and law enforcement, for that matter) is considering the possibility that she may be deceased.

I replied to her video, asking if she is aware of any possible sighting in Illinois.

I couldn’t find any public record of her.  There is someone by the same name and of the same age showing up in Pennsylvania, but she has a different birthdate.

I hope she is alive and well – and if that is the case, that she will at least contact someone to let them know she’s ok.  28 years is an awfully long time to worry.


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