Christine Markey, age 22, went missing from Oneida, New York in January 1993.

There are a good 20-30 articles archived on Christine’s disappearance, and the circumstances of her disappearance vary depending on which article you read.

The earliest articles, which were published in February 1993, portray it this way:


City police Sgt John Deschamps said Markey was last seen at 8:30am in the Elizabeth Street home she shared with a roommate.  “It bothers me a lot”, said Tracy Taber, 22, now of Canastota.  “We’ve been roommates for close to six years now.  I don’t think she’s out gallivanting around.  I think something’s going on. I think something’s happened.”  Taber said she last saw Markey wearing stretch pants and a T-Shirt that Sunday morning.  Taber, who left the apartment for only two hours, said the two of them were scheduled to go apartment hunting.

As more information was gathered by law enforcement, Christine’s roommate/girlfriend became a person of interest, and the circumstances were adjusted to reflect the following, as published in a later edition of the newspaper:


Police say Christine Markey and her live-in girlfriend, Tracy L. Taber, had an on-again off-again romance spanning a number of years. And although the couple kept many of their troubles to themselves, cops say their investigation showed the couple’s relationship was far from perfect.

So when Taber found out that Christine had secretly been dating Robert Mailloux–whom she met in a bar–for about a month, she was less than thrilled, to say the least.

Police say that the night before Christine Markey disappeared, Taber confronted Markey and her new boyfriend, Robert Mailloux, at a local Oneida, N.Y. bar near Phelps Street. Mailloux later told police that Taber said, “you’ll never see Chris again.” This was just hours after Mailloux says he witnessed the two women arguing–allegedly about his relationship with Markey–in their home.

In a statement to police, Mailloux says Markey and Taber yelled profanities at one another, while Mailloux and a male friend listened. After the argument at home, Markey and Mailloux went to a local bar and as they were leaving, Taber pulled up in her car and demanded that Markey get in. That was the last time Mailloux ever saw Markey.

The landlord let Markey’s boyfriend into her apartment, but no one was there.
Suspicious Disappearance
Christine’s landlord told police that the next day she saw Christine enter her apartment at 474 Elizabeth St. in Oneida with Taber. But other than this, Markey has not been seen since the early morning hours of January 10, 1993.


This makes the “last seen” date January 11, based on the landlord’s sighting of Christine.  This is relevant, because it is the difference between a Sunday and a Monday; a non-workday and a workday.   A workday would not be a likely day for Christine and her girlfriend to go apartment hunting.  Besides, the first article specifically states that Tracy last saw her on Sunday morning.

Given the statement of Christine’s male friend, that Tracy and Christine had an argument and he saw Christine leave a local bar with Tracy later that day, it certainly sheds doubt on Tracy’s credibility about the events.  The statement that their landlord saw Christine and Tracy enter the apartment together on Monday morning hurts Tracy’s credibility even more.

On the other hand, the majority of articles and profiles of her case emphasize the argument that took place on January 10, in the implied context of a motive for her disappearance – but leave out the important fact that Christine was seen the next morning.   The fact that Christine’s disappearance likely didn’t occur in the course of the January 10 argument lends some credence to Tracy’s innocence.

Tracy has always claimed she is innocent and has cooperated with investigators, from what news articles state.   Christine’s male friend Robert Mailloux (aka Robert Gibson) was interviewed and cleared back in 1993, but Oneida police have indicated that they would like to speak with him again, but are unable to locate him.

NamUs indicates that there is no DNA available for Christine – if you know her family, please ask them to submit DNA through their local law enforcement agency, so that she can be more easily identified if they locate her deceased.

The only unidentified woman that jumped out at me was one that was found in multiple locations on the shore of Lake Ontario.  Only an arm and a leg have been located, but she is estimated to be over 16 years old, and 5’2″ tall, which exactly matches Christine’s height.  The bones are believed to have been there for years.  This location is approximately one hour west of Oneida.

Without Christine’s DNA, there is no way to compare the two.

Christine and her girlfriend were both beautiful young ladies.  I’m sure they struggled in 1993.  Society just wasn’t quite there yet when it came to acceptance of gays, and the pressure led many lesbians to date men, even when their hearts weren’t in it.  I’m truly sorry that she wasn’t able to see the change that coming just around the bend.  I wish she could see the worldwide acceptance and support of her now.


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12 thoughts on “Christine Markey

  1. I am Christines step-sister. Please contact me reguarding this new article. Our hearts break every day agonizing on what happened to Chris.

  2. Her parents moved to Florida. ..and I thought her DNA was given to the Oneida Police Department. I know our small little community would like to know if the body parts found are hers. Closure would be nice and it would be nice to have her killer put to justice. Also did not know that her so called boyfriend had an aka. ….

    • Hi Marsha, her boyfreind, Bobby Gibson( What I new him by) also went by the nickname Gibby. He also has connections to Florida. He was working the horse track, vernon downs. He traveled to Florida to work horses in winter, and northern states during summer. Quite a coincidence that Bobby hasnt been seen since, and that hes a horse groom from Florida. Phillip and Theresa Markey are living in Florida. I think the search for Chris needs to expand to Flotida. Amazing what investigators might find if they staked out the Markeys Florida home over the holidays. Couldnt hurt. I grew up as Christines neighbor. I know her step parents well enough to know that her step mom Theresa was smoking weed with myself and another young man when we where 14 .And that her stepfather Phil was a paedophile in secret. What Im saying, is that I wouldnt put it past them to hide Chrissy to keep her from Tracy. And I believe Chris took off with Bobby. Did I mention that Tracy Taberg also lives in Florida now,lol. She is living with the same person(stacey) that she was dating around the same time she dated chris. By the way, my name is Jim Major. I, also live in Florida.

  3. I am Christine’s first cousin, my father is Christine’s mothers brother. If we can assist with DNA we are willing to. Also, has anyone done an age reconstruction for Christine? There is never lost hope she is not lost and is simply out there waiting to be found…..

  4. they need to get some other department involved instead of the Oneida police department.get some one in there that knows what there doing.i have no respect for the opd.if it was there daughter they would be working on it a lot harder.they don’t care about the chris markey case because of her life style.there way of thinking of it is its just another bad seed out of Oneida.its a shame the way they are handleling it.if they are still handleing it which a lot of people think they just swept it under the rug and forget about it.

  5. I believe many others do not forget and like me, are still trying to figure this out. I did not know Christine, but it is a disbelief for parents, family and friends.

  6. I have known Christine since she was a little kid. I grew up in the house next door. My name is Jim Major. I will also never stop trying to find Chris. Im not sure if the authorities are on the right track. I believe that Chris is alive and well and living here in Florida.Why not? Her Step Parents, Phil and Theresa are in Florida living. Her ex girlfriend is here in Florida living.(Tracy Taberg Orlando,) Even her ex boyfriend orlets say the boy that Chris was cheating on Tracy with, Bobby Gibson, or Gibby as we all knew him, lives here in Florida. Quite the coincidence. Bobby disappeared right after Chris. Not so, Gibby was a groom at Vernon Downs in NY during harness racing. During the winter he worked horse tracks down south. In North Florida. Heres something to think about. Many years ago I came to NY with my parents to visit my brother Steve Major and his girlfriend Martha Winchell. I believe they lived on stone street at the time. Christine and Tracy worked together at a arcade I think on Madison or Phelps street.Not sure, been years.Heres the thing. Christine came to Steve and Marthas house when she heard I was in town. She wanted to get away from Tracy she told me. She asked for me to meet up with her at the arcade later that eve. I never met up with her. I remember this because my brother Steves gf Martha got real upset that Chris had come to their house and I didnt want to start any trouble during our family chritmas trip to meet my baby niece Heather marie Major for the first time. I believe Chris found the help she needed to escape Tracy when she got with Gibby. I believe she is here in Florida living well and its just my theory but hey, why not?? Better than thinking my child hood friend was murdered.

  7. I find your ignorant comments at the end of this to be repulsive. How do u know christine wasn’t afraid of tracy and wasn’t into women? Pretty ignorant to assume she was a lesbien and only dated that guy for acceptance. She was accepted just fine by her friends.

    • I am sorry if you found my comments offensive. I was not suggesting that Christine did anything for any reason, but merely painting a brief picture of how things were at the time for younger readers who don’t remember. Many gay couples were accepted by their family and friends but there were still comments and funny looks from society as a whole. I don’t know if this was the case for Christine but I thought it should be pointed out as a possibility, especially if her relationship was in trouble anyway. It certainly wasn’t meant to be insulting.

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