Laurie Jean Amico, age 22-23, went missing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Februrary 20, 1976.

According to her husband at the time, Anthony Amico, she left home to go to the drug store and never returned.

This article, which is basically a life story of Anthony “Tony” Amico, alludes to mob connections, gambling, shoddy business dealings, and his continually blocked quest to own a casino.

At 20, he married Laurie Peccole, a high school friend and daughter of one of Las Vegas’ most powerful real estate developers.  The couple had a son.  His wife and mother-in-law pressed him to quit the casinos and join the family business, but he refused.  Eventually the couple split up.

It was sounding less and less like it would have a happy ending.

The article continues:

In 1980, after the divorce, Amico moved to Atlantic City, then in its gambling infancy.

I was instantly curious when I saw that there was an actual divorce.   I wondered if it may have been a divorce that was granted following Laurie’s disappearance.  I searched her name, and nothing came up.   I searched her maiden name, and lots of stuff came up – lots of stuff, that indicates she is alive and well, remarried, and back living in Las Vegas with her family.  It doesn’t appear that she’s hiding.

Several weeks ago, before I even considered profiling her on my blog, I sent an email to the law enforcement contact listed in NamUs, explaining what I’d found, and that I believe Laurie is not really missing.   I got no response, and she is still listed as missing on NamUs.

I may remove this post once this case is officially resolved, as I certainly don’t want to violate her privacy, but in the meantime, I feel that it’s necessary to bring attention to the fact that, unless there is some crazy coincidence with names, ages, and places, Laurie is not going to match up to any unidentified remains, such as this one where she was suggested as a possible match, and I would hate to see valuable resources spent trying.  I’d guess that Laurie would hate that too.



Florida Crime Information Center


7 thoughts on “Laurie Amico

  1. yea, she’s all over the internet with her maiden name, married name and her home state. Even her parents obit list her as still alive.

  2. That is bizarre! Did he make a missing persons report and then she showed back up? Was she ever missing in the first place, I wonder. If she did show back up, did they not bother to tell the police, but it seems as if her family were somewhat affluent that the cops would have kept a closer look on her case (at least here they would.). How odd!!

  3. As of today, the NAMUS entry is still up. I was updating information on a site that focuses on missing and unidentified people and came across this article while doing so.
    Anything new from NAMUS on what you sent them? Sometimes they can be really slow, because of their huge workload.
    If you want some help to get the information to important people there, maybe I can help with that.

    • I never heard anything back, and I tried contacting LE also and got nothing. Because of computer issues I haven’t been able to follow up on many things but if you have a contact there that you think might respond, I’d appreciate it!

      • I’m working to see what I can do on my end here and running the situation by some of the more experienced people in these things.

  4. Did you try messaging her on Facebook to let her know she is listed as a missing person all over the internet? Maybe she can get herself removed.

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