Tracy Anne King, age 14, went missing from Pennsylvania on July 8, 1975.

Some sites say she disappeared from Mt. Pleasant Township, while others state Littlestown as the city she was last seen in.

Tracy was a resident of Hoffman Homes (also referred to as Hoffman House) at the time of her disappearance.  Hoffman Homes was a children’s home, which catered to youth with psychological or emotional problems.

Most reports state that Tracy was last seen leaving the home, and it was believed that she had run away.  She had run away from the home previously, but had always come back after not too long.   This time, she was never seen again.   Tracy’s family was not notified that Tracy was missing until a week after her disappearance.

Tracy had written letters to her family just prior to her disappearance, and did not seem to be upset with her family.   She apologized for not writing more frequently, and for her messy handwriting (which apparently was not messy at all.)

Old newspaper articles tell slightly different versions of her disappearance.

One article claims that Tracy did not leave the home alone – she and another teen, Stephanie, ran away at the same time.   On July 11, three days after their disappearance, neither girl had been located.   It is unknown if Stephanie is still missing.  I would be very interested to know Stephanie’s recollection of when and where Tracy was actually last seen.  I hope law enforcement has spoken to her.

Another article from the same newspaper states that Tracy had gone roller skating with a group of kids from Hoffman Homes, and it was then that she disappeared.   I wonder if this was an outing to a skating rink, or if they were simply skating up and down the sidewalk in front of the residence?  If she had gone missing while with a group of kids, one would think someone would have seen something, or at least seen her with the group, also contradicting the widespread account that she was last seen leaving the residence.

Tracy’s family does not believe that she would have disappeared voluntarily for more than a couple days.   They state that she had no money, and was close to her sisters.

I’m also curious as to where Tracy went the previous times that she ran away.  Did she have a friend or relative that she stayed with, or was she just out roaming the city?  Had Stephanie run away with her on the previous occasions, or had she gone alone?

I truly hope she can be found alive, and I hope it can be confirmed when and where Tracy was actually last seen.   I think it could answer many questions – who had she come in contact with after leaving the home?  What city was she actually last seen in?  What date was she actually last known to be alive?  What were her plans at that time?

Tracy’s mother is in her mid-70’s now, and I would really like to see resolution for her.


Charley Project

Gettysburg Times – July 11, 1975 – Available through NewspaperArchive

Gettysburg Times – July 13, 2010 – Available through NewspaperArchive



29 thoughts on “Tracy King

  1. Tracy’s mother and sisters are still alive and well. They all continue to search for Tracy.. She also has a younger brother whom she has never met. If anyone has any details on Tracy or her case please contact me. Thank You

      • I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her dads name. Her mom’s is in one of the old articles, I think, I’d have to go back and look. If you’re asking with the idea of contacting her, last I heard she is in very poor health and not really able to discuss it.

        • She is believed to be my distant family member, but even closer is another cousin of hers and is in fact first cousins with her and he is also a psychic. he had made arrangements after her coming to him while passing thru as a trucker. his grandfather Thomas Jefferson king had two sons in Pa. and she belongs to one of them , he left them behind with their mother and had 2 new families. as her first cousin cam from his last set of families created by TJK. Anyways, he made arrangements to visit the Gettysburg area and was able to convince even the manager of the sites to let him go out to a rock formation off limits to people, and feels she is where he says she is and even made a police report today to have that area searched by police officials. I cant promise, but this isn’t the first time he has found someone. I only ask cause I mean no harm and all we are working on right now is locating her. I need to know one thing out of all things…did she wear a leather bracelet around her ankle? he found one where he believes she is. she says to him…it used to have beads but at least the leather is still there. Thanks again, kandi boyce and Jimmy King. please do get back to me.

      • Kali,
        Tracy’s mothers name is Patricia. She is my grandmother. She has 2 sisters Debbie and Marta and 1 bother James. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

  2. Hi Tricia, and thanks for responding! The friend that Tracy was reported to have run away with is not missing, do you know if your family or law enforcement has been in contact with her? If not, she might know something?

    • I don’t even know the name of the friend.. I believe it was Stephanie Capwell but I have been unsuccessful in locating her or anyone who knows her or Tracy..y grandmother has had some serious medical problems in the past few yrs and I don’t want to upset her with all kinds of questions. I Believe Tracy’s case is still an active case with the police.

      • Yes, the friend was Stephanie Capwell. When I first added Tracy’s case to my blog, I did a quick search for Stephanie, and found what appeared to be alumni sites that she had signed up for, one of which listed her as Hoffman Homes Class of 1975. That is why I possibly jumped too soon to say that she isn’t missing. I took a closer look last night and now am not so sure that she actually signed up for those sites. I now think it’s possible that she is still missing as well. I will try to look into it a little further today or tomorrow.

      • Tricia, I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten. I just tried leaving another message for the Trooper on Wed or Thur, if I don’t hear back I will try calling again this coming week. I am hoping to find out if Stephanie is missing since then also. I’ll let you know if I can find out anything.

  3. Does anybody know the whereabouts of Stephanie Capwell? I have done and internet search and cannot come up with anything on her. I have also searched Anthony Lee Brown without success. Does anyone have any information on him? What race was he? Did he ever return home? The articles I read have little to no information on Stephanie and Anthony.

    • Tricia,

      I’m not sure if you got my email awhile back. I did finally speak to the detective. He told me that Stephanie is no longer missing and that she did return. I asked him what, if anything, she was able to offer about Tracy’s disappearance, and he wanted you to call him. He would not discuss details with me as I am not a family member. If you didn’t get my email, let me know and I will find that info again.

      • Yes I did get your email but unfortunately it accidentally got deleted and I couldn’t remember how to contact you. Is there any way you could email me the information again. Thank You

        • I just sent it to you again. 🙂 Also, in regard to Anthony Brown, I got the impression that he ran away from home around the same time, but that he didn’t have anything to do with the girls or Hoffman Home. I could be wrong, but I took it as a completely separate runaway incident that was just mentioned in the article.

          It is strange, knowing that Stephanie did return, that I could not find any record of her anywhere except for that school site where I don’t think she entered her name & school year herself.

  4. What, if any, insight did the detective offer about Stephanie? If you want you can send me a private message. I’ve been thinking a lot about the details of this and I’d really like to hear what Stephanie’s account of the story was. I realize that many times people run away together and separate soon after but even the details of the last time she saw Tracy may help.

  5. Wow can u believe the nerve of this childrens home who doesnt report to the parents when their daughter went missing they shpuld be held accountable . and the police should solve this mystery before her poor mother dies.

    • I don’t think Tracy has been found. I have emailed Tricia, who haw commented here, to see if we should be searching for her friend Stephanie, but have not gotten any reply so I think she might not have the same email.

      Tricia, if you see this, please let us know if you’ve gotten any information about Stephanie, there are people here who want to help. Thanks!

      • I am also Tracey’s niece and Tricia’s sister. Tracey has not been found. Her younger brother and sister (my mom Debbie) both have passed away. Tracey’s mom now lives with me. I would be interested in any updates or i information that could be helpful or who to contact for any details.
        I can be contacted at fairytat6@gmail.com

  6. i would like to know more about tracy due to the fact i was a former resident from hoffman homes for youth and i would like to know her whereabouts

  7. I’m not sure about back in the 70’s but the areas around Gettysburg are very rural, and leave plenty of places for a body to be buried in the woods. Hopefully she ended up in a good place, but it sounds like she met with foul play.

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