Peggy Ann Reynolds, age 21, went missing from Breckenridge, Colorado on April 4, 1974.

This totally wasn’t who I planned on blogging about today, but I got a little sidetracked and as a result, she is the most fresh in my mind at the moment.

Every now and then, I like to go back through my cases that I’ve already posted about, and look for updates, ruleouts, new possible matches, etc.   I started at the beginning (with Julie Cunningham, my first post) and didn’t get very far.

When browsing through Colorado UID’s, I got hung up on that same skull that I mentioned in the Julie Cunningham post.   It’s the one that has all the confusion surrounding it (main page says found in 2003, comments say found in 1970’s, city listed doesn’t match county, etc)  I actually keep forgetting that it’s the same one, as the 2003 date throws me off every time.

Anyway, the skull is believed to belong to a white female, age 20-49.   This reminded me that there are a bunch of missing persons listed on the Colorado State website, with no photos, very little information, and are not in NamUs.  I included them in my ‘Missing Persons with Photos Needed‘ list, but I’d been meaning to try to get more information on them and hopefully get them added to NamUs so they can be compared with UID’s.

Peggy Reynolds is one of these.

With what little information there is on her, which is pretty much nothing, I think she’s just as likely to match this skull as Julie Cunningham, or Denise Oliverson, the other missing Bundy victim from Colorado.   It’s possible, I suppose, that Peggy was a Bundy victim herself.  (Although not terribly likely, as he would have had to leave Washington, come to Colorado, and go back to Washington).

I’ve sent emails to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Breckenridge Police, and hope to get a little more information on her case.  Maybe I’ll get really lucky and get a photo and some circumstances of her disappearance, but I’d be happy with confirmation that she’s still missing, whether foul play was suspected, and whether dentals and/or DNA are available.

4/19/13 – Update: Received an email back, apparently Peggy fell overboard while rafting and her body has not been recovered.


Colorado Bureau of Investigation

2 thoughts on “Peggy Reynolds

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  2. I found an article about Peggy Reynolds’s disappearance in the June 13, 1974 issue of the Fort Collins Coloradoan. It says she was in a rowboat on the Blue River with three other people, one of them her husband, when the boat capsized. The other three made it to shore but Peggy didn’t, and searchers found her jacket half a mile away.

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